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Summary of Wheat Belly Book Summary

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This is an Instaread Summary of Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back To Health by William Davis MD.

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Dr. William Davis invites the reader to take a look at old photographs of his or her parents or grandparents. He contends that the majority of readers will notice that everyone in the photos seems to be thin. In the 50’s and 60’s, women typically weighed between 110-115 pounds while men ranged from 150-165 pounds. Today, most people carry between 50 and 200 pounds more than this; even those who exercise and believe they are eating a healthy diet. William argues that the problem with the current diet of most Americans is not sugar or an inactive lifestyle – it’s our consumption of what is being sold to us as wheat. Modern wheat is a product of genetic research that took place during the second half of the 20th century. Davis believes that the best known grain in the world is also the most destructive part of our daily diet. He blames wheat for increasing appetite, surges of blood sugar, and the triggering of immune responses and disorders. As a cardiologist, he has seen thousands of patients lose their bellies and feel and look much healthier after cutting wheat from their diets. Clinical studies have been done for decades, but unfortunately, the startling results never came to the forefront.  We’ve been given bad advice to eat more “healthy whole grains” and, as a result, have lost control over our appetites, impulses, and health.   

1: What Belly?

A large belly used to be a sign of wealth and success because it meant you probably weren’t the one cleaning your own stables or plowing your own fields.  Now it’s okay for everyone to have a big belly. Modern day wheat negatively affects every organ system in the body. Wheat consumption triggers insulin, the hormone of fat storage. Belly fat is unique because it provokes inflammatory responses that cause destruction and chaos in our bodies. Wheat negatively impacts the intestines, liver, heart, and thyroid gland as well as the brain. William practices preventive cardiology in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and says it is a great place to live, but many of its inhabitants are extremely fat. There are fat athletes and sedentary people and fat people of every race dealing with the American weight gain crisis. William disputes the arguments that Americans are fat because of excessive consumption of soft drinks, chips, and/or beer and little to no exercise. He says these arguments don’t tell the whole story. Many people struggling with excess weight claim they’ve cut fat intake and increased their consumption of healthy whole grains. The national trend to reduce fat and cholesterol has caused products made from wheat flour to dominate most diets. The increase in wheat products parallels the obesity crisis in America. In 1985, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute advised people to cut down on fat and cholesterol and replace those calories with whole grains. The Centers for Disease... 

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Summary of Wheat Belly Comments

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Summary of Wheat Belly - Instaread Reviews

  • Summary of Wheat Belly very informative

    By Pammarocks
    As a Celiac Disease sufferer I am thrilled to see the wheat and gluten issues brought to the forefront. My husband is now officially off wheat and joins me in eating fresh not mass produced food. Once you understand the risk of wheat it is an easy journey to good health!
  • Perfect Length and Informative

    By GointoLouMalnatis
    This summary provided a high level summary of the key concepts of a wheat free diet. It was short and informative
  • Great book!

    By Willyuuummm
    I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick summary on Wheat Belly. The author highlights all the important details and is very informative, stating the causes of health problems and what eliminating wheat can do to help you.
  • Definitely Motivating

    By Levi613
    Theres an obvious set push towards motivation here and in this summary they hit the nail on the head indefinitely. I've struggled with weight gain lately and most of all have lost a lot of my motivation towards a lot of things mainly exercise and keeping up after myself. That is what this book aims to change and it does, very well if taken seriously.
  • Amazing!

    By TheFadeness
    It's a great read to answer all your questions about wheat and what it can do to you in terms of health. After you read this, you'll know so much more about wheat and you'll consider cutting wheat from your diet!
  • Mislead

    By Best face forward
    Very disappointed. Thought I was buying the whole book. Not clearly stated that it was a summary. Thought it was stated that there was a summary before each chapter. Since I'm dealing with aphasia, that I'm now considering wheat related problems, I was mislead. My problem.
  • Interesting!

    By devipadbauss
    I think it presents a compelling case that the wheat we eat today bears little resemblance to the wheat of one hundred years ago. It has been so genetically-modified and hybridized that our bodies can’t process it. The result is chronic inflammation, leading to everything from poor health to a general lack of energy.
  • Loved it!

    It is a good read to provoke questions about this staple food ( Wheat). Whether you eliminate wheat or still choose to consume it, it is an interesting area of nutrition that is gathering much attention.
  • To the point and very useful

    By xen310
    Informative read! Offers a point of view that wheat causes the majority of health and weight problems that are currently plaguing so many people and is blamed for the rise in type 2 diabetes, cataracts, wrinkles, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and a host of other diseases. According to author, by simply eliminating wheat from your diet, it is suggested that you will be able to quickly lose weight, think more clearly, sleep better and reduce your chances of several diseases.
  • Great book!

    By bruboar
    The basic premise of Wheat Belly is that the elimination of wheat products is the key to weight loss and improved health. Upon reading the summary, the book has 3 sections mainly. The first is a detailed history of the evolution of wheat and how it has changed genetically over the years. The second part explains all of the negative health effects of eating wheat. The third part of the book deals with tips on eliminating wheat from your diet. Overall, it is well researched and I enjoyed reading the summary!

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