Ukulele for Music Teachers

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Ukulele for Music Teachers Book Summary

Ukuleles are a great tool for teaching harmonic function and accompaniment. This book is designed to teach ukulele skills that can be brought to your students; consider songs that can be used to introduce musical skills; and present possibilities for arranging, improvisation, and composition. This eBook makes some assumptions about what you do and do not know as it is geared towards already practicing music teachers. This book will give you insight into the ukulele, how to read ukulele charts, and how to teach ukulele to students. It will not be teaching about basic music elements or music theory. 

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Ukulele for Music Teachers Comments

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Ukulele for Music Teachers - Robin Giebelhausen Reviews

  • You Need This Book!

    By amoonmullen
    What an amazing gift Robin has given to the music ed world. I've told so many teacher friends about it, and every one raves about it. Such a smart guide for music teachers and musicians on how to navigate this instrument. The song charts alone are worth the price of admission. But oh, yeah, it's FREE! Cheers to you, Robin.
  • This is the only ukulele book you need!

    By cafx52
    This unique book is all you’ll need to get started or to jazz up your ukulele curriculum. It is filled with audio and video examples as well as pictures. There is a tuner, chord charts for soprano and baritone ukes, and songs galore. Dr. Giebelhausen lays out an easy-to-follow plan for how to add chords, strumming, and tab. What you’ll find here that won’t be in any other ukulele book are sequential lesson plans for creative projects as well as worksheets, quizzes and rubrics for use in your classroom. And…..the book is FREE. Hurry and download your copy!
  • 10/10 would recommend

    By Mitchelljoseph12
    I have a few private students and have been using this book in my instruction; it has added so much to the process! Accompanying new lessons with fun, easy songs keeps the student engaged and invested. It is clear Giebelhausen worked tirelessly when assembling this method book. I was so surprised this book is free, because it has been incredibly valuable to me!
  • Love it!

    By GonzoA92
    This book is a great resource for teachers!! I love the interactive format, love the humor, and love the content. AND it’s free…..
  • Excellent Resource

    By CindyWagoner
    This is one of the very best method books and tutorials I have ever seen. It breaks things down carefully for beginners without getting wordy or hard to follow, and is supplemented with videos and PDF resources galore! It is not just for music teachers, but I am using it with non-musicians to teach ukulele and it is working fabulously. The humorous, light-hearted approach is appreciated. I hope all my students will be downloading this for their future teaching!
  • Do yourself and/or your students a favor and get this book.

    By Trumpetista
    I dare you to find a better uke method book. Written by a seasoned teacher (with multiple degrees, btw), and experience playing and teaching this fun instrument. Whether you teach or are learning to play (or both!), you'll find Robin's book useful. Why are you waiting? Get it now.
  • This is a terrific book!

    By Jkch
    So many great songs, tips and techniques, this user-friendly resource will launch music teachers and laypeople alike into great uke adventures with their students, or with just themselves! Created by someone who knows music teachers and ukuleles, this is a valuable resource - fun! Interactive! Free!
  • Invaluable resource!!!

    By JillReese1977
    Extremely useful and user-friendly book for music teachers and beginning uke players! The iBook format includes gifs and links for video and audio examples and PDFs of just about everything you could need. These learning supports enable musical independence for students, and could be useful for teachers who would like to use a flipped-classroom format. Robin also provides pedagogical suggestions and teaching strategies teachers might consider when introducing ukulele and supporting struggling students. As if that’s not enough, the book has includes assessments to monitor students’ content knowledge and rating scales to measure students’ progress with performing and improvising. I use this book with the students in my methods classes and with the adults who participate in my community ukulele jam sessions. It’s inspiring and enjoyable.
  • Excellent method book!

    By BryanAbel
    This is a fantastic method book that is not only practical and knowledgeable it is fun and encouraging. Too many instructional book are difficult to follow, and are often too wordy. This book however gives smaller digestible portions with learning how to play the uke! Well done!
  • Ukulele for Music Teachers

    By mrobmsu1
    The ukulele has become a (re)popularized instrument in an astonishingly short amount of time, due in parge part to its ease of play and appealingly intimate manner. One of the spaces where the instrument has gained a foothold is with music teachers in the schools, who have capitalized on the instrument's appeal to children and the quick learning curve. But even music teachers still need a guide and some easy-to-understand instruction to get started. And that's where "Ukulele for Music Teachers" comes in. Dr. Giebelhausen manages to achieve the perfect blend of high-quality instructional material and a wickedly quirky sense of humor as she gently steers novice ukuleleists (is that even a word???) along the pathway of strumming and picking enlightenment. Robin takes great advantage of the e-book's capabilities by including graphics, photos, videos and audio reinforcements for the clear text-based instructions. The book is beautifully organized, logical, and easy to follow. Writing a "how to" instructional manual for teachers could be a daunting task, but Dr. Giebelhausen has managed to pull it off with grace, style, and humor. "Ukulele for Music Teachers" is poised to become not just an indispensable resource for music educators interested in using the ukulele in their classrooms, but a model for similar instructional guides in the electronic format.

Robin Giebelhausen - Ukulele for Music Teachers E-Book

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