Murder on the Mind

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Murder on the Mind Book Summary

After insurance investigator Jeff Resnick is viciously mugged, he discovers the resulting brain injury has left him able to sense people’s secrets. When his estranged half-brother, Richard, takes Jeff to the family home to recover, Jeff’s senses pick up clues to the recent vicious murder of a local banker. Despite Jeff’s mixed feelings about his new sixth sense, he feels compelled to explore the banker’s murder--using both his senses and his investigative skills, along with Richard’s reluctant help. Against the gritty setting of wintry Buffalo, NY, and a tormented family history of his own, unraveling the truth threatens Jeff’s--and Richard’s--life.

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Murder on the Mind Comments

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Murder on the Mind - L.L. Bartlett Reviews

  • Murder on the Mind

    By Tenderloin56
    An intriguing mystery written from a different perspective.
  • Murder on the mind.

    By Socalgram
    Great. Couldn't put it down. Read in a day and a half. I must read more.
  • Murder on the mind

    By Dix252
    Very good read. Keep 'em coming
  • Great characters

    By Mamahasmojo
    Really enjoyed this! There were a few errors, but nothing so significant to take away from the story. However, as this is a writer with several prior published I would expect the editing to be better (hence the 4 stars). Will definitely watch for more in this series. For those it to whom it matters: very little vulgarity and PG sex.
  • Brotherly Love

    By Maamc
    An interesting concept, very realistic and well written. Carried it with me to continue reading this gripping story. Highly recommend it.
  • Excellent read

    By Kattnip333
    This is a book that's hard to put down. You will probably end up reading at in one or possibly two days. It's very intriguing and exciting and addictive. i'm looking forward to reading the sequels.
  • Great mystery

    By Cbishop101
    Couldn't put it down!
  • Good

    By WavesOfRyleh
    Not the best book I've ever read but I really enjoyed this writer's style and I found myself caring about the characters and their happiness. Pretty good for a free book!
  • Great Read

    By Reader Sally
    Love this series. Interesting characters and well defined interpersonal relationships. I enjoyed them all.
  • Terrific

    By Reader Bon
    I love this series. Mysteries that have humor and thrills. The author creates the characters so that you really care about them. I am looking forward to the next adventure for Jeff and his family!

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