The Good Knight

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The Good Knight Book Summary

An enthralling story, sympathetic characters and a visit to another time, another culture. What more can you ask of an author? -- Medieval Mysteries (

Meet medieval sleuths Gareth & Gwen in their first mystery together--the first novel in a nine novel series, appropriate for young teens to adults.

Intrigue, suspicion, and rivalry among the royal princes casts a shadow on the court of Owain, king of north Wales...

The year is 1143 and King Owain seeks to unite his daughter in marriage with an allied king. But when the groom is murdered on the way to his wedding, the bride's brother tasks his two best detectives--Gareth, a knight, and Gwen, the daughter of the court bard--with bringing the killer to justice.

And once blame for the murder falls on Gareth himself, Gwen must continue her search for the truth alone, finding unlikely allies in foreign lands, and ultimately uncovering a conspiracy that will shake the political foundations of Wales.

The Good Knight is the first Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery.

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The Good Knight - Sarah Woodbury Reviews

  • Really interesting

    By LaurenceZvahl
    I think this book was REALLY interesting.Form the first page I was interested even though some words are hard to pronounce it's still such a good book.
  • Dumb

    By Bebwright
    The language was not written for its era. A Knight did not use techniques or words like a modern day detective. One page and I was done. If you write historical keep your manner of writing historical. Glad it was free. This author I will steer clear of. One star for the cover of the book.
  • Political intrigue in the Middle Ages

    By Readtobe
    This was enjoyable, with plenty of plot twists that are, unsurprisingly, based on fact. I felt empathy for the characters, and I'd like to see how the love story develops. (I did find some of the dialogue a bit unrealistic, not believing that a knight would take the Lord's name in vain, for example, but it isn't historical drama.)
  • Great storyline!

    By MarieKC13
    Immediately, the storyline pulled me into a great adventure! This was the first book by Sarah Woodbury that I read and was hooked! I binge read this series!!!!! I enjoy historical fiction - especially if it's set in the Renaissance. This series is a MUST read.
  • The Good Knight (Medieval Mystery)

    By JAH123
    I started this book twice. The character's names were way too hard to pronounce and similar or one another so I finally gave up.
  • Characters Take Awhile to Get to Know

    By Dino447
    Like some people it took me awhile to become acquainted with these characters and thus feel involved with this story. I am glad I continued with this story because I eventually discovered The Good Knight ( A Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mystery) by Sarah Woodbury to be an intriguing tale. Set in Wales in around 1100 A.D. many of the events, places, and characters actually have a place in history. The book begins with the assassination of King Anarwd on this way to his marriage. Gareth a knight comes upon the dead body, hurries to the castle with the news and is blamed for the murder by King Owain Gywenedd. Newly reunited with his soul mate, Gwen, the duo attempts to solve this mystery as bodies, attempted poisonings and a kidnaping heat up the plot. This a first in a series of Gareth and Gwen books.
  • Not your average mix

    By Smackie the Frog
    I love historical fiction and I love mysteries. What a surprise to find them smooshed together--and so well. Would never have occurred to me to look for this combination. Better still that its done so well.

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