Civil War Experiences

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Civil War Experiences Book Summary

With the coming of the Civil War, and the staggering casualties it ushered in, death entered the experience of the American people as it never had before -- permanently altering the character of the republic and the psyche of the American people. Contending with death on an unprecedented scale posed challenges for which there were no ready answers when the war began. Americans worked to improvise new solutions, new institutions, and new ways of coping with death on an unimaginable scale.

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Civil War Experiences Comments

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Civil War Experiences - Henry Coddington Meyer Reviews

  • Civil War Experiences

    By parkski333
  • swaggy

    By Eth091
    The plot played a good role in the actual story...loved the different accounts
  • civil war experiences

    By kirkbramlett
    great first hand experience if a volunteer soldier in the union army. a good journal of events before being wounded
  • Excellent

    By Tiny Malone
    A very well written, personal, detailed account of the war of Northern Aggression/War of Rebellion. A page turning must read!
  • Civil War Experiences

    By Jjhbeth
    Interesting. Worth the read.
  • Vivid, personal account

    By cyberfish2
    This is a good read for Civil War buffs; a different perspective, if maybe a bit too unemotional in places. It still gives a pretty good feel for what it had to be like to be there.
  • Civil War Experiences

    By Your Obedient Servant
    A book which demonstrates that bravery, honor, and gallantry existed in abundance on both sides during the civil war. A great pleasure to read. Invaluable insight into the character of many command and staff officers in the Army of the Potomac.
  • Well Written

    By Wartime17
    Very cohesive and easy to read

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