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Wired Book Summary

A beautiful computer genius and a bad-boy FBI agent must collaborate—in more ways than one—in the sexy, suspenseful new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood.

Allison Trent has always had a special talent for computers. When she’s not cleaning up after her troublemaker younger brother, Jason, she spends her days writing code and navigating the intricacies of the Internet. In fact, she’s working on a new program that will revolutionize the tech industry, and when she attends a prominent seminar, word begins to spread.

FBI agent Liam Scott discovers how brilliant Allison is and wants her to help hunt down a cyber criminal he’s been after for two years. He invites her to tour the bureau’s state-of-the-art cybercenter in Boston. Once she arrives, he thinks he can convince her to join the team.

But Allison doesn’t want to work for the government—until Liam makes an offer she can’t refuse: work for the FBI for one year, and they will expunge Jason’s illustrious criminal record.

Allison tries to deny her growing attraction to Liam, but just before her year in the FBI is over, she discovers someone has stolen the computer program she developed. Now she needs Liam’s help in tracking down the thief. And as they begin to close in on the culprit, they also begin to give in to each other...

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Wired - Julie Garwood Reviews

  • A bust

    By Silly44
    This was a horrible book, the storyline seemed forced. Huge disappointment from a great writer
  • Ttfxdddxrbhbggydcfthsgr

    By cyttyxhbgvtfytdggvddgxu
  • Wired

    By Stitcher42
    This had to be one of the worst novels I have read. It was disjointed with no story line to speak of. I won't waste my money or my time on another Julie Garwood book.
  • Smart woman, interesting plot, hot romance

    By Aaddesgg
    Couldn't put it down
  • Liked it!

    By DarkPath
    Need to read this again I finished the book within the 24 hrs after I bought it. I was so excited to read a new Julie Garwood that I probably skip something. It was not as engrossing as her old works, like the prize, the gift, guardian angel or her recent work like hotshot and sweet talk but it works for me.
  • Wired

    By closetwriter
    I wish it had more suspense. Otherwise it was a good read.
  • Wired

    By Shanarn06
    Julie never disappoints! Finished the book in less than a day!
  • WIRED worked for me.

    By Tome Tender
    WIRED worked for me. Wicked chemistry, strong but growing characters and I think its worth mentioning again...wicked HEAT sizzled between these characters. There was something in Garwood's presentation of her characters that made them real and compelling. I received this ARC copy of WIRED from Berkley Publishing Group. This is my honest and voluntary review.
  • 3 Stars!

    By Taken0003
    I liked this book. It was interesting & kept my attention. This is the first book from this series that I've read & it works as a standalone. I wasn't crazy about the main characters, Allison & Liam. They were both too smart & serious all the time. And does Allison really have to be a computer genius & a perfect/gorgeous model? How unfair is that!? And Liam-does he have to do everything at the FBI, cause he's such a great agent?! Of course he is gorgeous too! And he is a top FBI agent AND a lawyer?! This book made me feel a bit awful about my life & how little I've accomplished-in comparison to these main characters! I did get a bit confused every now & than with the switching back & forth between the point of views & not knowing who is speaking or thinking something! I didn't like how it would switch from Allison's thoughts to Liam's or vice versa without any heads up. I'd love to know what happens to Allison & Liam after the book ends! The ending felt kind of rushed to me. One second I'm reading the ending & the next, I'm on a blank page! It was a good story just a bit unbelievable & it was hard to like such "perfect" characters!! *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!*

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