Secrets of a Kept Woman

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Secrets of a Kept Woman Book Summary

Secrets of a Kept Woman is a story that deals with women's relationships in friendship and in love. Shayla, Rhonda and Gladys have been best friends since high school and have always been the strength each other needs, but when one woman decides that a man is more important than friendship, everything goes to pieces. Is this friendship one dark secret away from shattering it into a thousand pieces? They say the truth shall set you free -- but will it? * "Secrets of a Kept Woman by Shani Greene-Dowdell explores what happens when the lines between friendship and betrayal are crossed, and what consequences befall the parties involved. Is the luxury of having everything that you want at your fingertips worth the pain of having to trade your dignity for ill-begotten riches? This is the question that Shayla is faced with in this fast-paced urban tale. It is a must read." Naiomi Pitre, author of Broken Vows and In the Panty Drawer: Journey Into the Mind of a Sexual Woman

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Secrets of a Kept Woman Comments

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Secrets of a Kept Woman - Shani Greene-Dowdell Reviews

  • Secrets of a kept woman

    By Urban tales
    It was a good read if you like the whole urban fiction tales. I was too keen about the ending, but the plot was good.
  • The book

    By Money Mook
    Omg this book was EVERYTHING frm the 3 friends one friend goin thru abuse another friend is downright wrong an Shayla the good girl who was treated badly!!!smh good read tho💯
  • Enjoyable enough. Page turner.

    By Q. Smith
    This book has an urban sex in the city vibe about it. Fun read that will keep you interested.
  • Love, Love, Love!!!!

    By Mrs.Kunstmanis
    This book was amazing! I read it in a day! When a book keeps you wanting to know what's going to happen next and not wanting to put it down, that's when you know it's good. The storyline was good and very realistic.
  • 🙈

    By Pbngelly
    The ending just sucked I needed more money than that.
  • Luv it!!!

    By Bossy1_hair
    I read this book in a couple hrs, it keeps ur attention from the beginning to the end. Great read..!
  • Awesome!!!!

    By Kelanne Baptiste
    Book had me wanted to read more. Kept me on my toe!! Definitely have me aware of a lot of things.
  • Yaaaas!!

    By Indiajaay
    I love it !
  • Nice

    By JAQueen32
  • To be a kept woman

    By Xxsweetleafxx
    Yeah.., this book is 4 stars out of five. Two times, the occurrences were obvious & I predicted what was going to happen. But I did like the intensity at times, and was overall good

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