52 Steps to Murder

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52 Steps to Murder Book Summary

Neither Lt. Dekker no Sgt. Murdock like exercise, so when they are called to the scene of a murder and have to climb fifty-two steps just to get to the front porch of a house they are less than thrilled.  An elderly woman is found poisoned in her upstairs bedroom, but the front door is locked.  Two neighbors sitting on their front porches say that only two people went in or out of the house during the time she could have been murdered, and evidence shows that neither of them could have committed the murder unassisted or assisted by the other.  It is up to Lt. Dekker and Sgt. Murdock to sift through the evidence and talk to everyone who could have been involved and solve the murder.  The book is a combination of laugh-out-loud humor, interesting characters, and a tough to solve mystery.  

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52 Steps to Murder Comments

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52 Steps to Murder - Steve Demaree Reviews

  • 52 Steps to Murder

    By Marbilynch
    Loved the 2 detectives. Have not actually laughed out loud in forever. Loved the fact that the detectives could be presented with an attractive female suspect and not feel the need to rescue her or fall deeply in love with her. Got bogged down in the end with to many details and speculation; otherwise would have given it a five.
  • Shallow

    By Rxnjsquir
    Characters are uninspired and boring. Plot is simplistic and uninteresting. Conversations attempt humor but are moronic. Almost forgot to mention spelling. First example was "ringing hands" as in ringing a bell rather than wringing. It and many other errors bring reading to a halt, but that may be a blessing. Keeping score of the errors might be the only entertainment.
  • 52 Steps to Murder

    By Enortel
    If I could rate this a half a star, I would. This was a very disappointing book. The title was intriguing, but that's all. The writing was elementary and there were so many characters, it became confusing. The plot plodded along at a very slow pace, and there were no twists and turns to hold my interest. I was determined to finish it, though, just to say that I did. I won't be reading another of this author's books. Too laborious!
  • Distraction

    By SantafeNM
    Author includes his religious views into story for no reason. Distracts from an already weak novel.
  • Entertaining, unpredictable mystery!

    By Kristileeg
    This book was fun, entertaining, and refreshingly unique!
  • Great read

    By Rock China
    Loved this mystery. Maybe a little too much banter, but a great story and likable characters.
  • Great read

    By J Trowbridge
    Love a good mystery & this one offers that with plenty of twists & humor as well!
  • 52 Steps

    By Gigisue62
    I have enjoyed reading this book. It's humorous and kept me entertained until the very end.
  • 52 Steps to Murder

    By DrgnMprs
    The who to easy to figure out. Spent to much time describing things that just weren't relevant enough. The way the detective comes to his conclusion doesn't mesh with the rest of the book in whichever consulted his partner. Disappointing read.
  • 52 Steps

    By Proper grammarian
    This is quite an unusual mystery scenario to confound the mind, with an abundance of weird characters for suspects, and self-depricating detectives to provide the comedy relief. It should have been more enjoyable but I found it a bit slow and boring. Kudos for editing/proofreading. Only one error on page 29: should be "...did youR grandmother..."

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