iPhone User Guide for iOS 9.3 Book Reviews

Apple Inc.

iPhone User Guide for iOS 9.3 by Apple Inc. Book Summary

.Here's everything you need to know about iPhone, in a handy digital format. Get to know iPhone and discover all the amazing things it can do, and how to do them. It's the definitive guide for getting the most from your new iPhone, straight from Apple. The iPhone User Guide is an essential part of any iBooks library.

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Book Name iPhone User Guide for iOS 9.3
Genre Computers
Language English
E-Book Size 15.47 MB

iPhone User Guide for iOS 9.3 (Apple Inc.) Book Reviews 2024

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iPhone 6. 555 pages and no index?

Apple 🍎 is the best. Very helpful information thanks apple

Useful Book. It is really a useful book for the people who don't know much about iOS I recommend this book for the people who want to know more about their iOS devices

Good. Knew more

Apple falling apart. App won't finishing downloading. Bummer.

Good. Good

Great read very informative. For those saying there is no table of contents, I think this book should of taught the readers that holding down the bar at the bottom which tells you what page you are on and dragging it from side to side will allow you to scroll through the pages and it will even tell you what chapter the page is in. Very simple to use. I was reading on an iPhone 6s Plus and there were no issues with font size on my end. If you can't read this book then you can't possibly read anything on your phone.

Some people are dumb. I have seen reviews of people saying there is no table of contents, big font option, etc. but, with a little examination, you can see the table of contents and change the font. Some people don't recognize that.

I like the Apple Store. I like this manual because I can learn what parts is in there and many different apps. And I like to learn all about it.

Magazine was right on. New books New book ghost and time New book

Turtles turn into pancakes on Saturdays. Very bad unsatisfactory I’m just kidding it’s good send me an iPhone X alright cool peace

Must be good. My phone has been taken over and the one who does it has read in detail every one of these xxx

Great😀. Wow 👍🏽

Help book. It wonderful. I have to use it every so often. Love it.

Good. Learned a lot

Siempre. Si

iPhone user guide. Deleting from my computer

Awesome. Only limited by your imagination

Great and Very Much Needed. These iPhone User Guides are very well laid out, informative and makes using using the iPhone more productive and useful. You'll find a lot more useful Information on apps and system settings then you could, if you just break it out of the box and just start using it.

B knob. H c F no

IPhone user guide. No table of contents or index = worthless

Okay. Waiting for the new update

Really awesome. That’s my first time to getting iOS development

Delete this from My iBook app.. This is wasting screen space when I have to scroll over these outdated manuals. I should be able to permanently delete these old purchases.

Good. Okay good

Useful to know about iPhone. Reading this manual was useful for me to know more about iPhone 6s Plus.

good. good

Bigtime. Great app

Love this book!. This is my new favorite book! I don't need any friends or family. This book has it all! It even inspired me to make up my imaginary friend Jim the Koala.

Guide to the iPhone app. I love the way they use it to get the iPhone to use the only thing you need and this book is useful and thank you for making this book useful

Wwoow. amazing

easy does it. It is like ‘my brain’ at my finger-tips !

Great help. I appreciate the detailed information available in the guide. Thanks!

Kys. ..............................kys

Informative. Excellent!. Nice

Best book ever read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who can read. This book made me laugh, cry, and really think about life. If I could only read one book for the rest of my life, this would be it. I had many life realizations while enjoying this novel, and there was even a time where I had to stop and look in the mirror, and I mean REALLY LOOK, and ask myself who I am and where I'm going. I don't know how I lived and breathed before I read this.

1234. 1234

.. This manual is usefull

Horrible. Horrible

Boring. All the basics. Boring. Not enough info for more interesting easy to use phone.

Help. Support and feedback

Not to shabby!. I've been an iPhone user for a very long time basically the only one I haven't had was the first one ! Although I've known most of what's in here there is a lot of quick tips that help be more efficient with your iPhone I recommend it for anyone who has an iPhone

All the constant notifications are driving me insane. This has to be the most worthless app in existence right now.

Ill give it a try. Yep.

The Brady bunch family. This family hacked my phone # and my iCloud,under a family account! Seriously?

The book. The Apple user book is ok. I would have loved to see a page with all the symbols used on the iPhone so I can use as a reference.

ok. good

Cool. I got a new phone like a month ago and this is helpful for iOS 9

Hard to navigate. I found it impossible to go straight to my phone towards the bottom of the list. Please make this easier.

Rating iphone book. well it did not give me the info i was looking for. no index to help. kept going to 6+ version! I have iphone 5c, complitly updated. looking for desk top info & download info?

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Really bad. Really really bad

Steve J'observe!. On Sirius si very Kindle you saouls ne Banksys future Diana Anna Binduka

Great way to start. Found this very good guide to help start me on the iOS part Easy layout and the reading is down to the smooth writing style

Index required. Clearly written but would benefit from an index at the beginning.

Spot On. Loved it.

Staszfderedkqzzzzzzzzzzzzk. Darkrryrraldarfrhareetqed

No index or table of contents. This PDF Is extremely difficult to use. While the explanations, when you can find them, are adequate, they are extremely difficult to locate. Unless you are reading the whole leaflet beginning to end it is pretty useless as there is no way seemingly to locate contents.

Great read. Amazing read there were no faults should go down as one of these centuries books should be in GCSE selected books I have a chode

The User guide doesn’t tell.... The Uuser Guide fails to explain the meaning of symbols ob the screen. An iortant first need!

Good and informative. Why do some people mark apps with a one star along with a comment like "not very good"... Elaborate on this comment... Put why you didn't like it, how to improve it? I thought it was very informative and can see a lot of time has been spent creating it. (You would be hard pressed to find a company with similar or any document/'s like this)

Eughh. It won't stop popping up on my screen and when I go into search it is just sitting there and it is really really annoying me. I want that gone but I don't know how.

I check. THi Ur not yuctlvggy was Tommyrtttttttttttttimht

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My books😭. My books r all gone nuuuu

iBooks too stupid to save my books. I used to like iBooks, in spite of it's shortcomings, but recent updates wipe out my library...why?? It happens to others too. I only downloaded the iPhone manual to iBooks because there was no option to get a pdf. Now I buy all my books as Kindle books so they don't vanish, and they're cheaper too.

💗. cool

iPhone user guide. Totally Awesome the iPhone user guide is very help full especially for first time users 🤗👍

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Guide en français svp. Est-il possible d'avoir le guide en français?

Unilingue ???. Je me demande pourquoi ce guide est seulement disponible en anglais...

De la merde !. Impossible d'avoir ce guide en français? Pourtant j'ai payé mon iPhone avec le même argent que les utilisateurs anglophones.

Guide ios 9.2!en français. Le guide ne semble disponible qu'en anglais

Guide iPhone 6s en français. J'aimerais avoir le guide de l'iPhone 6s en français

iPhone 6s guide. Helpful and awesome

iPhone user guide. Cool,awesome

iOS update. iOS ok

Livre instruction. Un peu déçu que se soit pas en français aussi !

Guide iPhone 6s en Français. J'aimerais avoir un guide en version français si c'est possible?!

Helpful for beginners. Helpfull

How To Dictionary. Can I get a briefing of features, not a dictionary! Please I don't work for Apple with their supposedly easy to use products !

iPhone 6. iOS 9.2. Pourquoi pas en français. Voyons donc...! Pourquoi? Pourquoi?

En français ?. J'ai réussi à télécharger le guide en français sur le I pad. Pourquoi n'y ais-je pas accès sur le I phone ?

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Summary of iPhone User Guide for iOS 9.3 by Apple Inc.

The iPhone User Guide for iOS 9.3 book written by Apple Inc. was published on 16 September 2015, Wednesday in the Computers category. A total of 3,636 readers of the book gave the book 4 points out of 5.

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