Diary of a Fat Girl

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Diary of a Fat Girl Book Summary

This is the diary of Burn Rivers.

Bernadette Rivers has had enough. Always the fat friend and fat twin, she's ready to be more.
This summer she's going to lose the weight that's been holding her back.
As determined as she is, Burn knows she can't do it alone.
Enter Warren Grey; ex-high school hottie and stereotypical jock. He is everything that tormented her about high school but she knows he's exactly what she needs.
With a distant mother, a sister with poor taste, a polar opposite best friend and enough insecurities to fill the Grand Canyon, can she learn to love the skin she's in?

And then, of course, there's Fred.

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Diary of a Fat Girl Comments

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Diary of a Fat Girl - Moira Mugweni Reviews

  • Ok

    By J_Sp
    It has a good story, but there are several grammatical errors. I will be reading the second book in the series.
  • Love this book

    By NancyAguilar0205
    The story of Burn had with all the emotions. But after reading this I realize this is motivation and self loving. I love it. Great ending too! Can't wait for the next oneπŸ™‚
  • Diary of a fat girl

    By Ioommyy
    Totally feel in love with the book. Every where I went all I wanted to do was pull out my phone & read that book. I could completely relate to almost everything she was saying. Glad i choose that book. 😁😁
  • Very very good

    By Waffles VS Pancakes
    Only one thing. I found a couple typos. But otherwise AMAZING. Can't wait for the next book😊. Burn is so cool. Finding out about her dad might be the best think of the next book. I hope there will be a third book. But I hope she writes fast cause the second book is taking forever.
  • Amazing

    By B_Nameless
    This is a really good book. I almost expected it to be really cheesy but it's perfect!
  • Wow.

    By Kensdoll
    I decided to read this book because 1) it was free and 2) "Diary of a Fat Girl" was a very striking title. I definitely did not expect finding myself unable to put it down. Such a true and inspiring novel. Definitely a roller coaster of emotions and that is exactly why I loved it!
  • Couldn't get through the book fast enough!

    By Jennnnnnaaaayyyyy
    I saw the well received reviews on this book and couldn't help but be drawn in. I knew nothing about the book when I began reading. I went through a roller coaster of emotions only to find myself needing to know what happens next! Great cliffhanger!! I want more!!
  • Diary of a Fat Girl

    I love this book. From page one I felt as if I had been transported back to my post graduation summer!! I'm still wiping the tears from both laughing so hard, and feeling the exact same pain at eighteen. I laughed so hard at the impromptu family gathering that I got the hiccups!! Very well done!!
  • Dairy of A Fat Girl

    By Another Fat Girly
    LOVED IT !!!
  • Excellent read

    By Bev811212
    I just finished reading this book and to quote Olivia "amaze balls". From beginning to end it kept me wanting to read what would happen next. The end.... oh the end has me definitely wanting more which I am hoping there is a sequel. I must say thanks for the thoroughly excellent read!

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