The Count of Monte Cristo

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The Count of Monte Cristo Book Summary

In The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas portrays the terror of a life sabotaged and the depths a man can sink to in pursuit of revenge. Framed as a Bonapartist traitor by a trio of conspirators, Edmond Dantès is confined to life on an island prison. On the edge of madness, his sanity is saved by an elderly prisoner’s stories of a hidden treasure. After a death-defying escape, Dantès vows to find the treasure and with it, bring vengeance to the three men responsible for destroying all he holds dear. But can Dantès bring just retribution without losing his soul?

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The Count of Monte Cristo Comments

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The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas Reviews

  • Amazing!!!!!

    By Coolbro009
    This book is amazing, you have to read it, it is an extraordinary book many crazy things happening at once, go check it out!!!!!!!!!!
  • New to me, loved it

    By DenGla7
    I had never read this classic and I am over 50 years old. I truly enjoyed the characters, the multiple story lines and the actual intensity of the action. Amazing writing. I loved the humor in the language. We don't speak like that. Well developed story has the reader cheering through the chapters. It's lengthy, and very worth the read. Hooray for the Count; he is awesome.
  • Complete Revenge

    By Toni FGMAMTC
    No revenge story will ever measure up after reading this. Dude is the Revenge Master, level infinity. He was framed and sent away to prison for life as a young man. After fourteen years in prison, he escapes and plots and amazing comeback. He doesn't rush in and screw it all up. It takes twenty-three years overall, but everyone who even stood next to someone that looked at him funny gets theirs. He totally wrecks and ruins every single one amazingly. Wow, he was dedicated.

    By Hiakava
    Everyone who loves to read should spend a couple of weeks reading this long-enjoyed classic novel. Well thought out plot. Excellent characterizations. Great vocabulary. Totally a pleasure from beginning to end. Vive Alexandre Dumas! Vive The Count of Monte Cristo!
  • Great

    By Frero v.
    Must read
  • The best book ever!

    By Martha n kansas
    This novel has everything. Love, hate, loyalty, treachery, deception, manipulation, despair, joy. This delicious writing brings story telling to a high art and keeps it down to earth at the same time. The characters are well developed and human. The descriptions of the persons habits are intricate and wonderful. The evil and blessed aspects equally described give this novel my title, the best book ever.
  • The Count of Monte Christo

    By MHJoe
    I very much appreciated this work and having read it during my commute in many short segments, I found it very easy to start and stop following the multi faceted story line easily. The author clearly establishes the cultural base which I needed to appreciate the context of the actions of the individuals and perhaps my own in my present context. I found myself highlighting several ideas for further reflection as they appear to be clearly identifying of adaptable truths in any time. Joe Marciano
  • Prodigious but Lengthy

    By Alex Banuelos
    I thoroughly enjoyed The Count of Monte Cristo despite its ungodly length. I understand Dumas was compensated by the page, but his want for money confers to his book a want for brevity. The twists and turns are endless and tantalizing, but chapter upon chapter of build-up makes for a story difficult to stick with for the average reader. Personally, I like a lengthy book just because the end of a good story tends to leave me wanting more; The Count of Monte Cristo puts that somber sense of longing off for as long as possible. If I read about one more person "going pale," however, I think I'll have a stroke and end up just like Noirtier. I also would've liked more satisfying revenge on the antagonists, but now I'm starting to spoil the story. The Count of Monte Cristo is definitely worth reading if you're a soap opera kind of person with a high reading level. It can be unrealistic at points, but so can a soap opera--I think that's a good parallel.
  • The Count of Monte Cristo

    I have read and re-read this book countless times. Dumas paints a portrait of despair, vengeance, love & hope that is so vivid. This story stays with you long after the final page. It should be required reading for all HS students. That's where I first fell in love with Edmond Dantes 40 years ago.
  • A favorite classic

    By kknowlton
    This book is a mix of mystery, drama and suspense. It never leaves you bored, but instead gets better and better with every chapter. This is an exceptional read for everyone!

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