MacBook Air Essentials

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MacBook Air Essentials Book Summary

MacBook Air Essentials provides everything you need to quickly set up and start using your new MacBook Air. Learn about the hardware, as well as how to connect to Wi-Fi, share information, use the apps that came with your MacBook Air, and more.

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MacBook Air Essentials Comments

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MacBook Air Essentials - Apple Inc. Reviews

  • that was helpful!!

    By Kaptainkittyboi
    Yayz apple! that was so helpful, i know how to use my macbook air so much better now!!!!!
  • Mr

    By New use 2-=1#$%
    Extremely basic info - was looking. for more
  • Very useful

    By GoddessLinda
    Got my new MacAir 2015 model today! Am loving it so far. Currently charging and updating it on personal wifi. Thank you, Apple!
  • This book is very good for new person to MacBooks

    By Llamaz on fire
  • MacBook Air Essentials

    By ecwoc
    Just what I wanted. Great for a start up person like myself. Clear and basic.
  • Macbook Air Essentials

    By Lightningpilot
    Too general. Needs more detail.
  • ppp

    By qwertyuiopaqwertyuiop
    i wanted directions on how to use Numbers and other buildt in progams. to me thats more “essential: than all the bells and whistles.
  • Good for beginners

    By ArmedMoe
    If you’re new to the Macbook Air, this PDF is great guide to read about your Macbook Air; however, if you are new to Mac OS X like I am, I suggest you read Apple’s guide on switching to Mac from PC! I’m loving this!

Apple Inc. - MacBook Air Essentials E-Book

MacBook Air Essentials - Apple Inc. E-Book coming soon..