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Dangerous Book Summary

The liberal media machine did everything they could to keep this book out of your hands. Now, finally, DANGEROUS, the most controversial book of the decade, is tearing down safe spaces everywhere.

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Dangerous - Milo Yiannopoulos Reviews

  • Great book!

    By hazel_tm14
    For people who are tired of polical correctness and of their freedom of speech being taken away!
  • Cultural revolution

    By Dookiedevo
    Milo is everything the left tells us conservatives hate, except we do love him, because he arrives at his viewpoints with logic, not derived from sexual identity politics.
  • Rubbishy Rantings

    By stevie8
    Seriously unreadable whining from a tired old queen. Its apparent Milo only truly believes in milking his 15 minutes of fame to wring as much money from it as possible. He's too ugly for porn stardom and too much of a dullard to be taken seriously. Not. Worth. Your. Time.
  • Awesome

    By American chic
    Absolutely the best!
  • Truth is liberating

    By ThePerdues
    Loved Dangerous. MILO even speaks for us 40 somethings as we rear our children with a healthy sense of skepticism, a thicker skin in which to navigate the real world, not the bubble maintained for snowflakes, and an intellectual curiosity open to ideas outside of their comfort zone. Take away, don't take the blue pill.
  • Excellent book!!!!

    By Fix the app idiots
    Keep fighting MIlo.
  • A true genius

    By Ancalagan Of ED
    This man is a prophet
  • Insightful and funny

    By lanieann7
    This is not the genre I tend to read and I had not heard of Milo until the Berkley ridiculousness. That's what caught my attention. So, I figured I'd bite and see what the big hoopla is about. (I do consider myself Republican and conservative on many issues; however, in college, back in the 90's, would have identified as "left".) Honestly, since it's a political book, I figured it would take me weeks to force myself to slog through it. But, his sense of humor drew me in from the first page and I flew through it. And, his insight into the current climate consistently had me nodding my head in agreement. I look forward to the audio of this book, if it's still planned for production with Milo as the narrator.
  • Amazing!

    By Hlavinkas
    Finally someone speaks the truth!
  • Funny & enlightening!

    By P Swack
    Milo is simply awesome. We are lucky to have him on the dark side. I just wish he was straight because he's so sexy

Milo Yiannopoulos - Dangerous E-Book

Dangerous - Milo Yiannopoulos E-Book coming soon..