Castle Cay

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Castle Cay Book Summary

When her best friend is murdered, Julie O'Hara, a body language expert, packs up her suspicion and flies to Boston for his funeral. Who could have killed rising artist Marc Solomon, and what does Castle Cay, the Solomon's mysterious Caribbean island, have to do with it?
Before long, Julie's sixth-sense pulls a hidden string that unravels a deadly conspiracy...and her own troubled past.

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Castle Cay Comments

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Castle Cay - Lee Hanson Reviews

  • Castle Cay

    By Oneshave
    I liked the book. Fast paced not wordy
  • Castle Cay

    By Proper grammarian
    Thoroughly enjoyable mystery with very believable characters. Congratulations ! First of dozens of free on-line books I've read that had absolutely NO errors. You obviously respect your readers enough to have intelligent humans proofread your work. Thank you. So many authors rely only on spellcheck - an error in itself.
  • Castle Cay

    By dlda04jcja
    Loved this story. Love, suspense and so much more. Also clean reading.
  • Castle Cay

    By shirl-83
    After a slow start, the story picked up....Very good mystery.
  • Good mystery that keeps moving

    By Capt Rennie
    Enjoyed reading this mystery in one sitting. Plot is well planned and the characters are believable. I shall read the rest of the series based on my liking Julia.
  • Castle Cay

    By Chickens, Mules
    An enjoyable light read. Well organized and written. Likable characters, except of course for the bad guy.
  • Castle Cay

    By Tenderloin56
    A good novel that was enjoyable reading.
  • What a waste if time

    By Jeslive
    For a "who done it" this was so suspense, no surprises....and you knew from almost the beginning who did it. I want my money back!
  • Castle Cay

    By AimMar87
    I loved this book. It had suspense from the beginning all the way to the end. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.
  • Not my cup of tea.

    By Maamc
    Interesting mystery, gratuitous sex.

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