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Unreal Book Summary

Julie Edwards is a recent college graduate who is planning to go on a road trip across the country with her best friend, Kim. The day before they depart, the girls are given a party by Julie’s mother, Sharon, and her stepfather, Greg. Sharon seems nervous at the prospect of the girls taking off for parts unknown, but Greg sees no harm in the adventure. The girls set off and after driving through the morning, they stop at a small town diner for a bite to eat...and you can never imagine what happens next.

This book is for mature audiences only. There is physical abuse, pain, suffering along with romance and court room drama. 18+ only!

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Unreal Comments

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Unreal - Riley Moreno Reviews

  • Great overall read

    By Gsus chic
    Couldn't put the book down. It was a great story, some spelling errors, but I still read the book.
  • Unreal book #1 by Riley Moreno

    By Proctorasshole
    Excellent plot and characters that are easy to understand. The errors in text slide by because you can't put the book down. This book demands to be read until the end where you can begin reading the next series. I applaud your genuine attention to be a great writer without any errors as you enthrall your audience with higher expectations as you progress with writing your books. KSW
  • Compelling read

    By Berkubuirwv
    Hard to put down even though the subject matter was so dark. Here's a thought, use a proofreader. The book had too many missing or misspelled words.
  • Amazing till the 3rd and final book

    By Abi911773663
    Hard to put down! I finished all 3 parts in 2 days!
  • Slow start but then intense

    By Steve OH!
    The story is a slow start. I know it's setting the premise but it kind of dragged. Doesn't take long to see the path the girls go down. Bad vibes. I like that they didn't shy away from language and the physical and mental abuse the girls went through. It happens everyday. We need more people to be aware. I figured out who was behind it pretty early on. Wished we could've gotten more results like how many were saved. Was Kim's body recovered. Was every cell brought down? Guess I'll read part two and see if any of these questions are answered.
  • Good

    By Dkgbhgsnjsd
    I couldn't put down to the end!Its insane but good.
  • Horrible horrible horrible

    By SomeoneOutHere
    People read for entertainment not to picture the capture, repeated rapes and torture with killing of two young women sold into sex slavery. NOT, I repeat NOT a romance story!! DON'T READ!! I'd have given it negative stars if possible.

Riley Moreno - Unreal E-Book

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