Investing for Beginners: Steps to financial freedom

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Investing for Beginners: Steps to financial freedom Book Summary

Are you feeling stressed out over your financial future? Are you tired of feeling frustrated and confused about investing in general? You might also think you don’t have enough money saved up to start investing. You’re not getting any younger and saving money for your retirement is not going to get any easier.

There is too much information available about investing and it’s either too complicated or too boring to take in. You also have to be very careful who you trust with your hard earned money, because the last thing you want is to get swindled by any of these financial con men or investments that will make you go broke.

However, it’s time you take control of your financial future, because no one else will. You deserve a stress free and exciting life where you don’t have any worries about money or where it’s going to come from. You should be able to spend your leisure time doing the things you love and enjoy, like going on long vacations in exotic countries, spending quality time with your significant other, swimming, hiking, bike riding or anything you always wanted to spend more time doing.

I’ll show you the steps to financial freedom. I go over the basics that you need to know about investing, but I also show you how to analyze investments. You will also learn some of the lingo and financial jargon, which gives you the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions, whether you invest alone or when talking to a financial adviser.

Right now the book is available for free, but this promotion will end. So don’t hesitate and get the book now!

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Investing for Beginners: Steps to financial freedom Comments

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Investing for Beginners: Steps to financial freedom - Giovanni Rigters Reviews

  • Investing for beginners: Steps to financial freedom

    By RJS2ii
    Awesome book. Good information for someone just starting out!
  • j nun-cation must read

    Not knowing anything about investing I can say that this book informed me BIG TIME. Reading this made me confident enough to take a risk out there in the real world and begin my billion dollar dreams. I belive that everybody should read this book Its short and sweet wish they could have provided more information but for the price of FREE i cant complain.
  • Rules to investing

    By Dugdiggler
    Good book, touches on the basics for getting started on retirement.
  • Mr

    By AmitBAG
    Very good for beginners
  • Very well done

    By LD 6s plus
    This book was a great insight into what investing is.
  • Very informative

    By Pear sauce at low cost
    Doesn't tell you what to invest in.(like it stated in the beginning) but it gives you a good idea of what goes on in stock market and what to be aware of.
  • Insightful

    By PReagan
    Short book that provides basic investing knowledge.
  • Long term investing

    By Woody the Sailor
    Pretty informative for those looking for long term retirement investing.
  • Great and Simple

    By EbeeneezB
    I loved every bit of it, Second book to teach me a lot, I’m going to read your other book, thank you.
  • Good and Short

    By Abelillo28
    This book really helped me on doing better investments in my 401K and reminds me that I should open a ROTH IRA account as another way of retirement.

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