Winning the Zero Moment of Truth - ZMOT

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Winning the Zero Moment of Truth - ZMOT Book Summary

Whether we're shopping for corn flakes, concert tickets or a honeymoon in Paris, the Internet has changed how we decide what to buy. Today we're all digital explorers, seeking out online ratings, peer reviews, videos, and in-depth product details as we move down the path to purchase.

At Google, we call this online decision-making moment the Zero Moment of Truth—or simply ZMOT.

Download “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth”, a free, powerful new video-enhanced eBook by Jim Lecinski, Managing Director of US Sales & Service and Chief ZMOT Evangelist at Google.  Jim shares how to get ahead at this critical new marketing moment, supported by exclusive market research, personal stories, and insights from C-level executives at global leaders like General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, and VivaKi.

If you're a marketer, a CEO, a sales rep, or an aspiring entrepreneur, this video-enhanced eBook will help you understand this shift in the marketing landscape and show you the strategies it takes to win.

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Winning the Zero Moment of Truth - ZMOT Comments

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Winning the Zero Moment of Truth - ZMOT - Jim Lecinski Reviews

  • Awesome book!

    By Will (BDH)
    Great theories and thank you for the resources. I'll be using those tools often and referencing your book a lot! Kudos and here's my SMOT for the next readers ZMOT!
  • Good read

    By TruantLKN
    Best part is this page.... Get on the train or get left behind. They did, after all, "write the book" on search!
  • Open up new door for consumers to walk through

    By Marfol
    This e-book opened my eyes to consumer habits that I participate in every day. Analyzing your own behaviors make it obvious, but sometimes you need the aha moment of realization, "hey, I do that, too!". For c-levels and marketing and sales teams, find out more about shopping behaviors with this quick read (with videos) and how to make an impact with your base at the evolving moment of truth: at the research and education stage.
  • Simply Helpful

    By Magical iPad
    Easy to understand. Even better to implement.
  • Very Insightful!

    By bedukes
    If you're involved in marketing of any kind this book is a MUST READ!!! Your every day run of the mill marketing/SEO strategies have become a thing of the past. If you want your business to succeed you need to consider how fast ZMOT is evolving and how to use this information to benefit you, your clients, and most of all your customers. This book explains in detail how to do exactly that. It's a quick read, so there's no excuse to forgo this amazing piece of marketing literature!
  • Superb

    By Djshock
    Googles response to the marketplace is astonishing! Easy to read and understand. ZMOT needs to be a priority for business, except my competitors;)
  • Great Read!

    By Dano-c
    Very valuable information! A short and sweet read!
  • Mind Blowing

    By ryanpunya
    Learn good & new stuff that is actually old enough. It's a good reading to learn more about marketing in internet age.
  • Why this is important

    By Jah7777
    The insights I have gained from this book and the concepts presented will help me to holistically present the reasons to adopt and insert this new moment of truth into my clients marketing strategies. The logical arguments presented here cannot be refuted and I am indebted to Ryan Naylor for suggesting I read this ebook. Great stuff, I look forward to more in the future!
  • ZMOT

    By Cjpallares
    Definitivamente es uno de los mejores libros de negocios Electronicos que he leído y lo recomiendo ampliamente.

Jim Lecinski - Winning the Zero Moment of Truth - ZMOT E-Book

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