The Elements of Style

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The Elements of Style Book Summary

The Elements of Style is one of the most influential and best-known prescriptive treatments of English grammar and usage in the United States. Countless writers have cited it as one of the most important books they have ever read.

This book, printed as a private edition for the use of Strunk's students, became a classic on the local campus, known as "the little book", and its successive editions have since sold over ten million copies.

This is the 1918 version of the book; not the one cowrote by E.B. White.
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The Elements of Style - William Strunk Reviews

  • About the Editions…

    By Sandman619
    Note • Editions where William Strunk is the sole author are based on the 1918 version • Editions by Strunk & White ( E B White ) are based on the 1950's updated book • Newer editions list additional writers • While this text has been a mainstay for grammar resource, this book is not without its critics. Most feel that this book is now aged & ready for retirement
  • It's so great to have this on my Ipad!

    By Marnel G.
    I had the physical version of this book for almost 10 years! I am so happy to find out that there is "ibook" version of this! To those who want to impove their writing skills, check it out! It is highly recommended!!!
  • "This book is free on the Minute Help website"

    By ferretface99
    I wish had gotten the preview and read that on the first page before purchasing! Oh well. It's well worth a buck.
  • A must-have in any e-book library.

    By mwc
    A supervisor gave this to me years ago. Now I have a digital copy with me.
  • The Elements of Style

    By JJFlynn5
    In this text and OMG-filled new era of discourse The Elements of Style is essential. We need to be reminded how to communicate in an intelligent and concise manner.
  • A must

    By Iago78
    I've bought this book several times. I loan it to students who are interested in writing, and I've never had it returned. I've always attributed that to its usefulness. This book is a wonderful read.

William Strunk - The Elements of Style E-Book

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