Dirty Sexy Inked Book Reviews

Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde

Dirty Sexy Inked by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde Book Summary

New York Times bestselling authors Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde bring you a dirty, sexy, smoking hot SERIES featuring three bad boy brothers bonded by shocking secrets and their damaged past.  Sinful, addicting, and unapologetically alpha, these men are every woman's erotic daydream ... And your ultimate dirty fantasy.


Breaking hearts is what wild and rebellious Mason Kincaid does best. Hit it and quit it is his motto, and with his bad boy reputation and tattoos, he doesn't lack for female companionship. Until one hot night with the one woman he swore he'd never touch becomes an all consuming addiction he can't kick. Katrina Sands has been his best friend for years, but now that he knows what she feels like, and tastes like, there is no going back to being just friends. Hot, dirty sex has never felt so good...or so right.

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Book Name Dirty Sexy Inked
Genre Contemporary
Language English
E-Book Size 507.49 KB

Dirty Sexy Inked (Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde) Book Reviews 2023

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Review: Dirty Sexy 2: Dirty Sexy Inked. Dirty Sexy Inked by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde is the second book in their new series Dirty Sexy. Each book in this series is a standalone story in itself but connected by characters within, namely the Kincaid brothers (swoon). Katrina Sands has been best friends with Mason Kincaid since they were fourteen and he rescued her from a group of bullies. Ever since they have been practically inseparable, except for when he is sleeping his way through the female population one-night-stand at a time. Kat has never been on the receiving end of his sexual attention what with their friendship and everything, but over time she has developed strong feelings for him and now, twelve or so years later, she just cannot handle seeing him disappear with woman after woman. Mason has never felt loved or worthy thanks to his crappy childhood and less than normal mother. He has never had a repeat performance with a woman and doesn't ever plan on it. His feelings for Kat are that she doesn't deserve to be weighed down with his crap. He isn't worthy of her. So then, VEGAS... and for spoilers sake, what happens there stays there. LOL Loved it, loved the drama and the angst and the resolution.

Love it!!!. This series is amazing love the chemistry with Mason and Katrina! ❤️❤️❤️

Dirty Sexy Inked. Honestly I thought this book was amazing. I couldn't put it down, it was over 300 pages and I flew through it. It was very descriptive and it struck a lot of emotions. I recommend it for anyone in high school or even an adult.

The title says it all!!!. This fabulous story belongs to Mason Kincaid and Katrina Sands, best friends since they were 14 years old. After being in love with Mason since the day she met him, Katrina feels it's time to let those feelings go. He'll never feel more than friendship towards her. Right? We'll see if what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. These authors are AMAZING on their own and together they write magnificent stories! This book has my imagination running on overtime. The title, DIRTY SEXY INKED, captures your entire thought process when reading about and envisioning Mason Kincaid. The bigger and the more alpha they are, the harder they fall. I love it and I can't get enough of the Dirty Sexy series. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed is my own.

HOT HOT HOT!. HOLY HOTNESS!!!!!!!!!! If you are looking for an off the charts hot, dirty, sexy, steamy read....then this is the book for you. While it was all of those things and more, it was also very sweet and full of love and heart. It was seriously the best of both worlds! Dirty, Sexy, Inked is book two in this series by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde, but it can be read as a stand alone. This is Mason and Katrina's book. And while we caught a glimpse of them in the first book (Dirty Sexy Saint), we get to learn all about just how dirty Mason is and how he is barley able to keep his hands off his best friend. You're going to love this read. Make sure you're sitting next to a fan, or even a freezer....cause you're going to need to cool off! ;)

Dirty Sexy Inked. Captivating, thrilling, and sexy!

Awesome Story!!!. I seriously can say this series just gets better with each book. I loved Dirty Sexy Saint and getting to see Clay Kincaid find his happily ever after with Samantha. When we met Mason and Katrina, I knew there was way more to them than just being best friends and have to say, I loved watching them go from friends to lovers. First of all I absolutely loved that Mason and Katrina had been best friends since they were 14 years old. Even though they didn't meet under the best circumstance, it totally solidified their friendship from the very beginning. I also loved they each were insanely attracted to the other, yet were both afraid to mess up their friendship by taking their relationship to that next level. I will say the phrase "go big or go home" totally fits Mason when he finally couldn't handle seeing his Kitty-Kat near other men. The scene in Coyote Ugly is hands down one of my favorite parts of the entire book. Katrina and Mason have smoking hot chemistry and I'm pretty sure my kindle screen steamed up every single time they were together. Katrina not only got Mason's need to be in charge in the bedroom, but completely embraced it and seemed to need it just as much. Not that there were plenty of tender moments between them, but as Mason is a total bad boy the smoking hot was there way more than sweet and tender. I think part of the reason I loved Katrina and Mason together so much was the fact they shared so much of their history together. Yes there were parts of Katrina's history not even Mason knew about, but when they came to light, I just wanted to hug Mason for kicking himself over what happened. Seriously made me cry to see Mason so completely destroyed that he wasn't there at a time when Katrina needed him the most. I loved that learning the truth only brought Mason and Katrina closer as a couple. Dirty Sexy Inked hit on every single one of my emotions and I absolutely loved everything about the story. I love a friends to lovers story when it is done well, and Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde hit is out the park with Mason and Katrina's story. I highly recommend Dirty Sexy Inked to everyone.

Loved the series. Love all the books and am excited for more!!

Fun, sexy read!. Oh, these two characters were fun! Mason Kincaid is the bad boy Kincaid brother. He owns a tattoo shop and has ink covering a lot of his body. Since he was 14, he's been best friends with Katrina Sands, Kitty-Kat for short, when he rescued her from a group of teenage boys taunting her. Mason and Katrina both had crappy childhoods and have relied on each other for emotional support. Katrina has been in love with Mason since that day in freshman year when he rescued her, but unfortunately Mason has never noticed. What Kat doesn't realize is that Mason has longed for her but he never wanted to screw up with friendship with her by sleeping with her. Instead, Mason had MANY one-timers with MANY different women. The gang is heading to Las Vegas for Mason's brother Clay's wedding to Samantha. Of course this is making Kat long even more for Mason. Mason just keeps talking about what "fun" he's going to have in Las Vegas and tells Kat maybe she needs to find some "fun" too! The guys and girls separate in Las Vegas for the bachelor/bachelorette parties. After the girls spend most of the day at the spa, they come back and change into fun party clothes. They are heading to Coyote Ugly because Samantha wants to dance on the bar for her big night! The guys also end up at Coyote Ugly. The scene at this place between Mason and Katrina was awesome! I FLOVED it! Of course this starts the fireworks between Mason and Katrina. These two are so fun together. They have a lot of years of pent up feelings for each other, plus they really are best friends. When they finally cross the line of friendship, things get even hotter! The two of them decide "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" but they don't keep that promise too long. I loved how this sweet, Kitty-Kat tamed the bad boy Kincaid brother and brought him to his knees. Once he realized what a purr-fect girl he had in Katrina, his life was changed for the better! Great, fun characters with an enjoyable story and a perfect happy ending!

Dirty Sexy Inked. I love friends to lovers books.. so good

Amazing book!!. I absolutely loved this book!! The chemistry they had for each other was amazing. From being best friends to lovers. Great love story!!

Ok. Ok

Dirty Sexy Inked. So the story goes....Hot, Hot, Dirty, Sexy, Inked! ! This series is awesome! Mason and Kat have been friends since high school and know each other's deepest, darkest secrets except two that Kat has kept from Mason. She's in love with him and another she hasn't told anyone because she thinks everyone will look at her differently. Lots of angst, twists, turns and can friends who become lovers find what they need in each other or will their friendship come to an end???? Can't wait for the next book in this series....Dirty, Sexy, Cuffed !

Great Series and Hot Book!. Dirty Sexy Inked is a friends to lovers romance, but it's so much more than another stereotypical romance. There just aren't sufficient words to describe Dirty Sexy Inked; I'm blown away and struggling to describe my thoughts and feelings! From the first chapter, I was hooked. The plot reeled me in quickly and kept me riveted! The characters were complex, well developed, and lickable (I mean likable). Mason owns a tattoo shop and is a self-indulgent, tattooed bad boy with the motto "hit it and quit it." He's never had a relationship, only one night stands. Katrina is the manager of his tattoo shop and has been his best friend for the past twelve years. She's secretly wanted something more with Mason for a long time now, but both of them carry a lot of emotional baggage from their past. Can two "damaged" friends heal together as a couple? Can Mason even handle a long-term relationship? This is the second book in the Dirty Sexy series and my second book by Erika Wilde. (I am already a big Carly Phillips fan.) While it is part of a series, it could easily be read as a standalone. Readers should be aware that this book may have triggers for some people. That being said, I thought the topics were handled tactfully and realistically. I highly recommend this series!

Dirty Sexy Inked. Great story, heartwarming!

Absolutely loved!. At first I was skeptical of reading this book but honestly it's a great book! It'll make you mad, anxious, turned on, sad all in one. Must read!

Dirty Sexy INked. I was so excited that two of my favorite and most talented writers in Romance Land would co-write a second sexy book together. What we readers received was Dirty Sexy Inked the second book of a series by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde. Combining their voices created a strong story, with characters that not only have compassion and empathy but also depth. I have to say that this second installment is as dirty, sexy and a whole lot more as the first! Mason Kincaid had a dreadful upbringing; there is really no other way to describe it. Mason is the middle child, born to mother who didn’t even try to raise her children as she was a drug user and prostitute. He and his two brothers each had different fathers, fathers they never knew nor knew their names. Mason grew up filled with anger and a rage he could not explain. He gave used drugs, got into fights, skipped school, and even spent some time in juvie. There were two things that saved him; his friendship with Katrina Sands and working for the owner of a tattoo shop, where he apprenticed until he could open up his own shop. Katrina Sands also had an awful upbringing. After her father died, Katrina’s mother married the first man to come into their lives. The man was a bully and since Katrina was a young teen, he went after her too. Katrina met Mason in the park when some other boys were bullying her and trying to take advantage of her. From that day on, Mason was Katrina’s protector, her bodyguard, her best friend. Katrina loved Mason but was afraid what would happen to them if they crossed that line from best friends to lovers. I highly recommend this book to all readers. This book is definitely hot and sexy, but it is also a story about how people can overcome their past, and their fears, in order to improve their lives, fall in love and move from best friends to lovers to life partners. I adored the characters of Mason and Katrina and I cannot wait to see what Carly and Erika have in store for Levi in Dirty Sexy Cuffed, their next installment in this series.

Best Friends Forever. Mason & Katrina have been best friends since high school when Mason saved her from a group of bullies. Katrina has been in love with him all those years but she didn't want to ruin their friendship. Mason has basically been a manwhore. But he also has feelings for Kat that he doesn't act on for the same reasons. They head out to Vegas for Clay & Samantha's wedding. While at a club, Mason sees Katrina dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly and goes all caveman, carrying Katrina out of there under the pretense that he doesn't want her to regret any of her actions. Once he has her back at the hotel however they give in to their urges and spend the night together, promising it's a "what happens in Vegas says in Vegas" thing. Back home, the tension grows and Mason realizes he wants to have Katrina all to himself. But will their broken pasts allow them to love with all their hearts and be all in with each other or will it hold them back from the best thing that could ever happen to them?

Amazing reading!. Loved it! So far I've read Saint and inked and are absolutely amazing! Deff top of my book list.

A must read!. I couldn't wait for the story of Mason and Katrina. Everyone wants to see a woman tame a wild guy especially when they have been friends for years. Mason is the definition of wild and Katrina has been a steady force in his life quietly watching and waiting. It did not disappoint. It has everything needed to get you engrossed in their relationship. The one aspect that left me uncertain is...Connor. I would have liked a more suitable conclusion to that character. Otherwise, it is a great read and look forward to Levi's story.

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Addictive. Could not put this book down. Read this in a day! Very sexy.

Wowsers. Another great story! Both a little broken, but a perfect fit for each other. From growls to purrs, Mase and Kitty-Kat, you are awesome. Looking forward to reading the youngest of the Kincaid Brothers story.

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Loved it !. It is one of my favourite! For once , it is the man side ! Read it 3 times ! Well written! That serie is amazing!

Cute!. Cute love story. Typical ending.

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Summary of Dirty Sexy Inked by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde

The Dirty Sexy Inked book written by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde was published on 05 April 2016, Tuesday in the Contemporary category. A total of 833 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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