Uber Eats: Food Delivery Book Reviews

Uber Technologies, Inc.

Uber Eats: Food Delivery by Uber Technologies, Inc. Book Summary

Get food delivery to your doorstep from thousands of amazing local and national restaurants. Find the meal you crave and order food from restaurants easily with the Uber Eats app. Track your order in real-time. FIND YOUR FAVORITE FOOD & RESTAURANTS Order food from nearby restaurants and search by cuisine, restaurant name, dish, and meal. Food delivery options for you to order and enjoy including pizza, burritos, burgers, sushi, donuts, and Chinese takeout. Prefer pickup? Skip the line and reservations and choose to pick up your order instead. Choose your favorite delivery options with the Uber Eats app now. SUBSCRIBE TO UBER ONE For $9.99 per month, Uber One subscribers enjoy $0 Delivery Fee and up to 10% off orders over $15 at participating non-grocery stores (and 5% off orders over $35 at participating grocery stores) available on Uber Eats. Members are also eligible for rewards, perks, coupons, and offers. View full Uber One Terms & Conditions here. ORDER ALMOST ANYTHING, ANYTIME Order household needs from your favorite drug stores, supermarkets, and pet shops. Baby food or diapers, pharmacy needs, beauty products and cosmetics. Grocery staples like bread and milk, bananas and produce, flowers and plants, packaged foods or frozen treats. You can even order alcoholic drinks including beer, wine, liquor and cocktails. * SIMPLE DELIVERY ORDERING Pick your food order from any menu and add it to your cart with a few taps. That’s it. Uber Eats makes it easy to order food delivery online or through the app and have it delivered by restaurants and delivery people near you. Or, schedule your order in advance for a delivery person to pick it up later. Your choice! ORDER FOOD AHEAD WITH PICKUP Now you can also order food ahead for Pickup instead of just ordering delivery. Select Pickup, add food items to your cart, and skip the lines to the restaurant to get your food. REAL-TIME ORDER TRACKING Track your food delivery order on a map as it heads your way. See the estimated arrival time at your address. Get notified when your order arrives.. FIND SOME OF YOUR FAVORITE NATIONAL RESTAURANTS Some of our food delivery partners include: Pizza Hut, Little Caesars, Buffalo Wild Wings, Papa Johns, Shake Shack, Domino’s Pizza, Nando’s, Burger King, CAVA, A&W, Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, Dunkin', IHOP, KFC, McDonald's, Panda Express, Panera, Popeyes, Shake Shack, Sonic, Starbucks, Subway, Sweetgreen, Taco Bell, Tim Hortons, Wendy's, Five Guys, Jersey Mikes, White Castle, Jack in the Box, Outback Steakhouse, Red Lobster. FIND PHARMACIES, GROCERY STORES, AND MORE Order from grocers such as Albertsons and SEG. Other delivery partners in the pharmacy, convenience, and retail space include CVS, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, Wawa, BevMo!, and Total Wines. ABOUT UBER EATS Uber Eats is the way to order the food you love through an easy delivery experience. Uber Eats is available in hundreds of cities around the world. Enter your delivery address to explore restaurant and grocery delivery options near you. AVAILABLE INTERNATIONALLY Join the thousands of others in your city who use the Uber Eats app to order from their favorites restaurants and schedule delivery Uber Eats is currently available in cities and metro areas including Adelaide, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Auckland, Austin, Baltimore, Brussels, Cape Town, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Glasgow, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Ottawa, Paris, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw, and Washington DC. Uber Eats helps you find food delivery around the world. Order delivery in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, France, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, and more. *Alcohol in select markets. 21 to purchase. Item availability varies by market. See app for details.

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Book Name Uber Eats: Food Delivery
Genre Food & Drink
Language English
E-Book Size 340.45 MB

Uber Eats: Food Delivery (Uber Technologies, Inc.) Book Reviews 2024

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None. None

Always on time with fresh food and great service!. Uber eats has never disappointed me. It has always provided me and my family with fresh food and great service. Delivery time was always as estimated and the delivery people have always been so pleasant. Thank you Uber Eats!

ZERO STARS!!. If I could give this app zero stars I would. My past 4 orders have had missing items and only one of them they gave me a refund for. I just ordered, waited an hour for my food just for them to cancel my order. Obviously this could change but in the app it says they’re keeping my tip money, my delivery fee, and my service fee, only giving me a refund for the food items. I’m severely upset.

Can I pay cash Becouse I don’t have credit. Can I pay cash Becouse I don’t have. A credit card pls

Don’t pay for priority. You pay for priority and the order is always late. You don’t pay. It’s still late. Don’t bother with priority or this app. Food is never on time. Always late. Sometimes cold. Use DoorDash.

Worst delivery app don’t recommend. They don’t care about customers! They just going to take your money and don’t give the products that you brought. I highly recommend another delivery app!

The worst customer service. After being Customer for years and a regular user, their customer service is awful. I had an issue and reached out to them. They barely did anything and then hung up on me use any other app at this one

Constantly never getting what I ordered or no order at all.. Stop me if you’ve had this happen to you too. It’s 9pm and you just got off a 16 hour shift. You have nothing left in you to cook. You order you and your spouse something like Panda Express ,you tip an outrageous amount only to find the bag opened and only one meal and rice all over the bag. Every time I order from this app it’s a 50/50 coin toss if my food is going to arrive. Either the delivery person is not fit to deliver food or y’all have a huge theft problem. Sometimes the profile doesn’t even match the person delivering. I’m going to keep the app until this review is accepted and then delete the app. Y’all have stolen so much money and food from me. No more.

First Time Customer. Honestly , was my first time using Uber eats and it was fast easy and they gave me a coupon , I honestly will be recommending this app to all my contacts 😊

The west has fallen. Everyday we stray further towards more absurd pricing that is anything but understandable. Coming from a food courier of 3 years, I can assure you that these companies are redesigning their prices to maximize their profit, and their main target is the courier. Their should be no reason why a 12 dollar meal costs 30 dollars to deliver from 4 minutes away, and its even more absurd that you ask the customer to tip the courier, even though you guys can definitely afford to shy 2 dollars from “other taxes”. I hate you, and I hope you know everyone else does too UberEats.

Got it on your. Be careful in case you’re in

.. Me an hecho un doble cargo por un pedido q hice.

Best Service. App works good and the drivers are professional.

Got it from a. Be careful and have you

Did they say anything about it. Very nice but it is so

Meh.. Really good app but sometimes is stupid that just because it happens that you had made valid complaints if you do to many they will block your account if you need to complain again.

Now we have another problem after the last problem was fixed (and still haven’t been contacted).. My first problem was the app and website not allowing me to sign in due to never being sent the verification code to my email. After writing a bad review (and no contact from the company), I miraculously start receiving the email verification code and can now sign in. Now, every time I go to checkout my order using the app, I get an error message stating, “We’ve detected a problem.” And refers me to the help page. I go to the help page and click “Help with an order,” and get the response, “It seems you have no orders,” even though my order is clearly in my cart… This, on top of having no phone number to call, is INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING! I’m wanting to utilize the Uber One free trial, where the delivery fee is waived, and the time is running out due to these ridiculous problems. I’m hoping once this issue gets resolved, I am granted a reissuing of the 7 day trial. Thank you in advance for your response.

Do not trust the estimated times. They will tell you an estimated time, then once you actually place the order it will be consistently 20 minutes later that your food actually arrives. They will acknowledge the problem to apologize, but will not escalate in order to fix the user interface.

Tasty food ever !!!. Love it your Bruschetta . Keep good work 🥰

Unable to recognize an address. I am trying to order but the app doesn’t recognize my new address ? How is that even possible ? I have a membership and it not a great experience!

Delivery Times Are A Lie. They’ll take the charge for priority delivery and the driver will accept a 20% + gratuity, but what you get in return is deliveries way past the initially guaranteed time. The guarantee, I’ve found, is that delivery times are a lie.

Convenient but needs support!!. Although it is very convenient to have the food delivered to your door, more times than not the order is incorrect or missing items. There is no safe measure with most restaurants as they tell you to contact Uber eats for your refund. Then when that happens, I’ve been refunded for the cheapest item after spending $70-$100 each order I was refunded five dollars after my family’s entire dinner was ruined!! I still use it, but I only order from two places, knowing they are going to get the order right and complete!!

Horrible customer support!. Drivers keep stealing your orders and customer support does not provide you with help and they are very rude to you hanging up the call on you while you’re are talking to them. Asking to transfer your call to a supervisor or manager and they being rude to you by saying that they are not going to provide you with help. I’m never using this app ever again. Poor organization. Uber please check out what people you have working for you!

Better than DD. About the same as DoorDash except the fees are cheaper, you have more time to cancel an order, and there are more promos for older users not just for new users

Very nice but it. Get a hold for him

DO NOT USE. JUst the worst experience and company I’ve encountered. Waited an hour for my food and then they cancel the order. Support tells me to F off. Will never use again

A bunch of “too big to fail” crooks. I’ve been using Uber and Uber Eats for years. Like….many years. I’ve spent thousands of dollars with them and recommended them to friends. Uber Eats orders get messed up sometimes, it happens. The thing is… that they refuse to refund you for those orders, even when you have photo proof and the driver can corroborate. I’ve filed a dispute with my bank because they messed my order up so badly. Customer service is a joke. Am deleting both Uber apps and have advised my clients to pull their stocks.

ubereats. hate it, worst app to be on.

Great app!. Working like a charm

Delicious. After long wait SLC got the real Indian food made by professional hoteliers 🙌🏻. The food taste like real Indian street food style . When I heard the owners are actually professional chefs with hotel background I thought to give a try and it’s worth the try 💯. Wish them all the best for fast growth 🤝.

Uber Eats not transparent. As of writing this, there is a promo for wingstop. Spend $25 get 10 free wings, only available to Uber one members. I have tried several locations and haven’t been able to utilize this deal. It is not okay to receive email offers for deals that do not work.

Too many notifications. Yes

The Best. Best Experience

Refused to honor promotion. Uber eats refused to honor a 40% off up to $15 off promotion for me. There was a system error on Ubers end. The reason I know this is because it happened to me three times in ten days and the second time I addressed the issue the representative admitted it was a technical issue on their end and refunded me my money along with the first time it happened. The third time this issue arose I spoke to three separate representatives and they all sent me the same automated message telling me to redownload the app and refused to give me my money back. Two of the representatives ended the chat on me and refused to acknowledge the issue. They definitely have some sort of script for the reps that allows them to help you only so often within a certain period of time. To me that is not customer service when you send me robot responses. Admit your mistakes and honor your promotions

😋. its great cuz the delivery fees are good and reasonable

terrible. non stop kept declining my card even though i have thousands of dollars in my account it was insanely annoying i had to finally switch to apple pay for the 5th time on a 4th restaurant which is insane terrible app

Order arrive extremely late. My order was “delayed” with no contact from Uber Eats. Uber eats wanted me to accept an order 2 hours after I placed it, while offering me a $5 refund. I do not recommend this delivery service.

Uber driver cancels order do to “closed roads”. How is that you can’t place a review on an Uber driver after they cancel an order do to closed roads as an excuse, when there’s no closers and Uber just gives you 10 dollars as a refund. This can happen to the next customer that gets this driver. It’s obvious she kept the food to herself. I hope no other customer out there gets this treatment.

Worst app ever. They take your money, give you the wrong food and not give your money back! Never using this app again!

Great African Food in NYC. The food is fresh, tasty and appetizing. Atmosphere appealing. Will visit again


Hulu 👎🏽 needs to be rework on .. I hate how Hulu works , it’s always ad’s every 4mins before you even watch the show . Then when the add comes on it’s soo loud and won’t turn down . We get 2 ad’s it’s very aggy and I dislike it . When the ad come on it’s so loud it’s louder than the regular show you watching on your tv

Total fruauds. If your promos not working they will tell u to pay for it then call back and they will refund your money, it’s a lie they gonna offer u it in credits, even after the previous rep said to pay for it and they will refund money, there liars and money hungry criminals, if that’s the case why didn’t they just give the credits at the very beginning that’s there way in getting your money, never again and trust me u don’t wanna deal with this d list company go to door dash or grub hub who actually puts there customers first and honor what they said they we’re gonna due! Now on to the chargeback because it’s not about the money it’s about how they scammed me and actually think it was gonna be over my bank will get it back from them

Worst delivery time. I explicitly opened App Store and submitting this review means this bad the delivery time is.

Waste of time. Ordered food never came, had to re-order and now they’re harassing me to add random items. Dude, I regret using you to begin with.

Calls me by the wrong name.. The app works as expected but the notifications always start “Laura, ….”. My name isn’t Laura. I don’t know anyone named Laura, and I definitely haven’t ever had that name associated with any of my accounts, phones, et cetera. At this point, it’s kinda funny but also a little concerning.

Meh…. The delivery was great. The food rather bland and stale. I ordered fortune cookies (8) and they were stale, as was the crispiest that come with the soup. The shrimp toasts were greasy and had no hint of shrimp flavor. The spring rolls were well wrapped and fine. The won ton soup had no spring onions or other aromatics in it, but was generous with three plump wontons. Don’t think I will be ordering again anytime soon.

I spent $38 on my food. The food was cold as ice. This is unacceptable.. I spent $38 on my food and my food was cold as ice. This is unacceptable

Terrible Customer Service. Driver dropped my location order off at a wrong location. Tried to get in contact with the driver but unfortunately he didn’t speak English. Tried to get help from the app but after the slow and unresponsive customer service, the said I exceeded help attempts! Couldn’t get a refund.

Meh. Decent UI. Too many clicks to get thru checkout. Too many alerts, notices, and requests to provide lots of feedback for every order. Could be way more simple of an app

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Uber eats. Awful customer service takes money out your account when you haven’t before your order goes through then don’t give you a reference number and the deny you have an account worse than deliveryroo

Satisfactory. Satisfactory

Charged me without my consent. Uber eats charged my bank card without my consent. I never placed the order. I shared the transaction details provided by my bank and Uber eats came back to me they were unable to find the transaction in their system. Theft !!!!

Poor communication. Had so many orders that were delayed and the never arrived. No communication with myself to say why. Delete this app. Deliveroo is so much better.

Terrible service. I ordered five basic items from my local Asda only one arrived but I was charged almost £6 for a £1.40 carton of milk never again !Murphy1967!

Wrong irders. Orders are wrong most of the time , shocking

Cancelled orders. 3 times I have had my order cancelled on me so far

Do NOT order with UBER EATS if you have a MEDICAL condition. UBER EATS do NOT investigate any Medical/allergic accommodations, so EVEN if you state no nuts on order description, and the restaurant gave you peanut butter all over your meal. UBER WILL NOT intervene and tell you to WRITE A LETTER to a random address in the USA.

STUDENTS PLEASE AVOID DO NOT USE. BE WARNED REVIEWS ARE MANIPULATED. DO NOT USE THIS IF YOU ARE A STUDENT. I ordered from here with a £10 promotional code and at checkout it didn’t work but my order was placed. I tried to cancel immediately seeing this. There is NO method of contacting them. They do not have a “contact us” page so you will never be able to contact them. You can contact the resturaunt but they will just push the blame on Uber saying that they automatically accept orders and that I should call them but THEY DO NOT HAVE A PHONELINE. Any freshers DO NOT USE. If something goes wrong NO ONE will help.

Cold food. Twice I’ve received my order so cold that it’s not edible. I contacted Uber but didn’t get a response and today I decided to call the restaurant instead. They prepared the meal 40 minutes before I received it so of course it will be cold. I tried tracking the driver but couldn’t as he didn’t seem to have a signal. This is not the restaurant fault but Ubers.

Robbed. The thief sorry I mean delivery driver parked up 2mins away for approx 10 mins (according to the tracking app). I got a notification saying he tried to contact me. I replied to his message saying he was not here. Then I got a notification saying our food had been delivered. I had to drive to McDonald’s and get the same order and pay again. It was for my daughter and her friends for a birthday party. This was a large order and Uber said they can’t refund me as it had been delivered, but not to me!

Genuinely awful. Every single order i have ever had from Uber eats has either been undelivered or just plain bad. I dont know what it is about it but i wouldn't trust it anymore. Just Eat is better in every way

Over charging. All of the items on this app are way more expensive than what they actually are then theres £2 for service and £4.30 delivery putiing what should be a £20 meal from maccies to about £40 absolutely disgusting

Fast. Good food nice and easy

Promo code scam. Always send you promo codes but never works on application

No option to get help in a delivered order. I have had a couple of instances when the items from a grocery order was missing a few items but I was charged for the same. There is no option to lodge a complaint about missing items! I won’t be ordering groceries from Uber eats again.

Awful. We have recently been having many problems with Uber eats, last time we ordered we had missing items and the food was cold. Just this morning we ordered a McDonald’s breakfast at 10:11am. I got notifications until 11am where the driver was 1 minute away and I was getting my shoes on to go meet him at the door. It was at 11:01 I got a notification my order was cancelled. How on earth do you send a driver to deliver food and then it gets cancelled when it was a minute away. I would understand if I had this notification 5 minutes after ordering but the fact I waited nearly an hour to then be told I still have no food on the way and would have to go through the whole ordering and waiting process again is disgraceful. Furthermore as McDonald’s stop their breakfast at 11 and I had the notification my order was cancelled at 11:01, I couldn’t just reorder. I think this is an organisation going down hill and I’m stuck of getting let down by them every time I order with them

Worst delivery app by far. Every single order goes wrong, so much so they will no longer refund me when items are missing cause it’s happened so often. Use deliveroo or just eat instead, save your money.

UBER EATS IS A SCAM AVOID. “THIS COMPANY IS SHOCKING AND GIVES ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE “ I had Non delivery of food from this company, so I contacted the delivery driver who had his phone on voice Mail, and left 4messages, saying I’ve not got my delivery, the driver then blocked my telephone number, so I was unable to call him again So I called Uber eats, who told me the delivery driver waited 7mins outside my house) and tried to call me (THIS IS LIES NO CALL) and they said they could not give a refund because I was not in (LIES) So refused to refund me. So I lost my money 70 pounds and the driver ended up with the food for free ?????? now saying the supermarket doesn’t accept returns, it makes you wonder why the driver is so keen to say no one was home so they can get the food for free, because the supermarket won’t accept food back because of non delivery This company won’t say what happens to the food (that supposedly was undeliverable ? But I think the drivers end up with the food!!!!!!!!!!! Which makes you wonder??????? no contact delivery" so no waiting would be needed. Now they ignore every message I send. Absolutely disgusting customer service. Basically calling customers liars then stealing their money.

Just go get ur food. Iv ordered something big and they refuse to give me a refund or help the second time no one came to deliver my food even tho it said 1 minute away don’t trust these fools

My review. Last time I ordered I got the wrong food

Joke!!. That app is a joke! I was charged over 8£ and have not received anything! I was chatting with bot!!!!

AVOID. I used to have a lot of time for UBER and how much better than Just Eat they were. As of recently my opinion has changed drastically. Lazy drivers who refuse to bring the orders to your actual door with excuses like “I have nowhere to park my bike” and just recently “can you come down and help me bring the bags up as there is a lot” There was 3 bags, how is that a lot? His attitude when he handed me the bags was even worse. What exactly are they getting paid to do. If I had time to go get it I would otherwise I wouldn’t be using uber clearly. Its getting worse instead of better. I think I’ll be sticking to deliveroo from now on.

Complaint. This is the worse service I have ever received. I made a big order and didn’t receive multiple ire and when i companied Uber eats said that the issue had been resolved as the refunded me 50p?!?!?

Not good. Very disappointed to see various fees when ordering. Also for grocery shop where is the £15 off £25 spend?! Nowhere to be seen!

Rip off. Extortionate fees and unacceptable wait times My order was £9 but my I was charged £18 without warning Delivery was advertised as 20-30 minutes and jumped to 1.5 hours after ordering I will not be using again

Scamming.. I have had an issue with almost every order. Some items don't arrive, or even my whole order. I always try to contact the delivery person first- always getting ignored. When I contact Uber Eats for a refund or to get my food sent to me I'm getting a reply saying that I'm not eligible for a refund as I have “suspicious activity on my account”. I don't recommend ordering with them.

Good. But really could be better. Yeah, the food is good. But not when on MOST occasions. I’m being robbed of my money. Precautions and checks need to be made in order to keep the company successful. Too many times now I’ve let this go. When I’m LOSING MONEY. If I am not getting what’s expected in the near future. I’ll be asking for more than just what’s missing in just the one order. I’m 17 and quite honestly I’m not as successful as others. So every penny counts!!!!!

Great app. love it

Constantly nagging and begging for attention. The app CONSTANTLY sends you notifications. It’s infuriating. And I can’t seem to find a way to disable them without blocking all notifications on iOS level, which would mean that I also don’t get any delivery notification. The way Uber is putting users in this position is shameful at best. I think I’ll delete the app and consider other alternatives.

Previous order. Had issues with my previous order. My food was cold sauces was missing from my order, where I was unable to enjoy my food and nothing was done about it.

Terrible. The prices are far higher on this app than others.. the help button is horrendous. WORST APP IVE EVER USED FOR FOOD

Rip off. Delivery 5.00 rip off also uber didnt refund me last time. Will get it myself rather than uber

Delivers better then just eat that forgot to deliver my food and strand it down the road. Uber eats is the best way to go

The worst. Worst food delivery service out there

Don’t Have Customer Support. Customer Support isn’t available, when it is, Agents seem to not bother helping at all.

MOGUL. The best thing about Uber eats is that you’ll never be disappointed top top this is 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

Dietary note support. Mandatory dietary support on all restaurants, at least can add a note during checkout.

Food was good. Why have I been charged for a pass and what does this mean?

Avoid. Pray the order you get is correct as otherwise you are out of luck. I followed the Help process when one of the items was wrong and it was ignored for over an hour and I just got a ‘shrug, sorry’ (but thanks for your money). Publicly getting hold of them via Twitter was more successful but didn’t get a different resolution.

You guys a truly horrible. Customer experience: zero, communication: zero, customer service: none existent. You need to up your game or you will be out of business in a tear or two. But maybe that’s a good thing because no one needs this level of crap.

No compensation. I have ordered multiple times and there has been missing drinks- and they don’t compensate the fat that you need a drink with your meal. They do their review system in a way that’s stressful so you just give up as they take no responsibility for anything. The fact that a complaint review on App Store has been changed to a 5 star rating says it all about this company. They are liars who don’t care about their customers

I want my money back. I payed for a kebab about a month ago and you guys cancelled it but never gave me my money back. I have screen shots and evidence of this.

Rip off for service and delivery charges. It’s unbelievable how expensive Uber service and delivery charges are.p! Learn from Deliveroo to get more business from customers. Not getting any business any time soon I’m afraid.

Refund. I’m not happy with my order I need refund or new order.

Disgusting service. Obviously convenience means that this service will be used more than most however the sheer lack of customer support should be looked at as it is appalling. I ordered a delivery and after waiting for an hour I was informed that my driver had been changed. Obviously I knew that my order had been prepared so previously so I knew that it would be cold. Uber does not allow you to cancel an order in progress so you have to accept the fact that you will receive an inadequate meal. Once a new driver was assigned to my order he finally reached my door, stinking of booze, at which point he told me he had spilt the drink and the food was cold. He then asked me for a five star review. I obviously shut the door in his face but realised this was a mistake as he must have decided not to complete the order; meaning I was unable to request a refund. Whoever is running this really needs to try doing a day’s work as this would get any one of my employees sacked in a second.

Rude customer service. Phone customer service as my ordered arrived cold requested no tomato as I have an intolerance to it but had tomato in then my drink was flat and luke warm after repeating myself 5 times he asked me for the collection code and told me no information on where or how to find it then when I finally told him he said “ the food was delivered on time” so no refund will be issued apart from the drink

Over priced. They charge more than the actual shop and on top of that charge a service fee and charge a delivery cost of over £2 and we are in the cost of living crisis it’s outrageous

McDonald’s winwick rd. Food is often cold. condiments regularly not sent. Bike riders shouldn’t be used, as drinks often spill

NO REFUND?. i still haven’t received my refund of £18.32 so you’re stealing my money!

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Failed delivery. I ordered Maggie’s on 26/9 and delivery says it was 5mins away then a cancellation on the entire order after 42 min wait. I had to arrange dinner else where for my family This is shocking behaviour and leaving a family with no dinner 45 mins late. No calls, no communication and no F*** dinner James Butler - I will never order again. What a shocking failure

Bad service. Always delays

Delivery is not free. Uber claim free delivery but charge service fee. Order doesn’t show up anyway

Bad service. Ordered a bubble tea, came after 1:30 hour!!! All ice melted and taste terrible! Aweful service! Never order with this app again!

i ducking hate uber. if you need support forget about it

Deliveries time. The deliveries takes ages. They always arrived too late, most of time the food very cold. The time that the apps shows is not real, always takes too long

Delivery issue and ignorant customer support. I have been using uber eats for long time but recently I have been facing lots of issue with delivery and today was the worst. I ordered my food and was waiting for it. I already had a doubt from the beginning because the delivery person was more than 2 suburb away form the restaurant. And app started showing that my order will be delayed but I was okay with that. But even though the latest arrival time passed by, the delivery guy was still in the different suburb. And it was showing that he was dealing with some different delivery. After waiting for almost an hour he went to get my order, I could clearly see his location on the uber app. But suddenly the delivery person was changed and the new delivery lady told me that the restaurant was closed already and she couldn’t get my order. That first delivery person didn’t even thought about informing me or apologizing to me because it was his fault that I didn’t get my order. If he was not able to deliver my order then why did he accept my order? When I tried to get help with the customer support team, they told me that my order order was cancelled automatically so I won’t be charged which clearly isn’t the case, because I already talked with the second delivery lady and she told me that she would cancel the order herself but according to this liar customer support guy it was “automatically “. Even though I told him about all this experience his response was completely ignorant. He replied as if it was nothing and Instead he started defending the first delivery guy saying he might have had some technical or personal issue. I totally understand that sometimes suddenly personal issue arises. If that was actually the case then I would have totally understood but I could clearly see his location on the app and it was also showing that he was dealing with some different order. Later on, customer support guy said that he will be giving me $5 voucher for my future order which I didn’t ask for or needed. In a way he was asking me to take that stupid $5 voucher and move on. But I am so done with this app and it’s service. All I wanted was good customer service from them but it was waste of time. I am never going to use this app again.

Mia. I think your place is quite nice because it’s well explained and the app was not glitching.so good job keep it up yay

Completely unwilling to help.. Order never arrived and when I contacted the driver they informed of an address change which I never authorised. When I contacted Uber support about a refund they informed me I could do it through the app which I can’t not. All I want is my money back. Completely useless when they mess up.

Food comes soggy. Yeah its probably better if you pick up your food from now on unless you like soggy food than you do you boo but for me personally l dont like it especially when uber drivers are allowed to do 2+ deliveries while my $40 food is just sitting there getting cold and soggy. l understand its how alot of them make money but omg. Unless you want to spend $40+ on soggy food dont waste your time with this app😬

TERRIBLE CONDUCT. TERRIBLE DRIVER, No communication, no English. Food never delivered!

Service fee. Service fee is a joke.

Wont offer refunds even if the order was wrong.. Vendors constantly give the wrong orders or missing items and now Uber Eats refuses to refund customers. It’s a literal joke of an app when they side with vendors over customers and refuse refunds for wrong orders with photo proof. They constantly up their prices and if you do grocery shopping there are hidden fees in each item you purchase. There are better alternatives, avoid this app at all costs.

Issues never addressed. If you have a complaint or an issue forget about having it resolved

😭😭. It’s telling me to update it but when I tried to, it didn’t show the update button and it made me go back into the app and kept on repeating and repeating, I JUST WANT TO EAT PLEASEEEE😭😭 I AM HUNGRYYYY

Scam Restaurants. Uber eats allows people to open restaurants that sells disgustingly low quality food for obnoxious prices.

iPad landscape mode missing. Most iPads sit in a case, on a desk in landscape mode. It’s quite surprising to see an app from the bad old days locked in portrait like a phone app. I’ve no real complaint with the service, but I’ve deleted the app until this is fixed.

No way to reorder missed items without repaying fees. I ordered groceries and got sent the wrong items for the most integral items in the order. This was fine, mistakes happen and I was easily able to get a refund - but the app had no way to allow me to reorder the items without having to repay the delivery and service fees (which added up to more than the cost of the items I needed to get). All of the help options only allow for specific scenarios and there was no way to contact an actual person. Extremely frustrating and I doubt I will order groceries this way again.

Location issues. The drives always deliver food to parallel addresses ! They left food there for their dog to sniff!!!

No dark mode?. It’s so bright it hurts

No contact or support. I have to say I’m very disappointed lately. I have noticed that you cannot contact anyone when there is a problem. I placed an order and it was accepted then for some reason it was cancelled but they had already charged my account. I can’t get help because the order disappeared from my list and there is no contact Uber or message button without an order. I have had to re- order from a different store and luckily I had enough money to cover it but I’m now out $100.00 and I can’t get onto anyone to fix it so mad as I have other bills to cover and now I can’t not good enough UberEats 🤬

So disappointing. Uber will send you tons of spam messages trying to get you to order. More constant spam if you browse stores looking at food to order. But when you make an order and then patiently wait for your order they’ll just cancel your order with no messages to let you know your order will no longer be fulfilled. Trying to get a refund is next to impossible, there is no one to actually speak to when something goes wrong. I’m so tired of being let down by this app

Don’t bother trying to contact them. I find it funny that my friends in the USA can literally live chat Uber if they have issues with an order. But Australia? If your order doesn’t go through and doesn’t show on Uber but they still charged you (happened to me).. then good luck contacting them or ever getting a response. I had to contact my bank JUST to get my money back cause Uber wouldn’t respond to me.

Expensive. Love the concept, it’s just too expensive most times.

Please stop spamming. Notifications are useful for tracking orders, spams you keep sending are not!

Unjustifiable Price. Because you know you’re here because you have not a better option.

Adverts while ordering??????. Kept interrupting me while tracking order. Bs I cannot overestimate how dumb these guys are putting videos while I’m trying to order. Holy crapvalls.

Promo code/ Uber one. Code aus6jl43l was glitchy

No response from Uber. I sent a complaint and still after 12 hours no agent got back to me!

It delivers food. Well

Promotion - $30off - fake. I clicked on the $30 off promotion in my account and then ordered something >$40 as asked for. The promotion just went missing and I paid the whole amount! I cannot find the $30 off in my account anymore.

Food never came!. I ordered I was charged but can not see the order in my past orders

Too Expensive!!. App is good, just food is too expensive! There is so many fees are included.

Siri Thai order. You charged me for a cancelled order of $101 dollars I will sue

My last reason for using this app is gone. It’s been a little while since I’ve used this app, but I’ve kept coming back because of the refund process and how simple it’s always been. I’ve been happy knowing that, if I had a problem, it was stress-free to get my money back. I had a problem today with one of my items and saw the process had a few extra steps (eg. adding a photo). No problem, happy to do it if it helps weed out the fake requests. However, I was immediately rejected for a refund on the final step. Where is the explanation? There was clearly no manual step for anyone to check the photo I uploaded, so what was the point? I’ve been lucky to not have needed a refund from Uber Eats in a long time, but I’ve heard that you don’t even get actual refunds anymore (only credits). Since there’s no protections on our orders anymore, there’s no reason to use this app over getting delivery directly through the restaurants themselves.

Food and service. Great food service is fantastic always great to deal with

Order from Cole’s and from a Thai place close to my office. The delivery person lied and say Cole’s didn’t had the item I want so he didn’t bring it and he also brought two items that that’s my items ordered. He said Uber will refund me and they never did. I’m over this app. Then I got Thai from my local Thai at work got the wrong order tried to complain and the app refused to save my complaint. I’m so close to writing this on social media and letting others know.

Completely lost control of Delivery. The last few times I’ve ordered, and, paid additional for Priority delivery, I’ve watched delivery people accept the order, then drive around for half an hour, while my food is sitting there waiting, and tonight, even then dropped the delivery all together. Completely unsurprisingly, Food that takes +70 minutes to arrive isn’t particularly appetising OR safe to eat… Then the ridiculous Support Chat Bot powered by very average AI makes it as difficult as possible to actually provide feedback or get any help on the issue. UberEats - charging more than ever, and providing less than ever. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

Bad. Last month work bad i didn’t receive my order few time and today i received deferent order

DoorDash is wayyy better at grocery deliveries. Uber eats is not as good at DoorDash at grocery deliveries. Since the vast majority of my orders are grocery deliveries, this is important. Drivers with Uber eats often get the wrong items or just don’t bother finding your item at all. DoorDash had a superior system of listing alternative items and better drivers and is just wayyyyy better all round. Never using Uber eats again after they refused to refund me on an order that was clearly wrong.

Good choice. Sometimes the delivery drivers can not deliver or cancel but that’s the individual. Uber eats refunds straight away

Delivery time is a lie. Delivery time is a lie, takes 3 times as long as said

Good Survice. Allways on time👌

The apps ok, the service, not so much. Thinking of Quitting Uber eats. The policies around delivery are just not food safe or good for restaurants and customers.

feedback. when someone shares an order with you, the link takes you to safari or whatever and it’s like get the app to track it! and i have the app, it just won’t open in the app or transfer over. thought maybe u could fix this?

yummm. great place so damn delicious, everyone should get from here 10/10 yumm!!

Order arriving consistently late recently. We have used Uber Eats in the past when orders would generally arrive on time. More recently almost every order is delayed by hours and Uber refuses to do anything about it apart from a system generated apologies. Every time the same excuses is not good enough. Uber Eats improve your service else there will no business left, at-least not from me.

Live location??. What is the point of this for people who are at home? Your drivers struggle to find a fixed location and rarely read instructions, how’s a real time GPS location that can drift help the driver find me?? And for people on the move, how does it help the driver find you?

Would be good if all of the restaurants had somewhere to write instructions. The app is good except sometimes there is no where to leave dietary requirements. Some restaurants don’t even have a notes section to write down any intolerances. This should be changed.


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No transparency. There is no transparency for orders, service fee and adjusted amount added without any explanation.

Slow Service. Taking way to long. Don’t understand why you’d tip as it’s taking forever.

Always an issue, yet no one to help. Numerous times I’ve had issues with drives taking extremely long or taking on too many orders so then my food was cold by the time it got to me. But the main issue, is that nothing can be done about any errors from the driver or the restaurant. If I click help to get to customer service it takes me through all these different prompts to get to what my issue is before telling me they have submitted feedback or there’s “nothing they can do” but they won’t route me to an agent. A few times I have somehow bypassed this system somehow and was thankfully able to speak to an agent but when I did they just said they don’t do anything to help customers with “these types of issues” no matter what the issue is. So I’ve wasted a lot of money on lousy food and service. Unfortunately I will probably be sticking to skip or DoorDash despite the higher fees

The worst app that I ever used. The worst food delivery service

Fraud on an order and they won’t admit it. Order came to 46.73 but they charged 65.55 because of a glitch in system (missing discount on individual items) and they give you the runaround. Sad because I was loyal and a Uber one user for years

Dope. Dope

Nightmare using the app after crossing boarder. Once you face any issue, the representative will NOT help you. I had a horrible experience with the customer service that beyond my tolerance. The representative lied to me to make a purchase before he could resolve my issue. But after placing my order, they refuse to solve me problem.

Delayed deliveries with no perks for the delay. This has happened with me twice now, where the delivery was delayed by 45 minutes to an hour, and all the customer care people kept telling me was that sorry for the delay. This is unacceptable when you have repeated the same issue twice

No service with delivery. Have to take a taxi to pick up. Pickup only

Fees are absurd. The fees are getting too expensive. In this economy, it’s unacceptable. I will soon stop using this app.

Nul. Nul nul nul

Frais cachés. Je ne peux jamais utiliser l’entièreté de mes crédits accordés.

Uber cash doesn’t work. Had 100 Uber cash. Tried to pay with it. Kept glitching had to add my credit card and pay. Useless 100.

Frequent user, wish restaurants got better rates. While I use Uber Eats all the time to save time and to try new food in my area, I wish they were more fair with the percentages they charge restaurants. It’s part of the reason why prices are higher on food delivery apps. Let restaurants keep more of their income. Uber can certainly afford to let them have more, and I want to support local.

Absolutely awful. Absolutely awful. I was charged $27 tax on a $46 order. I tried to get help three times from the support team and each time they say they can’t help me and that they would refer me to a specialized team. They say the specialized team would email me but it has been 4 business days and I have not heard back.

Good customer service. Always on top

No refund when missing order LOL. 0/5

難用. 我努力湊成201元,卻很難結帳時看到送的豆漿,很奇怪,弄了很久,

Always there. Thanks I can count on you!

Uber eats is the worst. Uber eats has the worst customer service they don’t give refunds when they charge you twice for one order they make you wait for a hour to try to fix it but then hang up on you and don’t get it resolved so I have to waste more time trying to get my refund of the money they took out of my account for a order I never order or received

Great app!!. Awesome app to use when travelling or just short on time! Uber eats is like having a personal assistant to take the load off your busy schedule! Thanks Uber!

Trash. Honestly the worst food delivery service. Save yourself the headache and wasted money and use doordash. This company is hot trash, always has been and always will be.

Garbage. Have ordered twice and so far both times I’ve had someone on a bicycle first time took over two and a half hours, food was soggy and cold asked for some help was given 10 dollars and basically told to F off. Horrendous, skip the dishes or DoorDash 10x better.

Terrible. I paid 22$ for 2 drinks . I received my drink and theres no topping as asked . I message the support because i pay extra money for this topping and they refused to give me back my money for the stuffs i paid and never received. Very bad service go with door dash .

Convenient, but cripplingly pricey. I’ve used this app since lockdown 2020. At the time I was bedridden with an illness for 3 months and couldn’t receive any help since everyone was terrified to leave their homes. Ended up getting addicted to this app, even though I’m a decent chef and don’t need it when I’m able bodied. Sounds silly, but I’ve seen Uber Eats financially ruin my friends. I’ll start with the positives. The service is pretty decent. Food arrives quickly most of the time, and although I’ve had drivers screw up many times, Uber is usually good about refunding you. Hell, most of the time the help option is automated and you’ll get your money back in seconds. The U.I is also quite easy to use, and the search function even lets you look for specific dishes or cultures of food if you don’t have a specific place in mind. Honestly it does what it advertises. The reason I give it a bad rating and recommend strongly that you uninstall is this. The prices are astronomical. Take your average Mcdonalds 10$ meal for example. Well naturally they’re going to jack up the menu prices a few bucks to account for their fee to Uber, right? Next, don’t forget that Mcdonalds is 2 major roads away, so get ready to pay a good 3.99$ for the delivery fee. Oh, but we’re not done, time to cough up that 3$ for the service fee. And for the cherry on top, make sure you tip your driver generously or expect to wait an hour for the app to find you the only driver willing to bring your food for your selfish, evil 15% tip. You monster. Uh oh, wait a second. Is your food ONLY 10 dollars??? Well now you get to pay another 2$ for the small order fee (yes this is real). Better order a more expensive meal next time buddy. Jokes aside, you get the point. Your 10$ big mac combo just ran you 25$. Unless you pay 9.99 a month for Uber One, but here’s the catch. Not every single restaurant will give you the Uber One discounts, and if they do, you have to have 15$ worth of food in your cart BEFORE fees for the service to count. Seriously, stay away. My best friend and roommate have ruined themselves by staying on this all post lockdown. One of them spends 75$ a day on this app, and she used to cook regularly. She’s too broke to pay her bills on time now, and that hole is only getting deeper. Just cook, or go pick up some local takeout.

Irresponsible. Always late

G. Gggs

Why is that app so clunky. Swear I’m turning notifications off if you keep sending so many what the hell let me eat in peace I don’t need tip thank yous and reminders to rate the crappy service AGAIN. Rating pages keep swooping away. Tip adjust pages just go away then asks you to rate the food again and then you complete the review and it’s “thanks for tipping” like ayo I wanted to adjust it but you dismissed the screen??

Works for me - I can tip the store!. I like that I can donate to the restaurant to thank them for the service of preparing my meal. I know it can be frustrating and they deserve a tip too. Hopefully the management passes it on to the staff!

Way too many questions. Cool it on the add ons

Uber one messed up order refused to even acknowledge their wrong. Uber one officially the worst delivery app, their customer service is rude, I got ripped off so many times

Explications. Même si on comprend l’inflation actuelle. Cela devient très beaucoup trop cher de commander sur Ubereat !! Prix revus à la hausse déjà de chez le fournisseur. Plus les frais et les taxes des frais !! Bref, pour ma part je fais de plus en plus attention. Mais je tiens à souligner les efforts fournis pour que cette application.

awful. this is actually stupid they sent me a code to get $40 off my order for it to say that the promo doesn’t work. but it’s not even expired yet. uber eats sucks don’t get it

Uber Walkers?. My food was delivered by an uver walker?! The food order was given out by my restaurant timely long ago but my deliverer "walked" to my place with the food and what would have taken max 30mins for delivery if driving took 2.5 hrs!! So obviously my food was very cold and soggy by the time it arrived and not food safe any more. Definitely don't recommend uber eats to anyone who care about safe and hygienic food. What company even allows people to WALK 148 minutes to deliver the food that by the time it reaches it's not even safe!

Food Always Cold, they need to sort out. I don’t know if it’s the company or the drivers, but the food is always always cold. Pre covid, uber eats was good, but now is crap. A few times have contacted the restaurant, and been told the food has been ready for a half hour (restaurants i know from experience have the meals cooked quickly). Yet on the app it says the restaurant is still wrapping up.

AGAIN!??!. Still randomly changing my address (and removing my instructions).

Good app but it’s getting expensive. Expensive

Thieves. Contacted support for the first time in weeks because I ordered the same thing as I usually do (2 for 1 promotion). Got charged the full price and only got one unit even though the promotion was still ongoing. Careful using this service, you won’t even get served in your preferred language………. Rip off thieves

Rien reçu. Il n’est pas venu

Lying Customer care Agent. I received a very bad quality food and complained about it. The customer care agent of uber eats told me that I will receive a refund of full amount within 3 to 5 business days. Its been more than 2 months and I did not receive anything. Moreover when I reported to uber eats again and other agents told me that there is no proof of communication with first agent regarding the refund. The company knows that customer will eventually give up for refund if he gets tossed around like this between agents. Seems to be very bad agents. No work ethics at all.

Awful service. Missing items and food wasn’t fully cooked and they won’t do anything.

Very bad user interface.. I loved Uber Eats a lot till this incident. I initially ordered food from a restaurant to my old address. I tried to search for the edit option in the app. It was just a couple of minutes, so I cancelled and re-ordered my food from same restaurant. So I got charged twice. I dont know who had the last laugh here, but I lost my money because of the App’s bad interface. Before cancelling, if I would have got any prompt of not getting the refund I wouldn’t had cancelled and could have done anything to get it right. But Uber had to take my money. I got no supportive response from the customer support as well. Being a student, I recommend other students to support me by switching to another app for ordering food and not waste money on Uber.

I love this app. i am very happy with uber

WORST Customer Service. It doesn’t get worse than Uber/Uber Eats. First, it's pretty much impossible to get a hold of someone with support. Second, when you are able to finally reach someone and explain the situation, they completely disregard your concern! The amount of times my issue was not properly read, given no supportive reasoning, and then a response saying "Thank you for understanding, we are going to end this chat now". Completely cutting off the customer before the issue is even given any consideration! Terrible, awful customer service system.

Avis. Les frais de livraison sont chère

Instructions. It would be fantastic if your drivers could learn how to read instructions…

Awesome. It’s the best!!!

Discount won’t apply. Paid for the Uber One, only received the discount on some orders, not all. Was not given a refund for not receiving what I paid for, because the my previous order had a discount on it whereas my last few attempts did not have the reduced fees at all. There’s better services, Uber is always more expensive than the rest! And only works sometimes :)

Refund. I commanded a large trio from mont tacos, I only got the sandwich (small) and didn’t get any of my drink/fries. I asked for a refund and they gave me 2$. Can you explain the situation to me or just refund me please.

Thieves with no shame in their game AVOID them y’all!. This company is a JOKE. They overcharge you as they do not bind by flyer discount while the flyer is still valid. They remove promos on you without you knowing, they refuse to refund money for CANCELLED ORDERS! And as if it wasn’t enough, they even give no excuse or compensation when they send you sushis with FISH BONES IN THEM and I have proof for all I am saying. Shame on you UE. What goes around comes around, you will always be the worst. I am suing these clowns for false advertising and hazarding my health with no apology or compensation if a manager does not see this and step up to erase some of this shame. But regardless, NEVER AGAIN UBEREATS,

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