Codex: Skitarii (Enhanced Edition)

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Codex: Skitarii (Enhanced Edition) Book Summary

In mechanical lockstep legions of Skitarii march across the galaxy at the behest of their calculating masters. Elite soldiers augmented with ancient technology and gifted with esoteric weaponry, the Legiones Skitarii are the relentless armies of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Driven by their masters’ ceaseless hunger for knowledge, the Skitarii bring order to worlds through determined and deadly assaults, scything down scores of foes with machine-like precision.
Codex: Skitarii presents the cybernetic soldiers of the Machine God. Created on the forge worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus, they are the will of the Omnissiah made manifest. Inside you will learn about the glorious history of the Skitarii, their ancient forge worlds and their many wars fought in the name of the Machine God. You will also find a stunning showcase featuring the impressive Skitarii range of Citadel Miniatures, as well as a comprehensive army list allowing you to forge your Skitarii collection into a ruthless killing machine in your games of Warhammer 40,000.
This interactive edition contains all the standard content from Codex: Skitarii. In addition to this it boasts quick links, pop-out images and glossary entries, and 360 degree miniatures photography. It also includes Force Requisition, an interactive collection manager. This handy tool will help you arrange your collection of Skitarii into a formidable force ready for the tabletop.

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Codex: Skitarii (Enhanced Edition) Comments

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Codex: Skitarii (Enhanced Edition) - Games Workshop Reviews

  • Flavorful army, needs a few more options

    By Xaositect
    To start, this is an excellent first time Codex. The armies you can build can be fluid and varied, especially if you take a few of each unit, which is heavily encouraged by the formations. A good amount of lore, with a good chunk of it new, and a larger chunk of it gathered from dozens of sources, many hard to come by these days. Lore followers will love this Codex. The armor color guides have plenty of options, and leave enough open to easily blend in your new units as a detachment with an existing army. One thing stands out as feeling incomplete - there are four base models, everything comes from one of them. For an army whose lore expounds on how each adherent is unique as they are made out of what is on hand when and where they are made, it makes them a little too consistent in appearance.
  • Errors with Force Requisition

    By silf1979
    Beautiful book. Unfortunately another initial launch with multiple Force Requisition errors (ex., Alphas can't take both a pistol upgrade and special melee weapon). Please fix in the near future.

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