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Pierced Book Summary

“Oh, Lia, you never challenge a man like me. I promise you; you’ll do everything I want you to do and beg for more."

My name is Lucian Quinn and I own one of the most successful software companies in the world. I’m twenty-nine, rich and single. Impressive right? I’m also a favorite target for every hungry socialite looking to land the uncatchable catch. Maybe it sounds vain, but the fact that I’m a God between the sheets doesn’t hurt my stock any. What these women don’t know though is that I’m completely screwed up and damaged beyond repair by my past. The only part of me I’ll ever willingly give them is the hour it takes to make them scream…several times.

Then I saw her…

I’m Lia Adams and I’m in my last year at St. Claire’s University in North Carolina. I grew up with an abusive mother, and a twisted stepfather who was worse…so much worse. I’m so close to escaping from my past and making my dreams come true. I’ll do anything necessary to survive, even work as an escort to help pay for my college expenses. The men that I accompany to various events as an escort for Date Night are mostly harmless and just want an attractive woman on their arm for an evening. It has never gone further than that…until him…

Circumstances bring two people that should have never crossed paths together and in the days and weeks ahead, they grow close quickly, each seeing a kindred soul in the other. As ghosts from their past rise to haunt them, they cling to each other as their lives start to spiral out of control. Soon, they realize that they’re both damaged possibly beyond repair. Will their love be what saves or destroys them?

This book is meant for mature readers who are 18+. It contains explicit language, and graphic sexual content.

**Book 1 of the Lucian & Lia Trilogy.**

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Pierced - Sydney Landon Reviews

  • Peireced

    By GREE,P
    Boy, what a story can't wait to find out what happened next Such an exciting story, but so sooty it couldn't be finished in this story... Hate having to wait for the results, to finish this Pauline Got this with apple ITunes
  • Pierced

    By Bren.,
  • So good, so good!

    By K4near
    Ok....no spoilers! Loved this book and I'm definitely reading the rest of the trilogy. Exciting characters, lots of cliffhangers, and the best sex scenes I've read in a long time. This story is a bit edgier than most, so be warned!
  • Title: Lucian & Lia / Pierced by Sydney Landon

    By Carribbean Queen
    Review: Wow ... what an utterly compelling story! I found myself reading into the wee hours on the weekend and at every spare opportunity during the week. I appreciate how the author careful linked the past with the present. Clearly a gifted/talented writer that as the story continued to unfold ensured that so many bits and pieces from previous conversations were not forgotten and were carefully and thoughtful woven into the story. Sydney Landon will definitely be added to the list as one of my "TOP-10" authors. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this trilogy! //EOF (11/25/2016) MK-Platinum 🌷
  • I always go back to this!

    By SummerMariee
    One of the best book series I have ever read.
  • Pierced

    By Cams C
  • Whew!!!

    By Reeree2706
    I was hooked after chapter 1. These characters were so damaged by life, yet still managed to find hope in each other. I loved all the characters and found myself lol, literally several times. Best starter yet!! Great job
  • ❤️

    By MyHeart❤️
    I cried I am not ashamed, I absolutely love it one of my favorite series!!!

    By Ladynader33
    I absolutely loved it. Read the 4 available books in 4 days. Couldn't keep my nose out of my phone.
  • Fantastic

    By Sara /:#
    This is an absolutely amazing story. Romance, a little mystery,some loss and rebuilding all in one book. Could not put it down. Can't wait to read the next in series.

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