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Uber Technologies, Inc.

Uber Eats: Food Delivery by Uber Technologies, Inc. Book Summary

Get food delivery to your doorstep from thousands of amazing local and national restaurants. Find the meal you crave and order food from restaurants easily with the Uber Eats app. Track your order in real-time. FIND YOUR FAVORITE FOOD & RESTAURANTS Order food from nearby restaurants and search by cuisine, restaurant name, dish, and meal. Food delivery options for you to order and enjoy including pizza, burritos, burgers, sushi, donuts, and Chinese takeout. Prefer pickup? Skip the line and reservations and choose to pick up your order instead. Choose your favorite delivery options with the Uber Eats app now. SUBSCRIBE TO UBER ONE For $9.99 per month, Uber One subscribers enjoy $0 Delivery Fee and up to 10% off orders over $15 at participating non-grocery stores (and 5% off orders over $35 at participating grocery stores) available on Uber Eats. Members are also eligible for rewards, perks, coupons, and offers. View full Uber One Terms & Conditions here. ORDER ALMOST ANYTHING, ANYTIME Order household needs from your favorite drug stores, supermarkets, and pet shops. Baby food or diapers, pharmacy needs, beauty products and cosmetics. Grocery staples like bread and milk, bananas and produce, flowers and plants, packaged foods or frozen treats. You can even order alcoholic drinks including beer, wine, liquor and cocktails. * SIMPLE DELIVERY ORDERING Pick your food order from any menu and add it to your cart with a few taps. That’s it. Uber Eats makes it easy to order food delivery online or through the app and have it delivered by restaurants and delivery people near you. Or, schedule your order in advance for a delivery person to pick it up later. Your choice! ORDER FOOD AHEAD WITH PICKUP Now you can also order food ahead for Pickup instead of just ordering delivery. Select Pickup, add food items to your cart, and skip the lines to the restaurant to get your food. REAL-TIME ORDER TRACKING Track your food delivery order on a map as it heads your way. See the estimated arrival time at your address. Get notified when your order arrives.. FIND SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE NATIONAL RESTAURANTS Some of our food delivery partners include: Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Buffalo Wild Wings, Papa Johns, Shake Shack, Domino’s Pizza, Nando’s, Burger King, CAVA, A&W, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Dunkin', IHOP, KFC, McDonald's, Panda Express, Panera, Popeyes, Shake Shack, Sonic, Starbucks, Subway, Sweetgreen, Taco Bell, Tim Hortons, Wendy's, Five Guys, Jersey Mikes, White Castle, Jack in the Box, Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster. FIND PHARMACIES, GROCERY STORES, AND MORE Order from grocers such as Albertsons and SEG. Other delivery partners in the pharmacy, convenience, and retail space include CVS, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Wawa, BevMo!, and Total Wines. ABOUT UBER EATS Uber Eats is the way to order the food you love through an easy delivery experience. Uber Eats is available in hundreds of cities around the world. Enter your delivery address to explore restaurant and grocery delivery options near you. AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY Join the thousands of others in your city who use the Uber Eats app to order from their favorites restaurants and schedule delivery Uber Eats is currently available in cities and metro areas including Adelaide, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Auckland, Austin, Baltimore, Brussels, Cape Town, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Glasgow, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw, and Washington DC. Uber Eats helps you find food delivery around the world. Order delivery in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, France, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and more. *Alcohol in select markets. 21 to purchase. Item availability varies by market. See app for details.

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Book Name Uber Eats: Food Delivery
Genre Food & Drink
Language English
E-Book Size 307.22 MB

Uber Eats: Food Delivery (Uber Technologies, Inc.) Book Reviews 2023

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Gives promotion to not even be able to use it. Gave me a promotion that no vender even takes tried like 14 different pleaces

Unable to resolve issues with chat support. My order was taken across town and I tried to chat support and they said it wasn’t late because they delivered within 22 seconds of the cut off time. Abhay (the support agent) was unable to resolve my issue and ended up just being unresponsive and signing off of the chat case.

Don’t order from Uber eats. The people that deliver your orders are not actually who they are - they upload fake photos to get more tips when you place the order. Uber doesn’t care when you complain that “sam” was not “Susan”

Cold food. Uber eats doesn’t care if your food arrives cold and stale. Their response to my complaint was that the driver must have stops before me. Because of this, I will NEVER order BurgerFi again.

Horrible Customer Service!!!. Paid for an order with a priority delivery fee for the order to get there within 20 - 35 min. This order was from a restaurant 12 min away, yet I didn’t have a car to pick it up. The order was delivered an hour and 20 min after. I contacted customer support and told them the issue with details and not only did they tell me they weren’t going to refund me, they also responded with attitude after I was perfectly kind. Frustrating this company doesn’t address or fix concerns. Tip: Never pay a priority order.

Horrible and deleting app forever. I was charged $40 for an order that never arrived. When I went on the actual restaurants website, there were more people complaining about the same problem. Uber eats did not resolve my issue.

Inaccurate Delivery Estimates - Routine. Without fail, the stated delivery time is in accurate by 40-60%. After placing an order the “latest arrival by” will be 30-40 minutes behind the estimated delivery time. Even if it takes twice as long as it said when you placed the order, they will count it as on time.

Got changed the foods never received!!. Very disappointed on cancellation fees even right after 5 seconds after placed order 😟!!

Customer service. I don’t appreciate when I am missing the item or my food is wrong. You guys do not try to give me my money back or any credit, so I just be losing out which is not fair to me.

Overpriced. They charge aggressive $9 “service fees” and still want you to tip

Convenient. Downtown Saint Augustine or a meeting. Save time by ordering Taco Bell thru Uber. What a nice day.

Horrible and racist. Very racist

If they mess up your order, don’t expect much. Deliver driver dropped off someone else’s order and I never got mine. I already waited an hour for my food to come for lunch and it was 1:30. All they did was refund me. They never offered to get me the right order or expedite it or offer any additional credit for my experience.

So far it’s cheaper. I was prompted to write a review right away before I even got my food which is a little unsettling to me but so far it is cheaper than DoorDash which I really appreciate there’s a lot less fees and I also got $25 off since I haven’t use this app in about a year so it’s definitely worth giving it another shot

Son un robo. Tuve varios problemas con mis órdenes y para colmo entregas a otras direcciones que no era la mía y hablaba con los del servicio al cliente me decían que no me podían reembolsar o enviar mi orden nuevamente esto es un robo no caigan

Poor customer service. After two hours of waiting for the food , Easily got canceled, with out any explanation, Customer service are worse then the driver, I will never use this app again . Is totally a scam app , if the feel like they want to deliver it they will , if they don’t want to the just cancel after two hours.

Trash. How can you make it so difficult to report or file a complaint. It’s crazy. I’m already frustrated that I got a pretty rude delivery driver but then the whole app makes it so you have to spin around in circles just to get an option to “review”.

Easy Peasy. Nice app with plenty of ways to order. Support section and help. Negative: it doesn’t show neither Yelp or Google Reviews or top rated in how they rank there resturant list. I ordered once from a place that was top choice but when food arrived and checked Google Reviews it was less than 2 stars (disgusting)

Used to be better. This app has implemented deceptive ways of getting users to submit tips. Also quality of deliveries has gone down, and now many of the deliveries simply fail and are never delivered.

Do not download. Worst app ever. Gave it multiple chances but almost all my orders I either have food missing or takes an hour and a half to get my food. That’s if they don’t cancel my order before anything else can happen.

Payment got strange. This now makes you deposit $25, $50, or $100 into an Uber wallet in order for payment to successfully go through for your order. My order was only going to be $58 but I guess I’m spending $100 today….

TERRIBLE customer service. Their customer service is absolutely terrible and zero help, they just like to tell you your wrong.

Rating. Time has been changed 3 times. Have not received order yet. I feel like god only knows what I’m going to receive. And it wasn’t a hard order, just a few things. Very disappointed in Uber eats. It was my first time trying them and I will NOT do it again.

Uber isn’t fair to their customers. I’ve been spending a lot of money on Uber Eats and Uber and I ha e gotten any promotions. This is a rip off for the amount of money I spend on both daily.

I didn’t get my other. I was charged for everything I ordered and want a refund.

Their convenience fee is double the price. This corporation over priced and over charges everything. I try to get a small snack for my baby daughter and their pricing is so outrageous I had to cancel my gym subscription for 1 month to make the payment for just 1 order on this app. Deleted and never downloading again.

The best pasta. Best of the best

Highway Robbery, after I tipped 13%. I made it order they came out $64. Then I cancel because I noticed the address was incorrect. Re-Ordered the same order from the same exact restaurant. Was charged $20 extra and denied a refund for the first exact order that I only had to change the address on Call customer service let them know no food was lost. I just change the address and they said they could not help me and kept my money. I paid $150 for wings fries and a sandwich. Horrible customer service I’m a single father on Social Security and they just took half my check .

great. thank you so much h im very gingery

STOLE MY MONEY AND MY FOOD. Placed an order and driver ran off with it. Customer support refuse to help or refund. There’s no phone number or live people to help, just robots with names. Uber stole my money and my food and they have zero interest in doing anything about it. As a customer I’m completely helpless in this situation. Restaurant won’t remake. Ubereats doesn’t care to help.

Eating out is overrated when you can eat in. As a returning student after 45, work and being a busy mom, sometimes getting around to cooking can lead to being exhausted at the end of a14 hour day. With the ability to order in, I can spend more time spending time with my family discussing our day, and whiting dinner together. Uber delivers. #mommymonday son day.

Worst delivery company ever!. I mean it, don’t ever buy or anything here so me and my family ordered food & we had to reorder a whole bunch of times. 1st we did it got cancelled because I guess they didn’t have the order in the restaurant 2nd time the dasher kept leaving 3rd time same thing 4th time cancelled again 5th time the correct person finally had got common sense to complete the order & then I got the food & I'm missing cookies & four Carmel frappes and no straws came . Not only that it was cold please I beg y’all don’t waste y’all time on a company called Uber eats it’s not worth! And thanks to the dasher who completed the order her name is Janae . Won’t put her number out there but thanks, don’t ever ever ever order from Uber trash!!!!!!!!

DO NOT USE THIS APP. I was a subscriber and NEVER received my food on time, food would come 2 hours LATE, cold and items missing. Happened on MULTIPLE occasions. After paying for the “priority” package still got SCAMMED and waited for hours for my meal. Please use Grub Hub instead!!!!

Meh. The first time I used this, I waited on food for an hour, the driver was on the way, and then the driver cancelled the order ?? So I guess he went home with a bag full of Taco Bell. Apparently drivers aren’t penalized for this. I feel like I got scammed.

Worst customer service. So I recently placed an order through Uber eats. I ordered Chinese food and what I order is not what I received. I order garlic chicken with broccoli with pork fried rice and instead I got regular chicken with broccoli with pork fried rice. This is one of my many messed up situations with Uber eats!

False promises. Almost every order says estimated 15-30 mins and takes closer to an hour and a half. Food is always freezing and almost inedible. No help whatsoever.

I’m loving this App. I’m loving this app better than the other ones and the selection is getting bigger plus every niece in a while I get a great promo code

Avoid this joke of a company. I wish I could give ZERO stars. I don’t always get Uber eats, but when I do order I like to Acknowledge the hard delivery workers with a minimum 20% or higher tip. I have never been cheap/disrespectful/or complained to anyone or place (restaurant). This is solely a horrible experience due to a delivery driver and bad Uber eats policy. I ordered a 15-30 min delivery (I always filter to close deliveries. Also the restaurant is 6 min from where live… really close). That’s when the driver picked up my order, and I usually don’t check up on my order for 20 minutes (I’m not impatient). 25 min pass and I go to check up on my order to see the driver isn’t even close to the restaurant (they haven’t moved from where they picked up the order), I gave it more time because I don’t like to complain. More time goes and still zero movement from the driver. I messaged the driver and asked if everything was okay. More of a concern than worrying for my food… time went by no answer so I call. No answer, and no movement from the driver. I decided to call the restaurant to see if the food was ready and to see if the driver had picked up (maybe my phone was acting up and the reading wasn’t accurate). The restaurant answered and said the food had been ready for a while, but they have not picked up the food. By this time it has been more than 1hr. Me starving, I decide to go pick it up myself. On the way to the restaurant still zero movement from the driver (and yes I did refresh my app so I knew it was accurate). I was almost there when I saw the driver finally started moving. They ended picking up the order just as I arrived (seen on the app), and I asked the worker if they picked up my order which she replied that they just picked it up (just missed them). So I drive home from the restaurant of my order and notice the Uber delivery driver is pulling off the same thing they were doing when they picked up my order. NO MOVEMENT! I arrived to my house waiting, they were still showing at the restaurant. It’s already past 1hr and 30 minutes. I AM STARVING, by this time I could’ve gone to a busy restaurant, go on a waitlist and eat. So I called customer service to cancel my order (very unprofessional for an company this big). I shared my experience and the employee said they would refund the full amount. I found it funny she said that as if its them doing me a favor. Of course that is my money, you have to refund… I never got my food (driver still at restaurant). I also found it hilarious how the employee wanted to get in contact with the driver to see where they are to deliver my food… do you honestly think I want my order that’s 2 hours late… this company is a joke! If you can’t deliver just cancel the order, that simple. Employee contacted the driver, it was only until then that they started moving towards my house and replied to my message after all this time. By this time it was over 2hr or more and they barely arrived and I canceled the order ( driver left with the food). I reviewed a $5 credit for my “trouble,” what kind of policy does this company have seriously. My time was wasted, if an order takes that long shouldn’t it be reviewed or if the app notices the driver isn’t moving at all?!?!? That driver should be banned from delivering, they definitely did it on purpose. Why me? I never messaged anything rude and I pre tipped 20%. I obviously removed that tip when I canceled. I told the employee they need to reevaluate that employee or ban them for a couple days, she said she will block them from being able to pick up orders from me. What about the other people? She will do the same. What a joke. Never using this app EVER!

New Update is Trash. You used to be able to browse by delivery time and the update removed that option. When you have a limited time for lunch sometimes you need to know whats available with the fastest delivery time. Under 30 minutes doesn’t really help.

Disappointed. I was happy with this app up until I encountered a issue. I placed a order and I changed my mind about something and cancelled it within seconds and I get a notification saying I’m getting charged for it 12 hours later saying that they started making the food which is ridiculous because I cancelled it immediately. DONT GIVE US A OPTION TO CANCEL. Simple as that. And if you’re going to charge someone why didn’t they notify me that right away so I can go pick up the food. It’s absolutely ridiculous. And after talking with support they literally said what the email said and ended the chat with me. Didn’t even try to be reasonable. Will never use this app again. And I’ll make sure all my family and friends delete this garbage.

Unreliable. Another incorrect order. Customer service hasn’t responded in over 30 minutes. The app keeps sending push notifications to gather ratings and data while I still don’t have the food I ordered 🙃 Uber is succeeding at “disrupting”… dinner.

Love Uber Eats. I love y’all sooo Muchh I love the 5 dollars and and free delivery it helps me save Soo much money thank y’all🥹🥰

Consumer Beware. Ordered $81 in food - it was incorrect. I sent photo that it was incorrect as proof. They will not adjust or refund due to previous instances (with proof) that orders were wrong. They are punishing consumers for issues with their partners. Now they are ignoring me completely when I wrote. Bad business practice - consumer beware

Never got order! Driver didn’t answer phone and follow order instructions.. Can not get a hold of customer support. The driver never delivered the order. I don’t ever want that driver picking up an order for me again. There needs to be an option that allows a customer to ban a driver from their account.

DONT USE THIS APP. Ordered food Was promised a “ 2 for 1 deal “ When I clicked pay / saw the deal was not there . Tried to reach customer service / nothing Canceled in less than 30 seconds Was billed 90 % of cost because restaurant had started my order ( in less than a minute ? The entire order ) Could not receive / amend / change / or do anything / including say oh well deliver rhe thing . Nothing just a charge . Completely crooked behavior . Go somewhere else

Go use DoorDash Instead. This might be the worse app out of all the delivery service apps out there. Their customer service is beyond slow, non-responsive, and usually very unhelpful. The app doesn’t update properly, meaning you’ll try to order from a particular restaurant and the app doesn’t update when a restaurant is closed or whatever the case may be. Usually resulting in a message from Uber 10-30 minutes later saying the order cannot be processed. Overall just go get your own food. Quit giving these companies money when they’re garbage at doing the one thing they are here to do. Not worth the headache. Oh one last thing, reversing money to a bank account doesn’t take 7-10 business days. Y’all need to get it together.

Charged after immediately deleting order. Received a notification for 40% off $20 more order. After checkout I went back and reviewed my order only to notice there was no discount applied so I am mediately canceled my order only to learn the next day I was charged for my deleted order. I won’t be using Uber Eats unless they choose to rectify the situation. Depending on how it is handled, I will also consider selling my stock in the business

Scammers. I ordered some food and I didn’t get multiple things when my order showed up I reached out to support and they basically said o well u are just out of your money do not order from here

Never available in Palm Springs.. Usually ordering at midnight. There’s never drivers available. So this is worthless.

Driver scam. I ordered from Uber eats and then they showed a fraudulent picture of them delivering the food, and took a picture of the food in their lap in their car when the food was supposed to be left on my porch. I have ordered from Uber eats around 10 to 15 times and I never felt like I got scammed until today. I got an email into my main email account and , I got a notification within the app saying that my food was delivered but I never actually got it. I tried to track where my driver was and it said the delivery was completed when I know it wasn’t I walked right outside and no one was there so I obviously got scammed. I guess Uber refunded me,But they never validated the fact that I got scamed by their own drivers probably because they don’t pay their workers a living wage. They don’t do a good hob of keeping track of their workers and how they operate because for Uber it’s profit over people

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Horrendous / non existent customer support. Had an issue with my app for Uber eats as it duped me into tipping a delivery driver almost £10 from a large order we made. We had stated no tip on the order ( as we had already paid a service fee ) but then they contacted me to rate the meal. It automatically added a tip for the driver and as I was frustrated at all the questions and having to rate every single dish in our order, I tried to exit the process and the tip added automatically. I tried to call Uber immediately and they refuse to answer a phone call unless you have an order pending. So then I used the chat facility and was assured that this was just a pending payment and would not be taken out. The next day the money came out, I contacted on chat again and they basically refused to refund it because they had already paid to the driver. ( not my problem !!) After trying to chat to the customer services chat rep some more he point blank refused to escalate to a manager and every time I respond he just marks the issue as ‘resolved’ without even replying to me and has kept doing so for weeks. Absolutely shocking rude service towards me as a loyal Uber rides, eats and travel customer. Fuming but literally have no way to resolve it other than to close down my accounts and never use Uber again. Help !

McDonald’s Ballymena. Not very good never send any off the dips that are with the orders even when you order extra ones still nothing is sent happened the last 6-7 times I’ve ordered

Horrible customer service. That s the perfect app for when you order and it says here in 2 min for 20 MIN!!!! Plus all the delay in what was expected. I cancelled the order after waiting for the driver outside while he was going back and forth. When tried to call, he answered once and never again. Uber Eats did not even have the decency to admit that it was their fault and even declined to refund. Well I hope you enjoyed this poke as it is for sure the worst app to order from. That is what you get when you completely substitute human customer service with a robot who can’t help you on the spot. Well done

An appalling way of doing business. Absolutely no support if the order goes wrong Why does the customer have to tip with outrageous service charges ? The Uber one upgrade is completely pointless as the delivery’s are not prioritised

Bad customer service. I use Uber eats and Uber a lot. Occasionally I order food and an item is missing, when I tell Uber eats they refuse to refund. Just eat and deliveroo have much better customer service.

Subscription scam. Got the Uber one trial and was then charged a day before the renewal date. Tried to cancel according to the faq but there was no button to do so. Had to reach out to support and still waiting for a reply.

Bad rating. I would not give it a star at all bad support. U cannot call anyone they come back to you within like longer period of time and on most occasions I will not be able to get a refund at all aleven if u proof with photos sooo alll rubbish and stupid expensive and takes too long to get hold of somone unprofessional Support stuff

Service & delivery. £7!!!!!!

Zero support. Items missing, report them and Uber tell me unfortunately the items are ineligible for a refund but I can rate the merchant negatively. No thanks. Will never order from this app again. Now ordering a chargeback with my credit card for the retailer (Uber)

Just eat is better. Wouldn’t even give 1 star!!! At least with just eat you are able to get a refund or credit if something is wrong or get help if food is cold, Uber costumer service is useless, food turns up cold and get no help whatsoever when contacting them, don’t know why I bothered wasting my money using Uber, no support at all, don’t waste your money order on a better app they should sort it out they are a pure joke I’ll be deleting your app

Scary security issues & discrimination. This company allows multiple drivers who aren’t registered in Uber to deliver your food which gives you no security whatsoever. I don’t feel safe allowing my child to collect orders even at the door as my camera shows multiple people delivering but the driver not even 1 of them! I advise to tell Uber eats and they simply don’t care and claim they look in to the matter. They discriminate based on your name and gender and don’t allow a refund even if you don’t get the order itself. I’ll never order again, I prefer legitimate Australian companies like door dash. Save your money and your sanity and don’t deal with Uber eats!

Rubbish service. Do not bother using, waited 1 hour for my food and still hasn't arrived, they changed delivery drivers 4 times for no reason, cant call no customer service team to even help or cancel my order and they going to expect me to eat some cold food, even the map is rubbish cant even get a accurate location of my address. Hashra3 customer service member is rubbish and the delivery drivers are frauds.

Lovely. Very good to use an fast absolute great

Restaurants keep cancelling. Waiting 45 mins for the restaurant to cancel your order happens far too often. Never happens with other apps

No support. The agents cut you off and say no refund if I cancel 2 hours later. Really bad service and deleting app and calling my bank tomorrow to get my money back.

Order with Uber cash. I’ve been trying to order an Italian meal from a restaurant with my £30 uber cash it tells me I can’t Order groceries with uber cash!! I was ordering from a restaurant, when I contacted the helpline they told me the same how difficult is to understand I’m ordering from a restaurant absolute morons

Avoid Uber. Dodgy company and bad customer service.. After one hour waiting for a simple Kebab, which is near my house, I decided to contact the driver by SMS and phone call, but he didn’t replied. Then I contacted the customer service which told me they could call him or cancel the order (useless solutions but okay, I told them to contact the driver). Then they told me the driver wouldn’t reply the call (oh, really!?….) and offered me to keep waiting or to cancel the order (wowww!!! Excellent solutions both of them!!!). So, since the Estimated time of arrival kept changing like in a loop and I was bored enough after waiting for one hour, then I decided to cancel it. Very shocking to see they didn’t offer any real solution to the problem or any sort of compensation despite I claimed it would be the minimum they could do sue the circumstances. IMPORTANT: Also, Uber and Uber Eats has lots of bad reviews of people which magically ended putting 5 stars despite the feedbacks are TERRIBLE. Apparently Uber has strategies to make people change their ratings once you complain, but do not bother with me because I won’t change mine.

Failed me in my hour of need. Wont let you place an order - so frustrating

It’s excellent but…. I love this app and I always get my food but I think they should allow us to start paying in money sometimes because it’s more convenient for me.

Brgrtime. The best food spot in leeds the food and sauces are always presented so well and taste so good i will only order from this place now on

Priority delivery more like static delivery. So made an order for KFC driver picked up order then stayed in the same position for over 45mins not moving no updates nothing after several messages were sent read and not replied too. Food was delivered nearly hour and half after stating on the app would be 25 minutes and paid for priority delivery. As expected food was cold stone cold reported to customer service who informed me I would get a FULL refund of £45.73. 2 days later refund hits my bank £13.73 not even near half and certainly was not a full refund reported to customer service who keep giving me the same copy paste message saying they cannot help because my order was over 48 hours ! I know my order was over 48 hours I’m not talking or trying to get help with that order I’m wanting my full refund as promised !!! 3 times in 3 weeks I’ve had such a poor service from Uber and in no way are they of any help ! Would avoid at all cost.

Order not delivered and refused to refund my tip. Ordered not delivered and they refused to refund my tip back even though I contacted them the same day when they failed to deliver.

App is awful at times. Taken different amounts out my bank and then said change payment option, to then have to pay again !!

Terrible company, bad customer service. Ordered items from local store - few items was missing called customer service - they said will get to me but no response - avoid using Uber it’s a scam

SCAM. I had ordered from them as I had a promo code and everything went well but as my order was being delivered I got a message saying it had already been delivered so I pressed on the details and a picture of a random house was uploaded. I had seen that they delivered it to the wrong house so I tried to contact the driver and they wouldn’t answer so I tried customer service and they simply said that they couldn’t give me a refund or any compensation whatsoever as if it was my fault that they went to the wrong house. I never got a refund which means I practically paid for a random persons food and apparently I was to blame. Don’t buy from here deliveroo or just eat is much better as at least they don’t blame you for the mistakes they make.

Simple, Easy and Reliable service. I have been using Uber Eats for a long time and found it very handy to use it, whenever and whereever I needed. Particularly, I like the real time updates with the delivery tracking map, which let me know what is going on with my order. Their service is really amazing and reliable. Keep it up Uber Eats !

Wrong food. I can’t get through to you

Never Using this again. Avoid Uber Eats. They use misleading information and have terrible terrible service. They had a discount promotion offer on which was applied to my grocery order but then charged me the items for full price. They have really poor service, you can’t even call them unless you have an ‘ongoing’ problem and they take such a long time getting back to you via the app. They only answer in the typical standard company response and don’t even care about how their customer service. They pick and choose what questions they want to answer.

Food not delivered. Several times now I’ve ordered from Uber and the delivery riders send a message saying order completed and I have never received my food. When I’m lucky enough to get my order it’s always stone cold. Uber is crap and they make reporting such issues incredibly difficult. I will add I have not once received my full refunds. This is feud and a massive con

Fraud. Reported but was unhelpful as I was told they cannot track the purchase details to anything. No reimbursement or refund was provided

Worst possible app and customer service. Honestly I can’t understand how you guys function, no responsibility whatsoever for delays or bad food, most of the time late. Very bad, deliveroo is much much better

Delivery. It was fast enough than expected. More so, the Delivery man was so amazing, patient and friendly. Thumbs up to him.

Absolute thieves. Ok until something goes wrong, then it’s copy and paste nonsense.

Very unprofessional. My order never arrived and i attempted to use the help section to report. Was promised a full refund that never came and their support “help” section has been closed off for that order. When things go wrong they make it very hard to complain and don't care Better off using Deliveroo or Just Eat as they at least care about their customers

Voucher what discount voucher?????. I only came back to Uber eats because you sent me a £10 off voucher, I then decided to go and order KFC which had a £13 pound off voucher, when I went to confirm order both the £12 offer from KFC disappeared and then when I tried to use the £10 off direct from Ubereats which was emailed to me yesterday. So I’m now left paying full and extortionate prices, £1.95 for service plus £1.79 for delivery plus the order which is overpriced and more that what it would be from the shop. What a joke!!!! All this and I haven’t even received the order yet!!!!

The drivers are incompetent. The number of times I’ve had orders go missing or randomly delivered elsewhere or cancelled and had to give instructions to them over the phone, it’s ridiculous.

Substitutions I never requested for, no refund. They just let the delivery driver make random substitutions I never asked for, and then I don’t even get a refund

Unreliable service. Multiple times on multiple orders the tracking system said “Oops something went wrong. Finding another delivery driver”. One time this resulted in a cancelled order after over an hour of waiting in limbo. Another time it resulted in the order arriving with half the food missing, again after over an hour. When chasing these issues all Uber gives are easy excuses and no way to speak to anyone directly. Bad unreliable service.

Marketing notifications that you can't switch off. Had to uninstall as it was a choice between either having the app send marketing notifications, or turning off notifications completely (including order-related updates).

Customer service is shocking. Ordered some food which didn’t end up coming then I got told I cannot have a refund honestly don’t order on here I’m sad that I have to give it a star

Did not add my discount. I had a voucher for 12 pound off when I spend over 15 I did but the coupon was not applied. So find your promotions disingenuous and tricky. Please live up to your word and apply my discount via refund thank you

Thieving drivers and fraudulent company. I’m unwell, with bleeding issues, cannot go out and use Uber eats who I thought were trustworthy to deliver my food shopping. A new driver appears and made no contact to deliver my items, no car, no bike, no one, turned up with my £75 order. I have nothing left for the next 3 weeks. I have no one to help me, and don’t wish to beg on the streets. You know my shopping wasn’t delivered. You know the driver didn’t take to shopping back and you won’t refund for your thieving fraudulent mistakes . I hope you’re happy, truly. The worst company with constant mistakes. But this takes this mick!! Hope the last of my money fills a few days wages nicely for one of you.

Took my money and I got no food and Uber eats will not refund me AVIOD !. I ordered Mac Donald’s and the driver who picked up my order was ringing me saying the burger man is here being an absolute idiot I did not receive my order and uber eats refused to give me a refund so I paid for a order and did not get it and they keep my money absolutely unacceptable AVIOD AT ALL COSTS

Picked for you. Please add an option to remove the pointless and annoying “picked for you” section. I WILL DECIDE WHAT I WANT! All this does is make me read the menu and think “oh, is that it” before realising I’m looking at some stupid sub-section of the menu. STOP IT! I use Deliveroo the majority of the time solely because of this.

Useless app. Is always missing thing I buy and won’t let me contact support

Joke of a company. Absolute joke of a company, completely ignored my order and didn’t bring me half of it then write a message for support and over 3 hours zero response or confirmation of refund for missing items. Do not recommend at all go to Deliveroo or a company that can actually bother to respond to customer inquiries. What a joke of a company

Vile !!. Last night I ordered my 2 unwell children McDonald via the app whilst I was at work as my mum was looking after them …. They tried telling me my order of £25 had been delivered at 6:15 no order came to my house !! I am now trying to fight for my money back they are telling me they wont show proof of delivery and won’t refund my money like I’m lying or something absolutely disgusting company i will never order from them again !

One of the best apps ever made. Lovely

My food. My food was all wrong and no ones even got back to me about it

Dishonest drivers. Been in a room and heard a driver laughing how they took a picture off the food as proof off delivery the took the food

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Not refunding me and charging me twice. Uber eats has charged me for multiple orders, at least 6 charges on my account the last month and and I haven’t even made that many orders. Then when I order and report missing items they’ve refunded me .77 cents instead of $7. On top of that they’ve been charging my card then telling me it’s declined (when it isn’t) so I have to repay it and the amount is different! I’ve tried contacting them over and over and keep getting brushed off with automated system responses or responses that indicate they’re not actually looking at my screenshots or messages properly. They take days to respond too.

Not good. No contact with Uber support

Report these spammers. These guys will spam you with notifications even after unticking every box. It’s so frustrating that I have to log out of my account to stop it. If that doesn’t work I’ll have to delete my account. DONT USE THIS SERVICE

Uber company Fee is a bit rich. Fee charged by Uber is as much as what the driver gets 🤷🏻‍♂️

Cleo. Yum

Yuck. Useful, but unnecessarily opportunistic. Load it once to get some dinner, and expect harassment to buy more stuff. Uber! Chill out - you do something useful, and I know how to use your service. Negative points for pushing it. Yuck.

Downhill. Every order I have made in the past few months has been terrible. Order takes so long, then driver delivers to multiple places making it longer. System is flawed as my food is always cold. Or in some cases never delivered and there is no accountability for it. Think I will go back to Menulog. Complete rip off!

Uber support 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼. When I have an order wrong they don’t let me submit the issue and when I way to do so they say there’s nothing they can do about it honestly the Uber support is just rubbish!!

Too expensive. There is a big difference in price , it’s ridiculous.

App is fine but…. What’s the point of having a decent app if the service itself is so terrible? I’ve lost count of the amount of times a delivery partner has either damaged the food, delivered to the wrong address or simply taken the food for themselves. Then you have the restaurants who either can’t follow simple dietary instructions or just pack the wrong order or leave items out completely. I know these issues aren’t unique to Uber Eats. But for the cost of using the app as well as the stupidly high markup on menu items, it’s hard to recommend this app or service to anyone.

Missing items. Been a customer of Uber Eats for years & have been happy with the service. Unfortunately with the last 2 deliveries have had problems with one resolved & one not. It’s been 24hrs with missing items from last nights delivery & no response back from their customer service. The driver took a photo of the delivery which he left on doorstep & clearly shows missing items. Now they’ve lost themselves a loyal & frequent customer.

Notification spam. Stop spamming with promotional notifications. I have disabled notifications for promotions, stop sending them.

Locating. Be careful and check your location when ordering, “use location” isn’t accurate. I used the use location and an hour later hobbled to the neighbours empty house to find cold food on their doorstep. Only reason I used Uber eats is I need a full knee reconstruction, defeats the purpose when they can’t find you even if payment is to your deliver address…

Too late delivery. Took 55 min to deliver and the food is all cold ..

Cop out. I’m tired of orders being incomplete or wrong, especially from the McDonalds in Epping, Victoria. Uber eats doesn’t refund anymore so we end up being short changed. This is how you make millions in profit every year, from people misfortune😡😡

Going backwards. Uber eats is getting worse

Food. Very good !

Stand out service. Uber eats is a stand out efficient and reliable service. Highly recommended

Uber is great. Always appreciate the convenience of Uber and the function of their company. Wish you could call restaurants through the app instead of being forced to order online. Just as an extra option. Thanks Travis and Garrett.

Cancelation fee…. Cancelation fee… Debatable. Mixing up orders frequently.

Please give an option to remove ad notifications. I don’t want to have to disable notifications for this app on my phone for obvious reasons. I don’t want messages relating to your promotions, please stop them or provide option to turn off. Thanks

Get Uber eats to all areas of Sydney (northern beaches). Great app but I believe that you should be able to leave a review for the food/restaurant.

Terrible. Not sure why people use this service. Used it twice, and twice our food never arrived. Wasted 1 hour of my life waiting for this driver to arrive with our food which never came. Had to cancel through the restaurant after discovering they never got the order through this app. Never again, and y’all should do the same. Get rid of it. Peace!

Charge too much.. Charge too much.

No ‘sort by’ distance option. I don’t have a car, and I don’t want delivery orders. I would like to order via the app for pick up. However there is no way to sort by distance for places that are nearby. Waste so much time scrolling through a huge list of restaurants that are far away.

Rip Off!. Had no less than 5 issues with my last order, most of which were Uber Eats’ fault, not the restaurant. Delivery fee ended up more than quoted, food cost more than it should’ve for the size of the portion (more than the restaurants website), wait time was an hour instead of 25 minutes quoted, and because of this the food was only just warm and noodles gluggy. $66 for a pad Thai, 5 gyozas and the smallest bao bun I’ve ever seen is a complete rip off.

Don’t get Uber one it’s a scam. .Won’t even let me cancel my subscription

Didn’t deliver to me. I wanted to get pan cakes delivered but they didn’t

There’s not a zero star option?. customer service is literally ridiculous

No cancellation option . Fraud app. This app is charging me money and there is no way to cancel in the Apple app. There is no cancellation option in Uber One!!! Uber one is a scam. The help chat did not help either.

Not good. Too much delivery fee and charge 👎

Obsessed with profits. No company in the world is more concerned with making money rather than providing a good service.

App is bug-ridden & Uber generally awful. Since last year the app has been riddled with bugs. You add an item to the bag and it throws you back to the main menu, having to locate the restaurant again. One of the help buttons doesn’t click. Trying to find help through Uber is notoriously impossible and becoming worse. Far too automated. Trying to find help throws you off the page then when your Uber-identified need isn’t there and you’re left to go in circles. Utter waste of time. Due to disability I rely on delivery most days so this just makes the service all-the-more inaccessible. So too the unnecessary PIN code. People with disabilities prefer to get to the front door in their own time. Food drop-offs are fine because we’re not forced to rush. The PIN thing forces us to rush lest we not receive our food. If I didn’t need to eat I wouldn’t touch Uber. Frustrating as hell.

Camel. Mister

Order Never Arived. 1. Ordered 1hrs ago 2. Delivery never arrived, never picked up by a rider and getting delayed 10 times. 3. Cancelation charge 30$ with no notification anywhere.

Missing food. Ordered arancini and pizza and the arancini didn’t arrive. Very annoying when we waited so long.

The delivery person stealed my order. The delivery person cheated me and stealed one of my important order. The help center slowly response and still no reply

Don’t even bother. Sneaky up-charges, drivers stealing orders, Uber not even refunding you when items aren’t delivered, generic responses to enquiries, the list is endless Uber eats is the most frustrating experience of my life and a complete waste of money If you want to throw away endless amounts of money, use Uber eats Do better Uber

I did not get my food. I order some food but some of the food did not show up I pay extra 😡am not happy

Horrible customer service. I made an order and 75% of my order was missing, they said I didn’t qualify for a refund and couldn’t speak to a real person to have it fixed

Pickle. made pickle run easy 🤘🤘🥺🥺

ORDERS KEEP CANCELLING AND STILL GETTING CHARGED. I never get the full refund always a couple dollars missing and my orders keep cancelling!! This app is a joke purely because I can’t speak to any staff it’s all robots. Dumb no wonder doordash is killing it

Over promise underdeliver. Consistently you begin an order then find out there’s $10 of fees and its 25 minutes later than advertised, and then they’re later than that.

Quite bad. Just like not good but I still spend money on it

✊🏿. When I feel fat, you know where I’m ordering at💯💯

Promo code didn’t apply. Seems like it was a classic bait and switch, bad app

Deliver driver. My driver went to the wrong mcdonalds which was fine but then went to the wrong address so delivered it back to mcdonalds, after an hour and a half of trying to contact him he replied saying im sorry then clicked completed order so i cant even get a refund

Map in app is wrong. Map in app is wrong, delevering to wrong address, but the company can do nothing about it. Causes inconvenience for all customers and driver. Frustrating.

Promo codes sometimes doesn’t work. Promo codes sometimes doesn’t work

Lazy app. Very frustrating when the help section gives instructions to click buttons that don’t exist on the app. There seems to be no way for my to update my home location, when i click the edit button it only lets me change instructions or slightly move the pin. Help navigates me to none existant buttons with no way to give feedback. Trash app, lazily built

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Horrible, charged $19 for nothing. Accidentally put the wrong address in tried to cancel said they would charge me? Didn’t know what to do so canceled and contacted customer support. Said they couldn’t do anything and they have to compensate the restaurant for starting the order. Don’t recommend way more expensive then other ones and the priority thing is stupid.

Maintains brand value. Satisfied with their service

Incompetent Service. Promotions are absolute rip-offs, customer service will run you in circles.

Ok I guess. I enjoy ordering in but every time they email or give me coupons they don’t let me use them and I end up just paying the full price anyway. And it’s quite frustrating so I’m making the switch to Skip the Dishes.

This app is trash. Their refund policies are insane and just don’t make sense, the Uber driver did not pick up the extra item they where meant to on their way and they charged me for getting a whole new driver when the whole reason I ordered it was because it said no extra delivery charge

Voleurs. Ils m’ont chargé le prix complet pour une commande que j’ai annulée moins d’une minute après avoir commandé. L’adresse était la mauvaise, donc je l’ai modifiée, mais cela n’a pas été appliqué à la commande. Je l’ai donc annulée, j’ai changé l’adresse et repasser la meme commande. Le tout en moins de 3 minute. Des frais d’annulation de 40$ m’ont été chargés et j’ai perdu 15$ que j’avais obtenu d’un remboursement d’une autre mauvaise commande. Je supprime cette application.

Be prepared to get scammed/food poisoning .. Be prepared to the possibility of RECEIVING spoiled food and no refunds if you are in BC, Canada Uber eats. Reason” we can’t offer support at this time”. Bad experience, unsafe, unhygienic and not recommended.

Need different options. Not sure why I chose chicken quesadilla and my options were for either extra chicken at a charge or no chicken at all…same for the cheese. Thank goodness the person I called at Taco Bell thought it wasn't right either and made adjustments for me when she received my order.

Uber eats is a life saver for me. I’ve been especially lucky ti have dealt with a-few really good restaurants ie McDonald’s the staff have been extra nice letting me ask To make out order fresh they are amazing I Want ti thank them and Uber eats got giving me a chance to use promotions ti discount dime of my meals that I order on a regular basis . Thanks Uber for helping me feed my family really fast you know when you dint know what to eat but still Have ti feed your family thanks Mcdonalds thx Uber

Lots of promos. Good for promotion. You can find some great deals. Don’t forget to tip the restaurant 👌👌

Promo error. First time using the app and received a promo code which already didn’t work. No issues like this with door dash.

Súper service!. Première expérience on devient client régulière!

Too expensive. Price markup from regular menu, service fee, delivery fee, taxes.. comes down to 2x the original price. I’d rather starve than ordering from this app again.

Terrible customer service. They accuse me of lying about having a promo code disappear, then want a screenshot of said promo code.. like how am I supposed to get one if it’s not there. They also hang up multiple times and keep me going in circles. So my problems are never solved.

Expensive. Had to re mortgage my house and sell an organ to buy a sub.

They eat my food. I’m starting to think that the restaurant doesn’t get my order wrong but instead, some people just eat some of my food. Bums me out

No refund for an order that wasn’t started before cancelling. I am so disappointed with Uber Eats costumer service. We had placed an order and then cancelled it 15 seconds later as we had made a last second change of plans. If it didn’t have the option to cancel because it’s too late we would have just received the order and kept original plan. It still had cancel option so order was cancelled. Refund was offered because they said it was cancelled too late so I said cool then just deliver the order and they said sorry we can’t do that either, you cancelled too late. I called the restaurant and they hadn’t even started the food at all!! To honestly not just offer a refund? Deliver the order because I cancelled too late? Not even try or some sort of credit? It was like $75 bucks! No food and no refund? Deleted the app tonight, not like it matters but the robot replying to my messages just didn’t offer that quality customer service

BEST. One of the best food ordering apps

Bad service. When they get the order wrong- which they will at least once, they don’t do anything about it. Customer service is crap and don’t listen to the customers or their concerns. Ordered food and didn't press the spicy button and all the food came spicy and i’m allergic. Order was also late. Customer service said it wasn’t “eligible” for refund. This is the 3 or 4 order they mess up. Very disappointed wouldn’t order from here. working student and wasted 25 dollars and no one will hear u out

Promo codes NEVER work. App only lets me order full price. The promo codes never work. What’s the point of having them then? To entice the customer into ordering? And there is nowhere I can submit a complaint regarding this. 1 star

I would have give them zero star. Triple facturation for 1 order. There CRAZY!! Never again ..... Bye Bye UberEAT and Eat $%*#@

Would advise against this app.. I have had multiple security issues with Uber eats. I have been charged me twice for same order. Uber will not provide refund. Additionally, I have had had my credit card compromised and used on this app for multiple fraudulent purchases. Would advise against against this app for its poor customer service, and security.

Grateful. We are so grateful for the service. Thank you!

Too many ads. Despite only occasionally using the app, I am inundated with ads pushed to my phone and there is no way to opt out. I finally had to turn off all notifications. Next I will just delete the app. I do not care that some obscure restaurant has free delivery “this night only”. My cell phone is not a place where you can advertise for free.

Rr. This app is garbage. Never deliver the order after 9 . People are stealing the orders and they don’t care if the customer gets their food or no. They just give you refund when you tell then your order never received and leave you hungry. Very rude and disrespectful service

New version removed basket tab. This was an amazing feature so I could line up orders from all the places I wanted to try Please bring that feature back

Uber drivers canceling orders. I do not understand why y’all let Uber drivers cancel orders. My food is always so close, then out of nowhere I get a notification that it’s been canceled and for what reason. No reason is ever given.

Did not receive items. With skip the dishes, they text you when an order arrives. With Uber eats, I did not receive any notifications at all. I even waited by the window and did not see anyone drop off my food even though it said it was delivered. I even gave a nice tip before hand but I felt he didn’t deserve it.

Technically bad. 1 laggy 2 its sync between Uber delivery and Uber eats are bad. Gets my address wrong on this app

Both orders canceled but only after waiting more than I should have. Tried ordering Sushi in TO after midnight. Order accepted was going to be ready in half an hour, then suddenly it was cancelled. No explanation. Therefore I ordered from another restaurant, kept being delayed and then I was offered a 5$ coupon. Only to wait another 1.5 hours to have that order cancelled too. Supposedly no drivers. Complained but to no avail. Uber Eats would not offer me more compensation. I waited more than 2 hours and received nothing as a result. I have since deleted the app, even though I used UE several times in the past. Completely unacceptable. People should be warned to proceed with caution. Better off using Skip, Dash or another small delivery company, NOT UE. I am fuming.

Cancellation fee. Got charged 15 dollars for canceling an order five seconds after I made it. Obviously they didn’t start making the order yet, no point in charging me such a large sum

Very very poor service. Delivery guys cancel ta order after Picking orders and when you contact them to inquire about your order they just say we can only give refund. In the middle of night when all the restaurants are closed what will you eat they don’t care at all if the orders are being completed in correct way very rude very arrogant

Worst drivers Uber eats. Uber eats have worst drivers. They cancel the customers food at their own convenience. Zero responsibility taken by drivers, support. If you reach to support they have only one solution we will give you credit. Customers order food when they are hungry. They don’t do this for fun or to eat at later stage. They think after waiting an hour for food the credit can fill someone’s stomach.

Terrible app. Overpriced and they can’t even get the proximity options right, and no refunds when I try to cancel an order a couple of seconds after ordering. Do yourself a favor and download door dash or skip the dishes instead.

Horrible!!!. Horrible service! Horrible support! Horrible delivery! Not recommended!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡

Crashes, other problems - Update. Update: Another several (or more) updates and the app still crashes almost every time you go to the next step during checkout. Restarting the app continues with the next step, but if you go back then next it crashes. Very disappointing, as I preferred using this app over others, too bad Uber is driving me away from using their service because of a malfunctioning app rather than driving my food to me. Btw, latest iOS 16.3.1 on iPhone 12 mini. Original Review: It is amazing to me how a company as large as Uber cannot make a reliable app. For at least the last three updates, as soon as you start checking out, the app crashes. But when you re-open it, it continues from where it crashed, so the checkout process on recent updates now involves a crash at every single step. Also, pretty bad is that it ignores your selected payment method and automatically uses another; I had wondered if I made a mistake, but it’s clearly the app, as I watched and verified the selected payment method in between crashes, but after restarting, it automatically used and submitted another (PayPal) without me even authorizing it. Now that I have muddled through a number of orders using the recent app updates, it is so frustrating, crashes so often, takes so long, and doesn’t work well that, for other orders, I gave up ordering through Uber eats and had to order directly from the restaurants and use their delivery service. Even though this has been broken for at least several updates now, hopefully they will fix this immediately; otherwise, I’d recommend using one of the many other food delivery apps, this one is currently basically unusable.

Ugh. Super dumb app

Excellence. Uber is awesome

Excellent. Easy to use. Immediately got up & running & my order was bang on time, lovely guy, impressed. I’ll add, I live in a rural area of farms & guy had zero problem finding me! None of the above & they still ALL arrive cold and late! Downtown Calgary, Alberta.

Expensive. Too much Money

Food always is cold. Today I had ordered some food. I had looked and it said that it was at my house in 15 minutes. 15 minutes later I checked but it still said 15 minutes. Ever other time I order it takes an hour or more and also charges 2X The price! I find this app is not worth it as I think it’s a scam.

Promotion?. I can't use the first order promotion.

Amazing. Simply amazing

Intéressant. Certains détails font que ce n’est pas cinq étoiles, mais c’est mieux que la moitié. Un détail est le restaurant fantôme, deux restaurants affichés sur l’application sont identiques, mais tu as l’illusion d’un choix. Un autre détail est le manque d’information comme un restaurant n’est plus affiché sur l’application, mais s’affiche sur Google ou Bing comme étant sur l’application. Un autre détail est les options restaurants s’affichent parfois différemment selon livraison ou ramassage et la différence n’est pas dans le pourboire pour la livraison. Ce sont les principaux détails actuels en date de publication de cet avis. Le don au restaurant n’est pas très bien expliqué, mais tente de cliquer le plus souvent surtout quand le restaurant, selon moi, mérite dix fois plus, pour cette raison, je dépense plus sur mes préférés.

OMGOMGOMG. I’m a old fashion guy here and HATE new technology 🙄🙄🙄 BUT…the UBER eat is LESS COMPLICATED than I thought 🤪🤪🤪… LOVIN IT so far ! These deserved MORE than 5 Stars… Try 10 Stars Eh 🏆

Horrible customer servuce. The customer service is on this app is horrible. It’s difficult to text with an actual human being on the help section of the app and when you actually speak to someone they don’t solve your issue. They cut off the message line saying the problem is solved without actually solving anything. I would not recommend this app at all.

Misleading. This app is pretty garbage and I’d recommend Skip over this. The estimated times are only that until you place an order and then the time hikes up 30 mins and takes max time to arrive extremely cold. You’re given a last min option to pay more to have your food delivered faster rather than sitting in a car for over an hour while the driver delivers as many orders as he can per trip. Won’t ever order from here again.

Meilleur applis. C’est la meilleur applis pour commande de la nourriture rapidement s’en ce déplacer ! J’adore

Delayed Delivery Continuously. As a loyal customer, I’m really disappointed how Uber Eats app keeps delaying for more than an hour to deliver foods. It wasted so much of my time and I have no trust in the app anymore. Sorry for the negative feedbacks but Uber needs to upgrade its policy for compensating lost time and its technology

No customer service. Better hope nothing goes wrong with your order because there’s no customer service representatives to speak to about it. Your message for “help” will go ignored for hours, and your money will not be refunded.

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