The Book of Riddles

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The Book of Riddles Book Summary

A book of riddles and puzzles for the sharp minders . It offers a great read and thus a good mind charger for thosewho accept it as a part of challenge.

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The Book of Riddles Comments

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The Book of Riddles - Anonymous Reviews

  • Gd

    By Bob da bilder
    This is a good book u should write more
  • Not so great

    These are super easy riddles I want harder ones and not old fashion
  • Cleverly Written Short Passages

    By PayPalPal
    The riddles are rather simple, but charming. Answers are not in another section, but are directly following each puzzle. Vintage illustrations provide answers too.
  • Great

    By wjnodkkjdjejdchend
    Was not bad at all. Jolly good show
  • Gavin's awesome

    By Hgvvghjvhkjgjg
    Gavin is sooooo awesome
  • riddle rating

    By Mgmfan
    It would be best if the answers were left two pages hence. Many of the riddles are antiquated and therefore unsolvable by modern children or adolescents and many adults because the items are not in use today.
  • Funny

    By Book reviewer 2345
    This is a good and funny read. You will most certainly laugh your top off. So this is alright in my book.
  • Good book

    By Alanna1225
    This is a really good book and I think that you guys should read it and if you like Long riddles this book got it and if you like short riddles this book also got it and if Sam is reading this book I sent him an email. Thanks for reading my reviewer on this book and I really hope you like it have fun with your riddles and in joy.
  • Neat

    By Bethtor
    Fun little read :(
  • Riddles

    By Spacegirl23
    My 8 yr old has a lot of fun guessing these today

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