Dirty Pleasures Book Reviews

Meghan March

Dirty Pleasures by Meghan March Book Summary

From New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author, Meghan March, comes a deliciously dirty trilogy. All three books are available now! Are you ready for this wild and dirty ride? 

I did it. I married a billionaire. 
My reasons are my own, but the last thing I expected was to feel owned. 
I may have taken vows, but I’m still determined to be me.
Now his rules are taking over my world, but I’m not the kind of girl to just obey.
There’s only one problem: I might actually be falling for him…
I have no idea how this marriage is going to go, but holding onto a piece of myself while succumbing to his dirty pleasures is shaping up to be the ride of a lifetime. 

Dirty Pleasures is the second book in The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy and should be read following Dirty Billionaire. Creighton and Holly's story concludes in Dirty Together.

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Book Name Dirty Pleasures
Genre Contemporary
Language English
E-Book Size 1.02 MB

Dirty Pleasures (Meghan March) Book Reviews 2024

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She done it a gain. *Spoilers * Part 2 in this series. Will pride win? Is Crieghton the man Holly assumes him to be. Why is the world fight against their love. And it end on a cliffhanger!

another phenomenally ground breaking book by Meghan March. Dirty Pleasures is another phenomenally ground breaking book by Meghan March that will have you all twisted up in a wonderfully delightful way. We are gifted with the continuation of this incredible romance that includes tremendous life transformations and true vulnerability of the heart. No punches are pulled and everything is on the line as these two amazing characters must decide what it is they truly want. Holly refuses to give up on her dreams no matter who her husband is. She knows he is happily tied to his business, but her dreams are within reach and she will not let them pass her by. When she finds herself as a solid second in his heart, she does what she does best, and leans on herself. She knows better than to trust another person, but she thought that just maybe this time would be different. Creighton knows he has missed a valuable chance to show Holly she can lean on him, so he surprises everyone including himself when he tracks her down and begins to show her just how much she is beginning to mean to him. Is Holly prepared to risk her heart for a second chance, or will she allow her past to once again control her life? This push and pull between Holly and Creighton is like watching oceans waves as they smooth away the rough spots while bringing with it wondrous treasures from parts unknown. I can’t get over how quickly and completely I have fallen for these two beautifully broken souls. Their biggest issue reflects the main issue of all humans: lack of communication. We all make assumptions when we shouldn’t. We don’t express what is on our hearts in a clear and sensitive way. Our hearts are ruled by our minds which leads us into so many pitfalls that increase our pain needlessly. At times of raw vulnerability is when Creighton and Holly finally communicate their true feelings and their fragile bond is slowly strengthened. Unfortunately, we let our fear keep those times few and far between until we are backed into a corner and can’t hold it in any longer. Megan March continues to exceed and obliterate my expectations for this series. I can’t completely wrap my mind around this incredible treasure because I don’t want to impose any limits on it. I want it to take off with a life of its own and show me all of its potential while obliterating all boundaries. Only then will this spectacular journey truly reach the epic proportions that I know it is capable of accomplishing.

Mine. This is book # 2 in The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy. It is an amazing series that is best read in order. The order explains all that occurs and gives best understanding of the material to the reader. Holly and Creighton's story continues as a married couple and the struggles with her career and being on tour does for their relationship. Surprisingly, Crey fights for it. Holly, on the other hand, has problems from her past possibly coming back to interrupt the wedded moments of bliss. Crey wants to have a wife who feels the same way he does. He is protective and loving, but neither has said the words that count. So far, they are taking each day just happy to be together. In and out of bed. I found this story to be a stronger, more compelling version of these two characters. I like the development and the heat. This is a great series and I cannot wait to read the next installment. ***This ARC copy was given for review purposes only.

Holy Moly!. This series is so much fun to read, i am loving it, well all except having to wait to see how it ends lol. It's insanely hot and their is such an explosive connection between Creighton and Holly. I'm totally feeling the feels here! I can't wait for the next book Dirty Together, im dying to find out how this series will end and hoping for HEA for these two. Highly recommended You Will not be disappointed

OMG!!. I LOVE this book and the whole series. Great characters, good story and no grammatical errors.

Emotions. There are so many emotions that I went through in this book. Wow, just wow. Meghan continues to amaze me with these characters. The main characters and how they met and what their lives are like now... great story. I don't like to give spoilers... this series is a MUST READ for anyone!

Good story but too short. Great book... enjoyed the storyline. That being said, for the price it was way too short. Spending the money on a book that lasts only a few hours isn’t really worth. I have read all 3 books in 1 day. Should have been 2 books MAX. As a result I am undecided as to whether I will continue past Holly & Crey’s story.

Keeps Getting Better!. Dirty Pleasures picks up right where Dirty Billionaire ends and whoa do we get so much more story! Meghan does an awesome job of digging deeper into Holly and Creighton's lives, and for me, it just makes me start swooning more over Creighton. He's cockiness, although still there, begins to chip away as his and Holly's feeling grow for each other. This is a book your gonna love to hate! I find myself yelling at them throughout the story, frustrated at their choices but wanting so much more when the story is over. Believe me, if you were unsure about Dirty Billionaire (not sure how you could be), Dirty Pleasures will pull you right back in!

5 Dirty Pleasure Stars!!!. And we're back! I love Meghan March! I really wanted to just devour this book, but I chose to savor it! I'm already pining for the next. I don't want to give too much away, so here's what I will say about Dirty Pleasures (pleasure it was). The book picks up right where it left off, Holly leaving Creighton. But Creighton isn't done, he's coming to stake his claim. There's a different side to him Holly is seeing & she's not sure what to think. Creighton is completely taken back by Holly's voice, talent, & drive. In this book you learn so much about both characters. Of course they are feisty & the banter between them kept me laughing. And the sex scenes are hot, hot, hot. But there's more going on besides sex, there's feelings involved too. The end will knock your socks off. I was stunned, sad, angry, & wanted to ring both of their necks, but I'm a glutton for punishment & love a good cliffhanger. This is a MUST READ series. It has quickly become one of my top reads. Bring on the next one!

Good. I liked it good read I will read more from this author

Very Addicting!. You have to read #1 Dirty Billionaire before this one but I can’t put these books down. Love her writing. It’s fast and easy to read. Enjoyable

Not a must read. I just wasted $3. Not worth it

Great. Completely captivating

Good. I normally do not fall or like the trap of here's free book 1, buts it's a trilogy. It's well written, captivates you with the characters and the story....,yes, I bought all three books! You will too! each is a bit short but this story of a country girl and an alpha male that turns into putty in her hands is awesome. You will not regret the purchase!!

Dirty For Your Pleasure. For as much as I liked Dirty Billionaire, I loved Dirty Pleasures even more! I love how this story is unfolding. There is deeper character development with Holly and Creighton in this book. As Holly goes out on tour, we get to see how Holly and Crey adjust and adapt to the new changes. I loved Creighton more in this book than the last. He tries to do the best he can in an unfamiliar situation. Holly has a very admirable sense of independence and determination to achieve her dreams. I still love her but had moments where I wanted to shake some sense into her! As this series develops, I find myself more invested in the characters and have a stronger emotional attachment to both of them. I am trying to wait patiently for the last book to release but just can't get enough of Holly and Cray-I want more now!!

Moves along well, great story!. After the great ride that was Dirty Billionaire, I was a little concerned that March's sophomore entry into this series might come up lacking. Silly me; part two moves our story along nicely. Our heroine, Holly, has left her new husband, afraid that he doesn't realize how important her career is to her. Creighton isn't happy about this turn of events and sets about retrieving his runaway bride. In the course of reuniting - or not - we learn more about both partners, we see some bad things happen that turn out to be not so bad, and we realize that both of the main characters are experiencing some similar feelings about their situation. The writing is smooth and emotional, the sex is insanely hot, and both characters are well-drawn. There's a but at the end of that last sentence. I try very hard not to give away plot points, not to spoil stories, and not to ruin the book for anyone. However, I feel the need to explain why I gave Dirty Pleasures four stars, when I wanted to give it five. So, without giving away too much, here you go: There are tried and true tropes and tricks in every genre of writing, including romance. Some are great and really make the story better. Things like having your hero lose something that matters to them and have to fight to get it back. Sometimes a pregnancy scare can fit the bill, or an ex-lover showing up. There are, unfortunately, some little things that I dislike very much in writing. This book contains three of them. 1. I am not big on cliff-hanger endings. I knew going in that this book would have one, though, so that's not my biggest issue here. I also know that March will give me a fantastic climax to the story (much as Creighton does for Holly so often) and a satisfying, happy resolution to things. So I can live with the cliffie. 2. Miscommunication can work well in a story. However, when the lack of understanding occurs because one character won't shut up and let the other offer an explanation, or when one assumes that what they think is what actually happened and won't listen to anything else... it makes me nuts. I realize I'm not explaining this well, but I think most of you know what I mean. Maybe you were late for dinner because you decided to have a go at the blonde in your office, which is what your business rival told me, or maybe you were just held up in traffic due to a 2 car accident; assuming my version is correct, and refusing to let you tell me what happened, and then blaming you when the relationship isn't working? No. March employs this particular ploy and in my opinion it detracted from the book. 3. Why is it that no character is ever honest about their feelings until it's too late, or almost too late? I don't get it. This is not March's fault as it's part of the plot, but it makes me want to tear my hair out! I hate this particular trope and I wish she'd found a way to write this story without using it. That said, it's effective as heck. None of which is a criticism of Meghan, because the woman is a fabulous writer. I love her work. I'm just being honest here. Read Dirty Pleasures. It's a good story. Don't let my own personal preferences deter you. Holly is still head-strong (even pig-headed at times), as is Creighton. The pairing is fun, the naughty bits are very, very naughty, and the writing is excellent. Besides, you want to be ready when the conclusion to this series, Dirty Together, comes out!

Disappointed. I am very disappointed in how short these books are. No doubt they are really good to read but I wish that they just had more. Making me wonder if I ever want to continue to buy these short stories because that's what they are. Not books.

Good read. Greatly written. Just think Holly needed more substance. It was good. Still prompted me to continue the series

Dirty pleasures. Meghan March Absolutely adore these stories! Total must read! Bookbub

Reading is Fundamental. I actually read this one last as a fill in the blank. Without the 3rd book this doesn’t make sense. Don’t read book 2 unless you have book 3 on deck! Trust Book 3 was my fave by the way.

Dirty pleasures. This is one Hot sexy emotional and captivated. Great series hooked and couldn’t put down.

It’s okay. You have to get 3 books for the entire story. The books aren’t worth the combined cost.

I want more!. Wow, Dirty Pleasures definitely delivered! I loved how Creighton really stepped up to the plate for Holly in this book, going around with her on her tour, really listening to her and her music. I loved watching Creighton mature in many ways. I see how hard he’s falling for Holly and vice versa and I fell in love with these two even more. Meghan nails the short, sweet but to the point here. I want more and I want it now!!! *Channels my inner Veruca Salt* Congrats Meghan on a job well done! I SOOOOOOOOOOO want to share some quotes, but I don’t want to ruin things, so go forth and enjoy the naughtiness that is Creighton Karas.

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Fantastic read. Couldn’t put this book down and read it in one day! Recommend

Dirty. Honey exciting and can't wait to keep reading more xx

Great Instalment. This is the second book in the Dirty Billionaire trilogy. This should not be read as a S/A as this is ongoing serial, where the story runs through each book. Meghan yet again delivered a real sexy read that is a clear page turner and I have to say that I am really enjoying this serial. We certainly get a little more insight into Creighton and Holly but Meghan cleverly just gives you enough to wet the appetite but still leaves you guessing about this couple and where they are going to end up. My hopes for the final instalment is that we really get an in depth emotional break through from Creighton in particular but from them both as a couple. This is a trilogy and so of course this book ends on a cliffy. I'm generally not a fan of cliffy's however in this instance, I've really enjoyed the "WTF" moment at the end of these novella's as it's really hyped up the anticipation for me for the next book. Thank goodness Meghan is releasing these serials close together as I cannot wait for the conclusion to Creighton & Holly's story. I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Dirty Together. Almost predictable!

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Dirty dirty. Omg! This story just gets better and better! I love Corey and Holly! Gimme book number three.. stat!

Wow. Another insanely good read. Finished in one go. Your stories just keep me hooked!!! I’m dying to know the outcome of holly and crey

Not Again. Why stop now. I'm left on a cliffhanger. The next book better be longer and finish the story.

Book 2 is fantastic. I am loving this series and book 2 was even better. They are finding their way as a couple and this book wasn't just hot but also had some feelings to it. Cannot wait for book 3. Definitely recommend

I NEED book 3 NOW!!. The second book in Meghan March's "The Dirty Billionaire" trilogy, 'Dirty Pleasures' & all I can say is I WANT MORE! Starting where book 1 left off, Creighton & Holly's story continues, as they slowly get an understanding as to what being married to each other means. Again I was transfixed from start to finish, I couldn't put it down & read it in one sitting. Creighton & Holly's interractions are steamy & fun to read, I'm still unsure if Creighton & his business handle the life of an up & coming country musician?? Then once again Meghan I was shocked at the cliffhanger. Especially with how things where going, I can honestly say I can not wait to read the final of this trilogy. I NEED book 3 NOW please.

Dirty pleasures. I think I want more than three books . This is s fantastic story full of love and mistrust and doubt .

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Summary of Dirty Pleasures by Meghan March

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