31 Creative Ways to Love & Encourage Him

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31 Creative Ways to Love & Encourage Him Book Summary

In 31 Creative Ways To Love And Encourage Her Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke lay out simple ways to bring the beauty, joy, and vibrancy back to a relationship. Each day brings a new adventure that can range from being serious to whimsical to humorous.

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31 Creative Ways to Love & Encourage Him Comments

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31 Creative Ways to Love & Encourage Him - Alyssa Bethke Reviews

  • More about Relationship with God than Spouse

    By Plixa41
    I am very disappointed in these two books. I read a lot of information prior to purchase to get a sense of how much religion plays a role. I read from the authors that maybe "4-5 days of 31" were related to religion. Even the days that are not about prayer, scripture, praying for your man, etc, many many chapters start with scripture and reference daily prayer over your spouse. I was willing to buy these books knowing my partner and I would gloss over a few chapters, but it feels constant throughout. My other major complaint is how rigid the gender roles are. The best part of the book is that my partner and I laughed over the excessive gender roles and religiousness.
  • Love!

    By Jlgeis1216
    Awesome; money well spent for your marriage! Love it!
  • Amazing chance for growth

    By Mttron
    I have always felt I my husband and I have a good marriage; even so, I have always felt we have room to grow and have desired to grow closer, but sometimes have found it hard to answer the "how?" Question. In between careers, school, chores, other friends and relationships and every other life "thing" it's hard to prioritize one another sometimes. Following this book ensured we were investing daily in our relationship. I personal grew immensely and became more skilled in sacrifice, unconditional love and creative ways to love. Even if you have a good marriage or know you're on the right track, I would highly recommend this for any married couple who strives to become closer.
  • Awesome Book Set!

    By CMP11
    My husband and I chose to do this the month of our anniversary. Best.Decision.Ever. We had tons of fun going through- it's such an easy thing to do (each day is short!) and it really gives you that space in your day to think about, pray for, daydream about the love of your life! What a good practice - we are all busy - but to pause and focus on each other was so refreshing! Highly recommend!
  • LOVE

    Excellent book for couples seeking to improve their relationship.
  • A great pair of books

    By mellymwamba
    A great pair of books! I love that there is a place for journaling how the challenge is going! I'm not great at journaling and so having prompts is really nice! I ordered these while my husband was away for work and it's hard not to look at his book for me! So don't do it and spoil the surprise of what nice things your husband will do for you!! Lol! I like that it starts with praying for your husband.. The best thing we women of God can do! And then precedes to go through doable and relevant things that can enhance the way we appreciate and love our spouses!
  • Love!

    By Princess Bee1299
    These books really bring something new to the table in my current relationship, inspires a new way of thinking. We're just getting started but I already feel as if I'm learning more about myself and my significant other as well as challenging our relationship positively. Thank you!
  • So Good!

    By MJcarolinagirl
    My husband and I have just begun our 31 days and are loving it! Thank you! We are looking forward to investing in each other over the next 31 days and beyond.
  • Thank you!

    By amymkarl2
    I bought this set of books for my boyfriend's birthday. We dont see each other often, but we are on day 3 and I LOVE them. I have been praying for him already, but this book encouraged me to really search and find a verse that fits his stage of life right now to pray over him. It has blessed both of us in so many ways
  • This book is a winner!

    By Taylor4865
    My boyfriend and I just went through these books together, and it was amazing. After this month, my heart is so full. Thank you to Jeff and Alyssa. This is a must-read for any couple!

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