The Safe Bet

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The Safe Bet Book Summary

Michael Maddox thinks he has his life under control. No attachments, no relationships—he’s too busy transforming his knack for military intelligence into a multi-million-dollar enterprise. But when headstrong event planner Kate Adams comes barreling into his life, everything changes.

From the moment she arrives in Charlotte, Kate is tongue-tied by Michael. She’s never fallen for a client before, but then she’s never had a client like him—sleek, hard, and impenetrable as steel.

While Kate struggles to keep her distance, a stalker sends her tumbling more deeply into Michael’s world. The former Marine is equipped and willing to protect her, and yet Kate finds herself growing more terrified than ever in his care. For as they grow closer, she realizes that Michael has his own secret past. And while he might save her life, he will surely break her heart.

*The Safe Bet is the first book in the Hidden Truths series. It is a STAND-ALONE romance suspense novel.
Previously titled: Silenced Memories

Hidden Truths: Former Marines. Strong female leads. No cliffhangers.

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The Safe Bet Comments

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The Safe Bet - Brittney Sahin Reviews

  • Eh.

    By ClaudiaS1234
    The story had potential, but in my opnion the characters are very bland and predictable. MIchael is a veteran, who has PTSD. Such a shocker! Kate is an event planner who is very attracctive. Michael is a troubled hero, who likes to sleep around. Kate at 27 still suffers the loss of her mother, who died when she was born. Michael gets annoying half way thorugh the book. He is hot and then cold. Kate wants Michael so bad that she is always there receiving him with open arms when he decides to be warm again.
  • Great read!

    By chs50
    Good, blended combination of suspense and heroes, chemistry and relationship development, and romance. So many books skip the relationship part. I'm moving on to #2 in this series!
  • Great story and it was free!

    By Lisa993
    Read this because it was free and enjoyed the story line so much I bought Buried Lies
  • Great romantic mystery

    By Tina Val123
    Can’t wait to read the next in the series. Really looking forward to Jake’s book!
  • Silenced Memories

    By Proper grammarian
    Excellence throughout! Wonderful wounded characters, superb mystery with unexpected twists, and a marvelous tribute to our Military and their families. We can never thank them enough for their service and sacrifices.
  • Not great!!!

    By Jems38
    Not a great read. This book seemed like a combination of so many of the books I have read all bundled into not that great of a package. It seemed like the author was making it up as they wrote getting ideas from other books. The romance was not that hot, the characters not very believable and the storyline kept changing. I had to put this book down. I'm just grateful it was a free download.
  • Silenced Memories

    By Olderheart
    Loved Michael and Kathryn's story.
  • Silenced Memories

    By SpunkieMe
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I could hardly put it down. It had me hooked on page one. It is so well written! Thanks for this book! Highly recommend!
  • Awesome book!! Must read!!

    By j Kelling
    Brittney is an incredible author. I finished this book in 2 days and found myself picking it up whenever I had even 5 minutes. The characters are easy to connect with and you will quickly be drawn in. There were twists that you won't see coming that make it even better. A must free for the suspense lover who also enjoys some hot romance!! Cant wait for the next one!
  • Read it in one day!

    By merinom
    Got the book. Once I started, I could not drop it, read it in one day!! I liked it so much that I also purchased it on IBooks so I have it on my phone & iPad all the time. Romance & suspense intelligently combined & beautifully written.

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