Three Seconds to Rush

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Three Seconds to Rush Book Summary

Tara Shiloh knows she’s not a drug addict. She’s positive she’s a good mother and hard worker. So why is she in an alley with a needle in her arm? Waking up in the hospital without her son is terrifying. Being told she can’t have him back nearly crushes her. With her memory spotty and the circumstances incriminating, Tara must fight to learn the truth and wrestle with the idea that maybe her son is better off without her. 

Reid Holliston defends guilty people for a living and it's slowly killing him. He’s certain there is no such thing as a truly blameless client anymore. When his phone rings with a voice from his childhood his jaded views make him certain Tara is just one more criminal claiming innocence. But even his skepticism isn’t enough to keep him away. 

Best friends from a lifetime ago, the two must find a way to trust each other again in spite of how the years apart have changed them. Can a promise made in childhood be enough to save them both?

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Three Seconds to Rush Comments

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Three Seconds to Rush - Danielle Stewart Reviews

  • Three seconds to rush

    By Fluke fan
    Book was very good. Thank you.
  • Three Second To Rush

    By Roodle strudel
    Great characters, great plot. I really didn't want to put it down.
  • WOW!

    By Crystal Baker-Hanson
    Danielle Stewart never disapoints!! Just be prepared when you download this won't put it down until the last page is turned. WOW!
  • Fast paced and suspenseful.

    By Bubble everywhere
    This thriller had me guessing what would happen next over and over again. Danielle has a great way of keeping the twists coming. I loved Tara as the main character. I didn't know if I wanted to fight for her or against her sometimes though. By the end of the story I knew who's side I was on!

Danielle Stewart - Three Seconds to Rush E-Book

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