Diamonds and Cole: Cole Sage Mystery #1

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Diamonds and Cole: Cole Sage Mystery #1 Book Summary

Beaten, bloody but determined, Cole Sage conquers greed and hatred with a strength that only love, and a will as hard as diamond, can achieve.

When Cole Sage receives a desperate message asking for help from Ellie, one that got away. The one that has haunted his life. Cole drops everything and flies to California. Fearing her estranged daughter Erin’s inheritance, won’t go to her, but to her abusive step-father, Cole vows to find the girl and right the situation.

His path is blocked at every turn by the husband who abandoned her, his shady real estate deals, violent con men, street thugs and the lure of a fortune in diamonds that unite them. The anger, sorrow, and crippling guilt of twenty years fires Cole's drive to keep a promise, that in the end, will heal and return the soul to the great journalist.

Micheal Maxwell has found a niche in the mystery genre with The Cole Sage Series that departs from the usual, heavily sexual, profanity laced norm, and gives readers a character driven stories, with twists, turns, and page turning plot lines, but most of all a hero they can relate to and root for with each new case he finds himself involved in.

Diamonds and Cole is just the beginning for Cole Sage, and your introduction to a series you will love!

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Diamonds and Cole: Cole Sage Mystery #1 Comments

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Diamonds and Cole: Cole Sage Mystery #1 - Micheal Maxwell Reviews

  • Engrossing

    By Anguskhan12356
    A quick moving and exciting tale. Cole Sage is easy to root for and it's a pleasure watching him Sherlock his way to the truth.
  • Diamonds and Cole

    By Caught Dead in Wyoming
    Fast read. Well executed story line. Sad but full of hope. Ends well, leaving you rooting for the future. Thank you Mister Maxwell.
  • Diamonds and Cole

    By Older_Sis
    Read this non stop and still have tears falling. So moving, what a love story! Characters so very real, I felt a part a their tale. An 82 yr old reader, I almost passed this free download up. So glad I did not. Had a lot of real life in it. Thank you so much for your talents.
  • Diamonds and Cole

    By Minor T.
    Just a damned good book!!!!!
  • Diamonds and Cole

    By jnull91
    This is one of the best books I have read in decades! Could not put it down~
  • Diamonds and Cole

    By Travel99205
    Easy read with a great character. More than a mystery, a journey of Cole's soul.
  • Diamonds and Cole

    By Osmalo
    Interesting reading. Will read the read all of Cole Sage Mysteries
  • Diamonds and Cole

    By BookFayr
    Very realistic characters and a story that carries you along emotionally to keep you turning the pages. I look forward to seeing more of Sage's journey.
  • Diamonds and Cole: A Cole Sage mystery book #1

    By Proctorasshole
    Wow...deja vu time for myself as I read this book. Growing up without a father and never asking his name until my mother was dying with cancer the last days in the hospital, I had never asked my dads identity until then. Plus a favorite small store on the way from school each day was a "Tots To Teens". I"m still stunned. Coincidence or not, I will never know. KSW
  • Good book!!!

    By #1FAN!!!!!!!!
    Mr. Maxwell's book had me from page one. Full of adventure and intrigue. I even cried! I give it five stars and can't wait to read the next one!

Micheal Maxwell - Diamonds and Cole: Cole Sage Mystery #1 E-Book

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