The Knocked Up Plan

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The Knocked Up Plan Book Summary

There are three little words most guys don’t want to hear on the first date.
Not those…I mean these… “knock me up.”
This single gal has had enough of the games, the BS and the endless chase. I know what I want most, and it’s not true love. It’s a bun in the oven, and I’m not afraid to hit up my sex-on-a-stick co-worker to do the job. Ryder is gorgeous, witty and charming — and he’s also a notorious commitment-phobe. That makes him the perfect candidate to make a deposit in the bank of me.
I won’t fall for him, he won’t fall for me, and there’s no way baby will make three. 
There are four words every guy wants to hear on the first date — “your place or mine?”
When my hot-as-sin co-worker makes me a no-strings-attached offer that involves her place, my place, any place — as well as any position — I can’t refuse. Besides, I’ve got my own reasons to take her up on her deal even with her one BIG condition.
There’s no way I’ll want more from one woman than any position, any where, any night?  Except . . . what if I do?

Note: Be prepared to swoon and fan yourself from the heat! This full-length standalone contains lots of hot baby-making s-e-x, happy tears, naughty jokes and a hot, swoonworthy hero you will fall madly in love with. As a special thank you from Lauren to her readers, you'll find a free copy of her NYT Bestseller NIGHT AFTER NIGHT at the end of the ebook of THE KNOCKED UP PLAN.

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The Knocked Up Plan - Lauren Blakely Reviews

  • Scrumptious!

    By GreyGirl50
    This book is absolutely scrumptious in every way! I love being able to experience the story from both Ryder and the Nicole's point of view because while I might intrinsically know what a woman is thinking I usually have no idea what men are thinking and the insight really enhances the storyline for me. Lauren writes the most entertaining sexual innuendo between her characters and all that dirty-talking flirtation sets the scene for panty-melting sex scenes that are really HOT but never cross the line into vulgarity which is a real turn-off for me. And, last but not least, what could be sexier than a baby daddy who adores the changes pregnancy brings to a woman's body and is humbled by the sight of his child on an ultrasound screen? OMG! My extremely happy heart melted all over the floor at the end of this happily-ever-after that is one of Lauren's best books to date. I read a complimentary copy of this book and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.
  • A heartfelt sweet story

    By WendyR26
    Once again, Lauren gave a story that was sweet, hot, and entertaining. I truly enjoyed every moment as I was reading and couldn’t get enough of it. Ryder and Nicole were such great characters. And these two together were fantastic. So perfect and explosive. I laughed, smiled, and swooned. The premise of the story is in the blurb but there is so much more to it than just having a baby. The feels in this story was overwhelming. A beautiful fun romantic story that will definitely have the reader smiling at the end. Lauren always knows how to give a charming light read. Readers will enjoy this new addition to the sexy Blakely men and awesome women. An amazing read.
  • Another winner!

    By Reese21t
    Lauren Blakely did it again! The heat (Ryder and Nicole were smokin') and the wit of the characters were so enjoyable. Loved it. Glad I won this book! Can't wait for the next story!
  • 5 Knocked Up Stars!!!!

    By Ms.Meesh
    Lauren Blakely does it again as she delivers one ridiculously sexy and highly contagious laugh out loud romantic comedy that was a knocked out hit!!!!! With her signature stamp of sizzling chemistry, charming characters, and panty-melting dialogue, The Knocked Up Plan is and will be one of the most fun entertaining reads to read this summer. "Having sex with the most handsome man I know. Getting horizontal with this gorgeous, witty, generous man who’s willing to give me a piece of himself. My stomach has the audacity to swoop. My skin prickles as my mind fills with images. Undressing him. Undoing his zipper. Guiding him inside me. I lick my lips. My nipples tighten. Oh dear Lord in Heaven. It sounds dangerous and divine. Truth be told, it sounds like a faster route from A to B, too.” The premise of the story is simple. Every thirty-something woman knows when it’s that time. Yes, that time when friends, family, and society ask the dreaded topic of your biological clock. And for Nicole Powers, she is well aware that as a modern woman, her biological clock is ticking and she has no time to waste. She wants a baby now and since she is very much single, why not get a sperm donor. With the support of her friends and family, Nicole was ready to go to that route of anonymous sperm donor, that is until she listed the qualities she would want her sperm donor to have and her co-worker, Ryder Lockhart fits the bill. When Ryder agrees to Nicole’s term, they begin on one wild, sexy, whirlwind journey of lots of sex and baby making time. So if you know anything about Lauren Blakely, prepare yourself for steamy scenes that will make you blush. "I f___ love that we’re not playing games. There’s something incredibly freeing about this kind of relationship. Maybe this is the way it should be— clear and easy.” As Ryder and Nicole begins to spend more quality time together, it was inevitable for these two as romantic feelings begin to emerge. While the sex and banter was amazing, the chemistry was off the charts sizzling. So what happens when Nicole who never experienced love comes to a realization that Ryder makes her heart race like no other? "I’m not sure what to do when you fall in love with your sperm donor. I’ve fallen for his tender touch, his huge heart, his protective soul, his quick mind, and most of all, how he takes care of me. He melts me. He makes me weak in the knees. He treats me like a queen.” The Knocked Up Plan is a juggernaut of a perfectly orchestrated contemporary romance that had everything to satisfy any Lauren Blakely and romance fans. It had humor, banter, witty dialogue, sassy and vibrant characters, steam, passion, and oh yeah, this book was sexy AF. So what else is there to say but go read this book and discover why readers are knocking down on the door of Lauren Blakely to write as fast as she can.
  • Her Place, My Place, Any Place, Any Position

    By Lucy3907
    Nicole, a beautiful, intelligent, successful radio show host and columnist, feels there is a part of her heart that is broken unable to feel romantic love. Oh she has lots of love for her dog, her friends, mother and brother, but she has always wanted a baby. Ryder is Nicole's handsome, intelligent, sweet co-worker who she gets along with famously. They are even ping pong partners in the company charity league. Ryder had his heart shattered by a painful divorce and has vowed to never put himself in that position again. Since the divorce his radio program and ratings have suffered. His boss gives him an ultimatum to change the tone of his show and get the ratings up, or his show will be cancelled. Ryder's final chance, produce "The Consummate Guide To Ten Wonderful Dates That Can Lead To Love" to run as a series on his show and as columns. Nicole has decided to ask Ryder to be her sperm donor, and when she does he has an offer of his own. He will say yes if she agrees to do it the old fashioned way, no donor bank, and to help him research his ten best dates. No complications with this situation can develop, right? Lauren's story is sweet, hilariously funny, heartbreaking, and heartwarming. The chemistry between Nicole and Ryder is hot, hot and hotter. Can Nicole and Ryder find lasting love with each other and their little papaya? You have to read this wonderful story to find out. I promise this is Lauren Blakely at her best! Oh, look for some old friends as well as new friends that are introduced.
  • Love this story!

    By Texas Trainers
    I loved the way Ryder and Nicole slowly come to realize how much they mean to one another. They are friends first which is always important. I look forward to reading more Lauren Blakely books.
  • The knocked up plan

    By John Deere Girl 244
    In this masterpiece you will find bold easy to like characters who are never afraid to put themselves out there. Lauren was brilliant in how she intertwined this story with the careers of Nicole and Ryder. While you may sniffle time to time you will laugh as much from the quick quips out of the good-hearted friends and family that surround them as well as the two who seemed to have done their homework to be knowledgeable on what they want. Obviously plenty of sex! Love how the plan unfolded! Great read!!
  • Get your heat and your sweet

    By KellyMacLilac
    I do not even have to start to think about how I want to write this review because I simply adored this book so very much! I cannot fathom how Lauren Blakely continues to pen stories that are heartwarming, hilarious and hot all wrapped up in a perfect package! But she does and thank goodness for that! Nicole and Ryder are faced with a serious decision and a real-life problem...and they tackle it for sure! I love how this story is from both POVs so you can get a full picture of this adventure! If you're looking for romance, fun, surprises and "cupcakes" this book is for you!
  • One of my top reads of the year!

    By Finchelfanforever
    **ARC generously provided by Author** Top Five Reasons You NEED to read The Knocked Up Plan Sexy, swoon worthy hero Sassy and strong heroine It's sexy-and has a hell of a first kiss Fun, refreshing plot Lauren Blakely wrote it. I'm always a fan of Lauren Blakely's work-her writing is my kryptonite. When I see her books on my kindle they immediately move to the top of my TBR list-and I devour them. I try to savor...but I just can't. The concept this particular book sounded so different that I was dying to get my hands on it. I wanted to see the journey these two took. As I've come to expect from Ms. Blakely this book had me laughing out loud in spots, and swooning in others. It even had me crying-more than once. From the very first sentence I was sucked in. Nicole charmed me immediately-I adored her. I GOT her. I thought she was funny and sweet. She's a strong woman who isn't afraid to go after what she wants. Her support system is great-both family and friends-and I loved cheering her on as I read along. Ryder. Holy sexy Ryder. I was expecting to find him fun and to fall in love with him a bit but he stole my heart. He's funny and smart but there's this vulnerable side I didn't see coming. Watching him evolve personally was incredible. He had me swooning and sighing. Now these two together? Prepare for your kindle to melt. The spark between them quickly becomes an inferno. Their first kiss is going down as one of my top five first kisses ever written-it's that good. But it's not all heat between them. Don't get me wrong, the sexy times are fantastic, but it's the relationship these two begin to unintentionally craft that had me grinning. Crazy fun dates, sweet little moments. The situation these two choose to put themselves in is tricky-and the author shows the balance they need to have perfectly. I haven't found another author who portrays the reality of a relationship as well as Lauren Blakely does. I *have* to mention the supporting cast of characters here. If you've read any of this author's other books be prepared to see some past characters make an appearance. I loved seeing these characters (even if they were just briefly mentioned) and catching up with them. I literally danced in my chair when my all time favorite Lauren Blakely hero made a cameo appearance. Don't worry-If you haven't read other books it's ok-this IS a standalone. I'd rate this book higher than five stars if I possibly could. It's just that incredible. This is a book I will read over and over. It has everything-humor, heart and heat. The characters are sexy and fun and real. Ms. Blakely has shown again why she is an immediate one click author for me and I eagerly look forward to her next book. I highly recommend The Knocked Up Plan.
  • Pure fun!!

    By LKKtechie
    Pure fun!! That is a Lauren Blakely book. I really do not know how many different ways that I can say "I Loved The Knocked Up Plan"! Excellent writing, well-developed characters, new and recurring characters that you just totally enjoying reading about. A woman who does not think that she is capable of love wants a baby. So she asks her very handsome coworker who possesses many many other perfect characteristics to be her baby daddy. Her coworker asks a favor of her as well. He has a work project so together they agree to help each other out. Here comes the fun. Lots and lots of fun. Like all Lauren Blakely books, you have super swoon-worthy guys, strong yet feminine women who together make for a great story and a great escape into Lauren's world. Totally recommend The Knocked Up Plan by Lauren Blakely. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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