Meet the iPad 2

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Meet the iPad 2 Book Summary

Meet the iPad 2 Pocket Guide is your essential introduction to the iPad 2!

This hands-on guide steers you through how to navigate the home screen; launch, run, and switch between apps; use the magical Smart Cover to put to sleep and wake your iPad; change and lock screen orientation; adjust screen brightness; and conserve battery life.

You'll learn how to master Multi-Touch gestures, work with text, shoot video and photos using the two built-in cameras, make FaceTime calls, sync with a computer, connect to the Internet using a Wi-Fi or 3G network, link up with Bluetooth devices, mirror video, and search using Spotlight.

This practical, approachable guide by Apple guru Jeff Carlson will quickly help you get the most out of your iPad 2!

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Meet the iPad 2 - Jeff Carlson Reviews

  • If you're looking for more depth...

    By necoffee
    This ebook is essentially the first chapter of the longer book, "The iPad 2 Pocket Guide," which is also available at the iBookstore. Peachpit Press and I put this together to have a book ready on the day the iPad 2 shipped. This title covers a lot of basics, but if you're looking for more, find the larger ebook. Thanks! - Jeff Carlson
  • Do not buy

    By Lee Don
  • Simple and an easy read...

    By MacMarlon
    If you're looking for an in-depth iPad 2 guide, this isn't it. If you're looking for a easy to follow, quick start guide, this is it. It's affordable and a great book if you never used an iPad.
  • Fresh & informative

    By bagit
    Wanted to try a revelent ebook on my new ip2. I learned a lot of tips that will help me enjoy the ip2 even more if that's possible. Nice to it have in the library for my 86 year old dad to educate himself on how to use it. It is with the $2 bucks!
  • Great for a beginner

    By starsoft
    Useful information only if you've never used an iPad before.

Jeff Carlson - Meet the iPad 2 E-Book

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