The Way We Fall

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The Way We Fall Book Summary

From New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo comes a twisted and passionate love story about secrets and lies.

Five pages. A letter holding a secret buried for more than five years. A secret neither of them wanted to know. Will the truth tear them apart... again?

Five years after their messy breakup, Houston and Rory are forced to work together opening up a new wine bar. Despite their tragic past, they find themselves once again drawn to each other, unable to deny their potent attraction. 

But the secret of the letter hangs like a guillotine over their heads. And soon, Houston finds himself in the same position he was in five years ago, choosing between the truth and the only woman he’s ever loved.

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The Way We Fall Comments

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The Way We Fall - Cassia Leo Reviews

  • Wow!

    By Steph0120/7156
    The Way we Fall by Cassia Leo was great! I was completely caught off guard by the secret. I can't wait to get more of Ms Leo's books from iBooks!
  • The Story of Us

    By IAC1242
    A great contemporary love story about a young girl's crush that becomes love when the characters are both in college. Aurora and Houston had me a turning each page with anticipation as to will their love endure. The author Cassia Leo is an excellent romance writer so seen in The Story of Us.
  • OMG - ❤️🍷

    By Aedriftboy
    I love you , I don't, I can't, I won't. What a rollercoaster ride with these two wonderful characters.....and yes I'm hooked. Yes it's a teaser, it does say book one but worth the read. The writing is awesome, pulls you right into this whirlwind story. Great writing!!!love this writer!!!
  • The Way We Fall

    By EllyHigginBottom
    I have enjoyed reading other books by Cassia Leo. This is your classic soap opera full of heartbreak and angsty longing, that will leave you anxious to find out what happens next and hoping for a HEA.
  • The way we fall - Cassia Leo

    By NurseJackieDS
    I cannot wait to see where the complete series goes! Be forewarned... Difficult to put down!!
  • The Way We Fall by Cassia Leo on IBooks

    By PJR915
    This is a great book that kept me reading till then end and I can't wait to read the whole story.
  • The way we fall - iBooks

    By Jnk1975
    So many twists and turns can't wait to see what happens next.
  • The Story of Us on iTunes

    By Bdot750
    Absolutely one of the best books I've read in a while. The author does a great job of bouncing between past and present to give you a story that draws you in. Cannot wait to see how their story ends.
  • The way we fall

    By Tatertots are yummy
    The way we fall by Cassia Leo purchased with the apple I-tunes app. The book was hard to follow in the beginning but I couldn't stop reading it. I can't wait to read the series!
  • The Way we Fall

    By Bobby sock
    Written by Cassia Leo, read on iBooks. Not at all what I expected!! What an interesting concept of friendship and love. What a twisted world these people live in, and is there really a way out that doesn't destroy all the hearts involved? I can't wait to see if the story ever ends and if not, how does it continue?

Cassia Leo - The Way We Fall E-Book

The Way We Fall - Cassia Leo E-Book coming soon..