War and Peace

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War and Peace Book Summary

Perhaps literature’s greatest epic, War and Peace tells an astonishingly ambitious, profoundly personal, and vastly extensive story of Russia in the age of Napoleon. A work of historical fiction that is at times a romance and at times an adventure, Leo Tolstoy’s novel is, simply put, too big to fit into any literary genre. It features a cast of hundreds, yet paints intimate portraits of their intersecting lives as they move between prosperity and despair. The actions shifts back and forth between Moscow, the city of the people, and the decadent St. Petersburg; and shifts from royal ballrooms to brutal battlefields. Few writers have ever attempted to create a work so massive in scope and complex in themes, and none have succeeded quite the way Tolstoy has.

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War and Peace Comments

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War and Peace - Leo Tolstoy Reviews

  • This book is a classic and is a great tale of romance.

    By Hillo338
  • Leo Tolstoy longest book

    By The Episode Killer
    War and Peace was a romantic story. Eh bien we meet a girl who falls into a handsome man's spell. If you want to learn more read War and Peace!!!!
  • Hmm...

    By Beemer_
    Very interesting but a GOOD book. 🙂 And a tiering book.😴😴

    By Lujpfmusma
    Im also a fifth grader I'm in a smart class and feel like I'm getting dumber so this book came along😸
  • Long book

    By Whale elite
    Uh I don't think u Gould attempt this
  • War and Peace

    By rongunsea
    Best novel ever
  • Great

    By the one asks of you
    Just finished after 3 weeks of reading great book
  • War and Peace

    By jmoneybthuggin
    A complete classic! I love it and I can't wait till I get to the action scenes. I'm only on page 51 and I'm loving it!
  • Oh my gosh

    By Add vamux
    If you take the first letter from each paragraph and put them all together from the end of the book to the front it makes a secret message!! Try it!
  • War and Peace

    By Franco346
    War and Peace is arguable the most important book written in modern era. Tolstoy's grasp of human need,interaction, character development and the beauty of his descriptive passages is unmatched. How one man can accurately describe the inner thoughts of so many diverse characters is almost incomprehensible. The beauty of his prose, the accuracy in which he describes each character's personal motivations and actions, and his flawless weaving of plot and theme is staggering. I hope that you read it. It is a legacy from a time of freedom of thought, and realization of the importance of thought, that is hard for today's reader to understand.

Leo Tolstoy - War and Peace E-Book

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