Drawn To You (Conklin's Trilogy)Brooke Page

Drawn To You (Conklin's Trilogy)

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Drawn To You (Conklin's Trilogy) by Brooke Page Book Summary

“I never saw this story going the way it did. Brooke slapped my face and kept on writing, I sat there reading with my mouth hanging open. I still can't believe the things that happen in this book. I was blown away.” - Jen with Just One More Page 

“This book will keep you drawn in wanting more and things happen that you would never suspect.” -Kizzy with Reading Past my Bedtime 

“Be prepared for laughs, pain, secrets, twists and more that will capture your hear until the very end....”- Tonya The Book Obsessed Mamma 

“It was an unpredictable ride full of twists and turns does it no justice!”- Stephenee with Nerd Girl Reviews 

“It isn't often I give 5 stars, but I had to. I loved Becca and Tyler, as well as Jamie and Nathan. The twist in this last book came out of nowhere and left me stunned.”- LaG 

What do you do when your predictable life goes spiralling out of control? 

When your supposed childhood friend commits the most brutal betrayal, completely gutting you, destroying the life you thought you were meant to have? 

You make dangerous, careless decisions with your best friend, completely molding yourself into someone you’re not. I thought clubs, alcohol, and promiscuity would numb my pain, sculpt me into the person I should be; strong, confident, alive… 

I was wrong. 

So now I’m forced to go back home, where the only opportunity to throw my life back on track is located. I never wanted my parent’s wealth or notability, but I’m afraid if I don’t take the flight from Florida to Grand Rapids, I’m going to drown. 

But instead of drowning in my own insecurities, I’m being consumed by my boss, Tyler Conklin. His secrets are devouring me, along with his mystery and charming grin. He wants me, his advancements are clear; but so are his exertions to keep me his biggest secret of all. 

I’m not sure if I can tolerate being his covert lover, especially when he has so many secrets of his own.

Drawn To You (Conklin's Trilogy) (Brooke Page) Book Reviews

Drawn To You- AMAZING!!!This book was so so so good!! I loved the characters mainly Becca and Tyler's relationship. There were lots of twist and unexpected events but the ending was great and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Definitely recommend if you're into romance and suspense!.Score: 5/5

Drawn to youLoved this book just struggling finding the rest of the series?.Score: 5/5

Drawn to youThis book is everything in one. It was thrilling, sad, funny and exciting. I have to say it is one of my all time favorite books. I wished it never ended. Can’t wait to read what else Brooke Page wrote..Score: 5/5

Drawn to YouThis book was amazing, I couldn’t put it down. Loved Becca and Tyler’s sweet chemistry!! Can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy..Score: 5/5

Drawn to YouI loved this book! The characters were so true to life with all the complications that come in a relationship! Can’t wait to read the next two!!!.Score: 5/5

Drawn to youThese books kept me on my toes, and it was not predictable at all! I was thoroughly surprised at the ending and I hope to get to read about Tyler’s and Becca’s life together in the future. Absolutely loved these books and I will definitely be reading some more from thus author!!.Score: 5/5

Excellent ReadI enjoyed the series very much, great books!.Score: 5/5

Conklin TrilogyKept me spellbound to the very end.Score: 5/5

Drawn to YouI enjoyed the book very much. Would like to read more about the characters..Score: 5/5

Perfect!!I’m honestly not much of a reader, but something about this book had me keep turning the pages. I couldn’t put it down!! It has just enough love and suspense. I really didn’t want it to end!.Score: 5/5

Drawn to you trilogyThis series was exactly what I was looking for in a book. The characters were well developed. The plot made sense. There were even a few unexpected twists in each book. Most importantly, Tyler and Bec were so freaking cute!.Score: 4/5

Drawn to you complete seriesI was gifted the complete series and so glad I was!!! The three books we absolutely amazing. Kept me wanting more to the very end!!! Many twists and turns and a ending I didn't see coming!! A definite must read. Would definitely recommend.Score: 5/5

Drawn to youThis book was much better than 50 shades of grey. In my opinion, Tyler is one of the most coldest yet warmest men ever. His shyness and how naive yet experienced he was made it much more appealing to try and see what Becca did to make him unravel. He was protective and possessive but not in an abusive way. Becca is a true sweetheart who, in a way, needs Tyler to show her that being blunt isn’t always a bad thing. I loved this book and hopefully I get to read the whole series.Score: 5/5

Drawn to YouBook 1 tells a great story. Wonderful development of main character. Author makes you feel you really know this character!! The one criticism I have is the complete absence of proofreading. Too many misspelled words and incorrect word usage (i.e. a sharply-dressed man is referred to as ‘damper’ in the book when the correct word is ‘dapper’). There are numerous occasions where it seemed the author changed the wording of a sentence, but did not check to see the unnecessary words were deleted. Still a very good read and a story that I would like to know the ending to! Drawn to You BookBub IBooks.Score: 4/5

Needs an outline badlyThis book was all over the place! What happened with Becca’s obvious eating disorder! And Tyler keeping in contact with his abuser! And he expects Becca to be ok and just accept it! Then the brothers? And the Dads? And the drug dealers? The fact that the bricks were not even mentioned until book 2 ...! REALLY! I finished this book because I have never not finished a book series, but hand to God, if there was a series to temp me to do so, it was this one!.Score: 1/5

Drawn to youFantastic book!! Well written with interesting characters!! I couldn't put it down, and can't wait to start the next one!!.Score: 5/5

Book ReviewLove this plot line! Well written and keeps you enthralled from the very beginning..Score: 5/5

Drawn To YouI read this entire book in 5 hours - I couldn’t put it down. The characters grow over the course of the novel and you really become invested in the main characters emotions. Can’t wait to read the trilogy..Score: 5/5

Love their love storyI have not been able to put this book down! I love Tyler and Becca’s relationship and couldn’t wait to see how their love story concluded! Plenty of plot twists to keep you entwined as well! Will definitely be reading more books by this author!.Score: 5/5

Highly recommend!It was such a quick read loved it can’t wait to read the rest!.Score: 5/5

Drawn to this book!Loved the story! Kept me on the edge and had to keep reading. Can't wait to ready the next book..Score: 5/5

An Amazing SeriesI purchased the entire series of Drawn To You, and could not stop reading it, even when I'm falling asleep. The way each character flows from chapter to chapter was amazing. The simplicity of the he writing was a welcome factor....Amazing.Score: 5/5

Drawn to You by Brooke PageFun read. Liked the unknown factor. Heartwarming and Heartbreaking!.Score: 5/5

Drawn to YouGave 5 stars- I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this book when I began reading. I couldn't understand the relationship between Ashlynn and Becca. I guess I understood it better at the end. I enjoyed Tyler's personality. He and Becca were made for each other. With her lack of self-confidence, she was able to help him have his first "normal" and complete boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. This was a well written romance. If you like a book with surprises, you'll love this book! Detested Tyler's Dad, Loved Becca's Dad, her Mom needed to be smacked-along with Tyler's Dad, Jaimie was a good friend to Becca and the Nanny should have been arrested! Loved this book so much that I've read it three times and kept it for future reads. Can't wait to read the other parts. Paula.Score: 5/5

BestBest book by far that I have read in a while. Makes me want to read more..Score: 5/5

5 star workI would highly recommend this book to any and every one I know. A story that you cannot stop reading as it flies off the page. I never wanted it to end!.Score: 5/5

RecommendReally recommend this book! I couldn't put it down, loved it.Score: 4/5

Loved this storyI loved this story of Becca and Tyler. I loved in the end she stood up for herself. In the beginning she did appear to be weak but she redeemed herself. Looking forward to reading the trilogy!!.Score: 5/5

Drawn to youLove the romance between Tyler and Becca, I need to read more......Score: 5/5

Drawn to youMuch as the title implies this book draws you in. From start to finish the intricate depictions of emotions are so well written that you become engulfed in the story. Excellent read I was entrance and look forward to the next book of the trilogy! Megan H.Score: 5/5

Drawn to you, Brooke Page, iBooksOMG! WOW! I literally bawled at the last chapter during the wedding. I was so touched by Tyler’s emotional thoughts and just how well writ the whole story is. Well done Brooke..I love your books 😚.Score: 5/5

Drawn to You by Brooke PageI enjoyed this book very much!! The characters & story line were so intriguing, I am very anxious to continue reading the series!! Highly recommended! LindaLea Wickham.Score: 5/5

HookedThis trilogy was amazing. I was hooked from the first chapter. I feel so in love with Becca and Tyler. I'm also glad they both opened up to each other. It got pretty intense there towards the end of the last book, but I'm glad things worked out in the end. This book was so unpredictable and I really enjoyed that..Score: 5/5

Amazing!!!This series was amazing! It kept me hooked from beginning to end. I loved the ending because it wasn't anything like how I thought it was going to be. I love surprises!.Score: 5/5

ThoughtsGreat book. The characters were real and I couldn't put it down..Score: 4/5

Drawn to youBecca and Tyler are a wonderful people surrounded by treachery and deception. It takes great love to find one another amidst a sea of hostile forces..Score: 4/5

Drawn to you❤️It started out a little slow for me but by the time I got to the second book I couldn't put it down. Interesting twists and turns..Score: 5/5

AwesomenessI love love love this book. It kept me so interested in finding out what happened next. I would literally lose track of time reading this book. I would start reading it around 8/9 at night and wouldn't stop till 7/8 the next morning. I finish all the parts in 4 days. This is most definitely my new favorite book ever. Worth reading again and again.Score: 5/5

Excellent Read!The comments were so positive about this story that I had to read it. Yes it's true. The characters are fully developed and the story is interesting. It's not short but a full romantic story that is definitely worth reading!.Score: 5/5

Drawn to you!!This was such a great book!! So hard to put it down!! Was interesting from start to finish. Could read it over and over! If you need a good read don't hesitate to get this book!!.Score: 5/5

Great trilogy!Loved the characters and written well, except for spelling errors in the text..Score: 4/5

Good book ready to start the next!Easy to read and entertaining. Had some trouble getting past how immature the lead was but kept reminding myself she was only 24. Loved Tyler and his brothers! They are all the crazy family that several are very familiar with. Ready to read the rest of the set!.Score: 4/5

Better than mostGreat characters, great read.Score: 5/5

Drawn to YouGreat read! Good story line and it was hard to put down. Even if I only had a few minutes, I'd try and squeeze in a few pages!.Score: 4/5

Drawn to youGreat first book! Can’t wait to read what happens next!.Score: 5/5

Page turneeI really enjoyed reading this trilogy and loved how the third book took a turn more towards mystery with the family drama. The third book was definitely more of a page turner for me. There were a lot of typos within the series that threw me off (using to instead of too, typos involving wrong word choice. An example is in the third book where Mitch says his leg hurts but not as bad as his "conscious" instead of the word conscience. I believe the books deserve to be well-revised and edited..Score: 5/5

Drawn to youWhat a lovely feel good book Couldn’t put it down Excited that there is a trilogy- thank you Brooke.Score: 5/5

Drawn to YouFantabulous! So many emotions. Tyler's demons and Becca's insecurities mean they make make each other whole..Score: 5/5

SO good...This book kept me drawn to it! I needed to know what was going to happen next! SO hard to put it down. Steamy moments that kept you guessing where the relationship was going and how it was going to end!.Score: 4/5

Drawn to youI loved this book! Love the 2 main characters. I don't want it to end....Becca is a great main character, real insecurities real emotions..Score: 5/5

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Just WOWA beautiful story, I wasn't expecting that, i just coudn't stop reading it. Thank you..Score: 5/5

Drawn to you -Complete SeriesLoved the first book and the complete series was even better..Score: 5/5

Awesome read!I first read this book on an international flight and couldn’t put my iPhone down. I just finished reading this twice and am interested to read what happens to the characters I the rest of the trilogy..Score: 5/5

Drawn to You (Conklin's trilogy)First I read part one and enjoyed it... But the rest of the story was even better! I really had no idea how it would end and couldn't put it down until I found out!.Score: 5/5

Drawn to you (Conklin Trilogy)Wow! Never saw that one coming! Loved it!.Score: 5/5

Drawn to you reviewWhen I read the first book, I could barely believe the author would leave me hanging. I wanted to know so badly how their love continued. I wasn't the least bit disappointed. Becca and Tyler's love story is amazing. In all the tough times they stayed together, showing me how true their love is..Score: 5/5

Drawn to YouFantastic book. Couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait to read the series.Score: 5/5

Drawn to you ( Conklin trilogy )I have to say this is one of the best books I've read. Expect the unexpected I say! It was so well written that I did not want to put it down because I had to know what would happen next. The part you wrote of Rebecca and how she felt about her body is how a lot of us females feel ourselves. Although a size 6 is still a great size from a size 9 which I think still looks fabulous on a woman! Thank you for sharing!.Score: 5/5

Great book!I really enjoyed reading the first book. One of the best books I have read in a long time that’s for sure. I had troubles putting it down. I would give this book 10stars is I could. I loved how I just had to always had keep reading just one more page and before I knew it the first book was done. How Becca felt about herself a lot of women can relate to how she thinks of herself. I know I related to her a lot. Some good twists for sure. The end just left me hanging and can’t wait to read the rest of the books to this trilogy..Score: 5/5

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Good readFirst book was good, second a bit drawn out and a bit copy cat and the third was good. Not worth a second read. Quinny.Score: 3/5

An incredible findMake sure when you start reading this book you've got the time to read all the way through. An brilliant page turner I couldn't put down (and turned up to work a few mornings lacking sleep as a result). I laughed, I cried and I loved every minute of reading this book. A true gem of a find..Score: 5/5

I love it!These books had so many twist and turns I couldn't put my iPad down! Fantastic read - thank you Brooke!.Score: 5/5

Drawn to youWas drawn to this book and author from the first page. Exciting, endearing, can't wait to read the rest of the series. Thanks Brooke Paige..Score: 5/5

Drawn to you (trilogy)A+++ - Captivating story line, loved all the characters and loved the 3 parts. Awesome read!!!.Score: 5/5

Amazing 💛One of the best book I've ever read. Touches you deeply in the heart, definitely a Must Read!.Score: 5/5

Amazing!What a fantastic story! The writer draws you in and you feel what Becca is feeling. I haven't been able to put this book down! Thank you!.Score: 5/5

👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻I just love the story between Becca and Tyler. All they had to go through really kept me on the edge with all those twists and turns. So well written that it felt I was in the story too..Score: 5/5

Drawn to you (Conklin's trilogy)Brooke Page... this trilogy is unbelievable I could not put it down. All the twists and turns. The relationships between the characters. This trilogy is the one of the best collection I have read in a very long time. I have recommended it to all my female friends to read. I would also love to see it as a movie trilogy. Plus I if more parts were to come out in this trilogy I would have to get as soon as they were released. Thank you so much for writing so well..Score: 5/5

Drawn To YouI really enjoyed Brooke Page’s trilogy. The characters and storyline kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next. There were a few late nights 😊 Highly recommend..Score: 4/5

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Very GoodThis book is a very enjoyable read. A gripping read. Characters have multiple layers. However, the author explains motivations and reasons to complement the deepening story..Score: 5/5

Drawn to uThank you brooke❤️❤️ such an extraordinary book and certainly amazing. I loved it.Score: 5/5

Love itLove.Score: 4/5

Loved itCouldn't put this book down. I was gripped by the characters and a few twists in the story. Loved how long to book is too. A must read for al women.Score: 5/5

The Conklin Trilogy by Brooke PageA super read , so addictive and written so as you get more than one character’s point of view. So many twists that I was not expecting and a relationship formed with the characters that made me so grateful there was more than one book. Though entwined with his brothers’ stories I would love to read Nathan’s story and see him settled with a soulmate. Hot steamy exciting and entertaining applies to all the books and the underlying drug connection with the intricacies of big business really hold the reader. More power to your elbow as we say in Scotland. Must go as I’m enjoying more of your work..Score: 5/5

GoodI did think that the story was great and was the ending with Becca’s character development was amazing. However, Becca was way too emotional throughout the story and it felt like there was not a chapter where she was not crying which can get quite annoying..Score: 4/5

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