All About Dogs

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All About Dogs Book Summary

Are you getting a new dog? Do you want to know more about training them? This is the book for for you!

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All About Dogs - Oleksandr Kotenko Reviews

  • Awesome

    By Doglover465
    This is a wonderful book. This kid is adorable. With these cute tips. 5 stars.
  • Cute

    By Manda.Panda1994
    This is a good book if you have a dog and have kids in the house.

    By reader of most books
    This was by far the worst attempt to get a persons name on a publication, for the sake of having a count of "published" books. Some inadequate writers need to do this in order to have a qualifying amount. However, of this is not the case, and this book was written with sincerity, if you did your best work, I say BRAVOE. Thank you, I.M.K.
  • Great job

    By Mrs.hendrikson
    This book is so cute the pictures were to there was one sentence that made no sense other than that my son read this and now he knows what to do and what not to do.
  • All about dogs

    By Where to be
  • It's a kids book,

    By Aj_awesomness12
    Make sure parent reads it to child, it's hard to understand if young
  • Sorry

    By Kklee07
    Sorry I didn't really like this book
  • Nice tips

    By Kulakiwi
    Drawings were a little awkward, but the information is great for people who are unexperienced dog owners. Another thing is that if your dog won't sit, pat his rump (that's what works with my dog).
  • I dislike this book

    By Zadaismydog
    I think in my opinion it is cute but I think it needs to have real actions like if the dog waits by the door before you leave then that would be a better sentence.
  • 😕

    It wasn't the best I thought it will show pictures ,but it was some good tips

Oleksandr Kotenko - All About Dogs E-Book

All About Dogs - Oleksandr Kotenko E-Book coming soon..