Codex: Space Marines (Enhanced Edition)

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Codex: Space Marines (Enhanced Edition) Book Summary

The Space Marines are the Angels of Death, humanity’s finest warriors. Clad in the greatest armour and armed with awesomely destructive weapons, they defend the Imperium of Mankind from the alien, the traitor and the daemon.

Codex: Space Marines is the most comprehensive guide ever to these superlative warriors. It contains all the rules and information to allow you to use your collection of Space Marines in games of Warhammer 40,000, along with information on their history and organisation, artwork showing them in action and galleries of beautifully painted Citadel Miniatures.

New to this edition are Formations, an exciting way to group your units together into battle-ready forces with additional special rules, and extensive uniform guides showing the colours and iconography of a plethora of Space Marine Chapters.

The iBooks-exclusive Enhanced Edition is the perfect way to experience Codex: Space Marines. All of the above is joined by a host of additional features designed to make the codex easy and enjoyable to use. Whether you want to take inspiration from gorgeous ‘Eavy Metal miniatures or use it to keep your rules straight in the heat of battle, there is a feature for you.

• View interactive galleries of Citadel Miniatures
• Experience dynamic battle artwork
• Look inside a Land Raider with an interactive schematic
• Paint like a pro with a free integrated guide
• Easily find the rules you need with Quick Links and pop-ups
• Organise your collection – use the Force Requisition feature to turn your miniatures into a battle-ready army to crush your foes!

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Codex: Space Marines (Enhanced Edition) Comments

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Codex: Space Marines (Enhanced Edition) - Games Workshop Reviews

  • Ok but needs work

    The force requisition bug has not happened to me, but I cannot replace two weapons with two relics in the captains entry, nor can I replace both my chainsword and my bolt pistol with 10 power weapons and 5 storm shields in the vanguard entry despite the entry saying, "You can replace the chainsword and/or bolt pistol with:" ; I can only get 10 power weapons, all other power weapons/ storm shields additions are greyed out, and that's if I have a full squad. And that's what I found, I am sure there are others. Please fix and the Codex will be good.
  • Force Req broken

    By Harvester8541
    Had the same issue with the Eldar Codex. The force req, after selecting your units locks up and you can't edit or remove units. Two codexes and both have the same issue. Games Workshop needs to fix. I emailed GW for the Eldar Codex and they said they were working on it. Obviously they didn't fix it!
  • Force req. issues

    By Bubbameat
    The force requisition issue where entries disappear and can't be deleted is still there. Before, you could delete iBooks and that would "fix" it. Now you can't delete iBooks. Gw needs to get this fixed. Move it up in the backlog.

Games Workshop - Codex: Space Marines (Enhanced Edition) E-Book

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