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Win Book Summary

The Games are Forever!

It’s one thing to Qualify and Compete…

Now she must Win.

Gwen Lark, nerd, geek, and awkward smart girl, is among the lucky ones. She’s one of several million teenage refugees to escape the extinction-level asteroid barreling towards Earth and reach the ancient colony planet of Atlantis.

But Atlantis is a strange new world with higher gravity and a blazing white sun, where nothing is as expected. The new arrivals from Earth will now belong to the majority class of non-citizens who face a lifetime of hard work and limited rights.

To make matters worse, Gwen’s rare and powerful talent, her Logos voice, is viewed as a potential weapon to be exploited by the Imperator, as well as a threat to the Kassiopei Imperial Dynasty and its uncompromising control over the people of Atlantis.

A last-minute heartbreak prior to arrival turns to joy, when Gwen receives a declaration of love from an unexpected source. The Wedding date is set, but before she can be joined with her true love, she is forced to compete in the brutal and deadly Games of the Atlantis Grail to save herself, her family, friends, and everything she cares about. Once again, her intelligence, quick thinking skills, resilience, and creativity are challenged to the breaking point.

The Games are monumental, intricate, lethal . . . and the Games are Forever.

This time Gwen must fight and figure her way through the most difficult and sophisticated contest she has ever faced. Terrifying Ordeals and impossible Challenges, ruthless skilled Competitors, vicious secret assassins, and dubious teammates she must work with but cannot trust, are just the beginning. . . .

Meanwhile, as the Games rage, the fate of two worlds is at stake as a new alien threat looms over Earth and Atlantis.

But Gwen Lark has a secret weapon of her own. It’s not her Logos voice and its untapped power to control orichalcum technology and perpetuate change.

It is Gwen herself.

WIN is the third book in The Atlantis Grail series.

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Win Comments

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Win - Vera Nazarian Reviews

  • Wooooooww!

    By Shortstacker866
    I love this series so much! I read through this book trying to hurry and know but also savor every minute I have. I read the first parts on watt pad and I figured it would give us everything it did. I felt like I was there in the games with Gwen. I felt terror and worry. I felt nervous every time a big competitor would come. How Gwen does what she does is amazing. Beautiful writing and a surprising twist at the end.
  • Another amazing read!

    By sarbear0187
    As great as the first two in the series, I paced the floor in nervous anticipation as I read it. Loved it. Can't wait for book 4!
  • Finally here!

    By heyhaileygirl
    I have to say, this was kind of hard to adapt to. I personally loved Compete and this was just another side of Kass I wasn't expecting and it took some getting used to. Win is a better version of Qualify and I really enjoyed it. Now to waiting for Survive!
  • Loved It!

    By Anerbananer
    I first discovered this series on Wattpad and have not been disappointed yet. "Win" has met my expectations in full with plenty of action, suspenseful moments, and heart warming romance. Thanks for writing such a wonderful book Vera! Can't wait for the next one!!!

    By Damariont
    This book series is a must read!!!! The imagery, the way the book takes you on a an emotional roller coaster is addicting!! The characters are amazing, You can obviously see their development, which makes you love them even more. The author does a brilliant job at capturing the essence and personality of everyone!! Truly amazing book!!! MUST READ!!!
  • Win

    By Mark12408
    Man whoa this book got me staying up all night to finish it. Once again Vera you have done it
  • A Series for Everyone

    By MaxAndSusan
    Vera Nazarian’s The Atlantis Grail series continues just as wonderfully as it had begun. The story and characters are compelling, intelligent, and highly entertaining. In fact, it’s written so well and has so much action, despite its length, it’s over too soon. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I loved it. This series is one of those rare books that can be read and enjoyed by everyone.

Vera Nazarian - Win E-Book

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