The Nature of Desire

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The Nature of Desire Book Summary

This is the first book of the The Nature of Desire Series another wild and wicked story with a delicious mix of romance and deep passion by Lucia Jordan.

To help out her friend, Carly pretends to be Tanya for one gorgeous, glamorous night. Even if she’s not a sophisticated event organizer like Tanya, how difficult can overseeing the gallery auction be for a fine arts graduate? Attending the elitist art event is a dream come true and Carly needs the money the job will pay. The evening turns out more magical than Carly’s wildest dreams when the sponsor, French art investor, Antoine Thomas, invites her back to his hotel room. For a few fairytale hours, Carly can be someone she isn’t. She takes what she wants, but when she wakes up with a lot more than a sorely loved body, her life changes in a frightening way.

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The Nature of Desire Comments

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The Nature of Desire - Lucia Jordan Reviews

  • The nature of desire iBooks review

    By Hdidkdndk
    What do you mean wife!!!! What the hell is going on here??!? I need to find out before I lose what little sanity I have left!!
  • The Nature of Desire

    By GBRWhite
    Well that was an unexpected turn of events! As always, Lucia Jordan has left me in the edge of my seat, waiting for more!
  • Nature of Dedire

    By T from Michigan
    My first book by Lucia Jordan, what a great read! All the twist and turns, Tanya to Carly and Antonio. Steamy wow, this is a must read! I'm hooked! Finally an Author that keeps you on your toes. I'm already nose deep into my next book... T from Michigan
  • The nature of desire

    By Gabangsta
    Lucia Jordan has done it a again. Can't wait to see how Carly/Tanya figures out her predicament with Antoine. Now she has a ring and she can't temper how she got it.
  • Crazy good

    By Skylar dawn B.
    Book was very good but the best part was the very surprising plot twist at the end! A must read!
  • The Nature of Desire-Lucia Jordan

    By Cdjkcstvj
    I loved it!! It was crazy good I can't wait to read the complete collection!!!
  • The nature of desire

    By crazikari
    An incredible plot twist. What the heck happened? Again Lucia has grabbed you and made you want more. Great read
  • Always a fan!

    By HollyJune1989
    Lucia Jordan has always been one of my favorite authors. With an interesting plot, and hot, intense sex.... Why wouldn't she be! I can already tell that I'm going to love the rest of this serious. Maybe develop a thing for French accents, while I'm at it.
  • Review

    By Misia Maria
    I enjoyed reading this book. I was wondering what will happen between Antoine and Carly since the book was left with wanting more. Carly seemed like she did not know what happened last night between Antoine and herself and how she got a ring.
  • Very intriguing...

    By Sinner0502
    This book has taken a sharp turn to crazy town in the last pages.. looking forward to reading the rest!

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