Words of Wisdom - 100 Inspirational Quotations

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Words of Wisdom - 100 Inspirational Quotations Book Summary

From the world’s greatest thinkers across the centuries, Words of Wisdom is a delightful collection of advice and insight.  With a quotation for every situation, flick through the pages to find motivation, consolation and simply to enjoy the beauty of these succinct and timeless words.

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Words of Wisdom - 100 Inspirational Quotations Comments

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Words of Wisdom - 100 Inspirational Quotations - Various Authors Reviews

  • Very sick joke...

    By POOCHIE 24
    I want this crap off my phone, this is a very sick joke......
  • What the heck?

    By JMC-in-NY
    The book is fine but the ads for the racey books found in the beginning and toward the end need to go!
  • Porn + disappointment

    By JT in OC
    The preview consists of nothing but ads for other books which are a series of Fifty Shades of Grey rip-offs. The quotes are dull and pointless. No effort was put into organizing them. This is obviously just a ploy to advertise smut.
  • It is good but picture is dirty

    By Suryavansi
    Review are good pictures are dirty
  • PORNO in the back Smut not flagged to protect kids

    By Grappleberries
    IBOOKS ITUNES over 250 books so far we had three of their books three hd porno all targeted for Kids. THey are removed blocked and reported. SHAME ON ITUNES and APPLE EURO SERVICES INTERNET SAS - iTunes Book Charts www.bookchart.info/.../EURO-SERVICES-INTERNET-SAS/.../numer-re... EURO SERVICES INTERNET SAS has published 221 books that have appeared on the iTunes charts. These books have appeared in the Action & Adventure, … Slime folding in porno at the back of what should be a positive inspirational book LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE IBOOKS NEEDS TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE! Parental Controls did not STOP it! Shameful
  • Words of Wisdom

    By CentaurPat
    The worst piece of self-indulgent rubbish I have ever read. Trying to be humorous but failing totally. Don't waste your time!
  • This should be REMOVED!

    By iJenTX
    This book contains about 15 pages in the front, before you get to the quotes, of racey ads for sexual novels. This book is not flagged, but it should be - or contain a warning by the author. I downloaded for my 10YO, wow - was I surprised to see that. Extremely disceptive. This is not at all regulated on the content behind the cover with a warning and I am reporting it. HEADS UP.
  • Most of them are good

    By Add me W53sn8
    There are some that could either have even left off of replaced with better quotes. Overall it is good.
  • Sucky

    By Tootisi
    It was terrible and stupid

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