Dies the Fire

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Dies the Fire Book Summary

The Change occurred when an electrical storm centered over the island of Nantucket produced a blinding white flash that rendered all electronic devices and fuels inoperable. What follows is the most terrible global catastrophe in the history of the human race-and a Dark Age more universal and complete than could possibly be imagined.

"Dies the Fire kept me reading till five in the morning so I could finish at one great gulp..."—New York Times bestselling author Harry Turtledove

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Dies the Fire Comments

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Dies the Fire - S.M. Stirling Reviews

  • Read the whole series...

    By RickJr1976
    Seriously. All novels of the change should be read. Of all the possible end of the world as we know it scenarios, this is my favourite. Puts most everybody on the same level. No technology means you have to be ingenious and ruthless. What a way for it all to end.
  • Had me at hello!

    By Wyndot
    I was captivated from the very beginning. I have read the entire series. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this book.
  • Wicca Theme

    By Father of Thunder
    I bought this because of another review but was irritated to discover it has Wicca religion woven throughout. Don't buy this if you are a Christian.
  • Dies the Fire

    By Artisticchick
    What a refreshing read! It boasts utter plausability, mixed with magic of the times, a great adventure sprinkled with a little logical romance.
  • A "mysterious apocalypse" that feels realistic.

    By Anonymous Freak
    Never gives a true cause for the apocalypse (haven't read the companion series, maybe that one does,) but gives in-character explanations for things that make it sound more "real" than if he HAD given the cause. The setting is very familiar to me, so that helped draw me in (Willamette Valley, Oregon.) The characters are both memorable, and realistic. I have read some reviews that talk about the main characters being "too lucky". Well, simply put, if they WEREN'T that lucky, it wouldn't make sense to write a book about them! Obviously in circumstances like this, anyone who survives will have to be "too lucky", so those are the ones the books get written about. The writing style is excellent at drawing you in. Detailed where it should be, vague where that is best to either prolong the suspense, or avoid taking you out of the story. (No dwelling too long on the retro-technology, just stating enough to be enough.) I could easily see myself in almost any of the main character's position, and that's the best mark of a novel.
  • Brilliant

    By Crashtheparty
    Dies the Fire is an amazing book that simulates an apocalypse scenario in which all heat power is useless. Incredible book, 5 of 5 stars.
  • Engrossing book

    By MikeNewark
    This is an engrossing & captivating book, continuing the saga if The Change. Recommend reading the 1st 3 books by Stirling. They are also engrossing & very unique plot/storyline.

S.M. Stirling - Dies the Fire E-Book

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