First Class - Complete Series

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First Class - Complete Series Book Summary

The Lathem clan is all about love, trust, loyalty, respect and family. They still eat dinner together every Sunday and vacation together, too. Each story focuses on one of the brothers finding their own happily-ever-after, and First Class Voyage and First Class Farewell involve the entire Lathem clan.

The first 3 books in the series; First Class to New York, First Class to Portland and First Class Justice are like a romance trilogy series. We meet Janie, Katy, Matt and Mark and follow them from heartache to love, through awkward introductions to the sparks of passion, from hell on earth to pure heaven in each other’s arms.

In the next 6 books we get to know the rest of the wealthy and sexy Lathem brothers. You’ll enjoy the men that make up this great family and witness their surrender to the love and passion of a good woman.

Romance, sex, fun, loss and heartache are all included in these books that will you keep you captivated from the very first page of the first book to the last page of the final story. 

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First Class - Complete Series Comments

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First Class - Complete Series - AJ Harmon Reviews

  • First Class story

    By Nay$74
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the special love story develop between Janie & Matt. It's a classy emotional love that I cannot wait to continue reading about! Bravo--5 stars!
  • First Class

    By Momv3boys
    This series was so endearing and romantic. I loved the stories of how each son met their wives and the Sunday rituals. I highly recommend this series!
  • First Class

    By Mommy runner
    Loved these books! Great characters and story development! Hooray for my new favorite author!!!

    By Whitnerz
    Absolutely amazing story, I connected so personally with these characters, I cried when they cried, laughed when they laughed, celebrated when they celebrated. Loved this story. ❤❤
  • First Class series

    By TraeDaMan
    This series was amazing! I just fell in love with the first book and had to keep going.
  • Love Love Love!!

    By SJfunfun
    Loved this so much! The characters are entertaining and the story is addicting! A great read that was very enjoyable.
  • First Class - Complete Series

    By wallieyv
    Love First Class Series. Especially pleased that Jamaica got an entire chapter and some of our attractions were mentioned. Anxious to hear about Derek's and Tyler's romances

    By Ellyzmgb
    This book was pretty well written in my opinion, few grammatical errors but it was still a great story. It was compelling and sweet, I need to read more!! 💕💕
  • First Class - Complete series

    By Ginny Gaston
    OMG......what an amazing series, I literally could not put it down! This family was so full of love, raw emotion, and genuine support for everyone. I love how the author created the characters so down to earth not letting their wealth or social status define them in a negative way. I related to so much throughout the stories having gone through infertility, adoption, and the loss of many dogs. The writer brought me to heart ache, tears, and laughter throughout each story. Absolutely loved each book and will definitely be reading more from the author AJ Harmon.
  • First Class

    By 5pitneysmom
    Matt and Janie's story was excellent..each brother's story had it own happy ending, although, in my opinion they were rushed.. The matriarchs', Peter and Maureen, what a cool story of love, and commitment. A lot of enjoyable story about a loving family.

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