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Chelle Bliss

Maneuver by Chelle Bliss Book Summary

This isn’t how fairy tales typically begin, but it’s where mine starts…

No money, no phone, and abandoned on the streets of Chicago.

With my baby in my arms, I wander into a bar in a shady neighborhood and ask to use their phone.

When my father turns us away and completely disowns me, the bar owner, and total hottie, offers us a place to stay…no strings attached.

I’m leery at first. Hot alpha guy. Down on her luck single mother. I mean, who wouldn’t be?

Lucio Gallo isn’t like most men, though. He’s fiercely protective, loyal, and did I mention he’s covered in nothing but muscle?

Above all else, he’s everything I need but never knew I wanted.

Book 1 - Maneuver
Book 2 - Flow
Book 3 - Hook
Book 4 - Hustle
Book 5 - Love

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Book Name Maneuver
Genre Suspense
Language English
E-Book Size 1.95 MB

Maneuver (Chelle Bliss) Book Reviews 2024

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So hot!!!. Oh my!! If you love the Men of Ink this is for you. If you enjoy hot panty melting men this story is for you. It’s hard not to like a man who is sexy, smart, considerate and can handle a baby. Lucio Gallo is that man. As soon as he and Delilah meet all bets are off. He is an alpha male with just enough sweetness to knock Delilah off her feet. This family is the kind everyone wants to be a part of . I loved this story so will you !!!

So good!. Loved this book! Lucio lived up to the Gallo name of precious Men of Inked books. I loved this couple and the sweet little baby girl Lulu. Can’t wait to read more.

Eh. No

Ecstatic for more Gallos. One of my favorite series ever (many many re-reads) is Men of Inked, with their crazy tight loving family (and uber hot men). So I can’t even explain how ecstatic I was to hear that the Gallo’s were back, but this time the Chicago family. It starts off with an oh my gosh moment, and just takes off running from there. Delilah is a pillar of strength, even when put in a situation no mother ever wants to find herself in. Strong and brave and loving. She meets Lucio who is generous and caring and protective (let’s not forget hot & yummy!) A moment of kindness turns into a world of more. You can’t help but fall in love with this family, with Lucio and his amazing self, Delilah and her incredible strength, Lulu with all her adorableness, and of course Betty. Ya gotta love Betty. I completely loved this book. I’m so happy it’s the first of many (lots & lots, right Chelle? ;) ), and that we’ll get to know the Chicago Gallos as well as the Florida Gallos. I can’t wait to read more!! Hurry up and get started!!!

Chicago Gallos are scrumptious!. Love this family and the Chicago crew too!!

Southside Rules. What a great start to the Men Of Inked Southside Chelle, I absolutely couldn’t not put it down. This Lucio and Delilah story they are complete opposite to each other and from different side of the tracks. Delilah and baby daughter Lulu have been dumped out on the side of the road late at night by her alcoholic father, She goes in to a bar thats owed by Luico and his brothers and sister its the only one open on the street late at night. They have an insta-attraction thats it want to no more you just have to ONE-CLICK NOW to read there story in full. You will not be sisappointed when you read this, I won ARC copy.

Maneuver. By chelle bliss I can’t tell anyone enough how great this book is you just have to read it for yourselves! Bookbub

So good. This was a insta-love, feel good, sexy as h$ll romance between two people from different worlds. Lucio thought he had it all and Delilah was at the lowest point in her life. All that changed the night she walked into his bar and asked for help. I can’t wait to read the next book “Flow”

Love love love. OMG this book was so good. I’m absolutely in love with Lucio Gallo. I loved seeing Delilah find her inner strength and Betty is forever my favorite Mom

Maneuver. The men of inked is one of my favorite anthologies and this spin off does not disappoint. Chelle ability to develop characters that are dynamic, loving. Loyal, honest is matched by no one else. This booked hooked me on page one as I felt the plight of Delilah and Lulu. This book made me feel every emotion as the characters developed, the chemistry is undeniable and the story is fervent. A great book I’ll read again.

Very good story. I loved the chapters from the male point of view. The author was successful to showing emotions and vulnerabilities that anyone can relate to and i cant wait to read the next one.!!

Wow gallos!. This book is pure Italian hotness! Read this book in one day cause I couldn’t put it down. Ready for the next one!

Loved. Well this author has done it again. I just loved this story. Delilah had a lot of responsibility. She had a daughter to think about her her father was not making it any easier. Right off the bat we get to see what kind of man her father really was. I can not imagine what it would of been like to have been raised in a home with no love. I love that she did not want that for her daughter. Lucio was the kind of guy that could melt your panties. He was also a kind soul. He was a type of person that could not just look the other way when someone needed him and maybe that is one of the reasons he helped Delilah. He saw this scared woman that needed help. I just loved Lucio mom. She was so funny. I love how she was trying to push Lucio and Delilah together. I could also see how much she really loved her kids. I love that motherly love that she shown Delilah. It was just what Delilah needed. There are plenty of steamy parts and truly me when I say the author does not disappoint. I truly loved seeing in the story how Delilah blossomed and really came out of shell. I also loved how she discovered that family was not always blood.

Great book hard to put down. Although the story moves rather quickly with its events. It was still a good read!

Only five stars?. I’d give more stars if I could! Delilahs father is a cold, evil drunk and lets her know he wants nothing more to do with her now that she has a baby and the “sperm donor” is not around. Left on a sidewalk with just the baby; Delilah walks into a bar and meets the man who has just met his future. Luc owns the bar and goes into protection mode when she can’t get the car service to take her home. Luc drives her to the penthouse but, she’s turned away. This is not your average love story; they fall in love quickly, but Luc doesn’t want to rush anything knowing Delilah has been through an emotional roller coaster. He also worries about not being able to stay faithful to Delilah, so they both have trust issues. Thank goddess the sex isn’t just for the author to keep the reader interested; the sex scenes are seductive and very erotic and you know Delilah and Luc love each other. Luc starts adoption process so Lulu will have a real father who loves her and will protect her. The wedding is a big party with a surprise you won’t see coming - make this book your next read.

Good. Good fast...was able to read in one day

Entertaining. Great book with wonderful and interesting characters. The plot wasn’t earth shattering but it was intriguing enough to draw me into the story. I like that the story wasn’t filled with annoying angst between Lucio and Daphne. The stories about the Gallo siblings are going to be fun to read as well as getting more details about their parents story. Until next time y’all happy reading.

Good listen. Enjoyed both of theses audio books. Maneuver is my favorite of the two. Both have the signature steam, parts of the Southside Gallo saga. Have to say Betty has way more stamina and patience then I would ever have. Enjoyed the drama and interactions of Lucio and Delilah. Daphne and Leo, have a good story. Both were good listens, romance, steam and story, can’t ask for much more.

Sweet and romantic. Great story. I was happy that the heroine became a bit sassy along the way. I was happy that Lucio was not a billionaire like some love stories. I also like that Delilah didn’t look down on his family since she was used to having money and how Lucio welcomes her and Lulu. I didn’t like the ending as much with the surprise.

Amazaballs. Delilah is one strong fierce woman. Love how Delilah finds her inner strength and turns her life around for herself and her daughter.. Lucio is one amazing compassionate man. He goes above and beyond to help Delilah and Lulu out. What neither of them plan on happening is the connection they have to each other. What a way to find instant love. What an amazing story of strength and love.

Too rushed. Too rushed

The Gallos Are Back!!!!!. Maneuver The Gallos are back and I couldn't be more happier to be back in their world!!!! Maneuver is book one is the new series about the Gallo family set in the southside of Chicago. What an excellent way to start off this series. When I read Maneuver it literally felt like I was coming home. It's a different city but the same loud, hilarious, noisy and alpha Gallos. Lucio is my new favorite Gallo man. He is so sexy and down to earth yet still has a strong and protective alpha male personality. Delilah is a kind hearted and spirited single mother of a young baby who comes from a very different world and lives in the more affluent part of town. The story begins with Delilah's drunk father dumping her and the baby in the street at night on the southside of town leaving her with only the clothes on her back and nothing else. Delilah stumbles into the Gallos' bar and Lucio and Delilah's mutual attraction is immediate. Of course, Lucio is more than willing to help by providing her with a job and a place to live. I loved the way their relationship develops, their connection is amazing and their sexual chemistry is packed with so much heat!!! And reading how Lucio takes care of Delilah's baby is so swoon-worthy and made my ovaries explode. I don't want to spoil it but there are two distinct things about Lucio that will have your tongue wagging and panties melting!!! Maneuver is a fun, fast-paced, easy-read with a consistent and engaging plot. Ms. Bliss did a fantastic job with writing a light hearted and entertaining book. Mrs. Gallo and the Gallo siblings are without a doubt the best secondary characters and their antics are hysterical!!!! I absolutely cannot wait to read more books in this series.

Sweet. The story is so sweet ( I know it’s fiction, but really?) that my teeth hurt.

Loved this Southside extension of The Gallo's. I'm a huge Chelle Bliss fan and an even bigger fan of her Men of Inked series! I've read and reread it tons of times. Even own them in paperback! I was anxiously awaiting more once this book was released and the author did not disappoint!!! Lucio is the sweetest, super hot and crazy swoon worthy...Delilah & Lucio together, I'm madly in love ❤️ The ending...oh my heart! I highly recommend this book, author & series ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Okay. I love the characters and the writing style. She keeps you wanting more. But this book was a little too far fetched and definitely had some cheesy parts that made me cringe. Ive read her other series and loved it but I wont be reading the next in this series.

Nope. The story line doesn’t develop enough. Immature writing.

Maneuver. Sweet story! I really did enjoy reading it. Worth your time to read!

NEW GALLOS!!!. Boy how I’ve missed the Gallo family, and even though Maneuver is a spin-off of the OG, their cousins are just as rowdy, just as smart mouthed, and just as controlling and domineering as their Florida counterparts. Book 1 in Chelle Bliss’ Men of Inked: Southside is Lucio Gallo’s story, and I love that Lucio’s introduction to the heroine, Deliah, is reminiscent of a certain kickass couple from the original Men of Inked. From the moment Lucio and Delilah meet and he decides to help her and her young child, they both become honorary Gallo members, and when it’s clear that the attraction between Lucio and Delilah can lead to something they both want and need, the Gallo charm and protective nature comes out and despite some hesitancy by both Lucio and Delilah, it’s beyond clear to readers that they’ve met their ‘one’ and now need to figure out a way to make it forever. At the heart of any Gallo story is the importance of family; they are a tight knit group of caring and loving people who have each other’s back at all costs, and the person who brings them all together, meddling in any way she deems necessary, which proves that Betty, the Southside Gallos’ mother, is just as crazy and loving as Maria. I love that Chelle Bliss decided to go back to her writing roots…back to the family who introduced readers to Bliss’ kickass alpha males and the sassy and sexy women who tame them and make them one woman men. I can’t wait for more stories from these South Side Gallos, and I’m hoping that as readers become more at home with this family that we’ll get the opportunity to catch up with the Florida Gallos because their cousins’ stories make me miss them even more. 4 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)

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Rushed. The story lune is a sprint. No slowing down. It’s like all the ideas need to fit in a number of words. His character is so dull, yes for everything. For a paying book, I expected better.

Enjoyed It. I'm a big fan of the Men of Inked series so I was over the moon to find out that Chelle was bringing us more from the Gallo's. As you can imagine this was a super sexy read and a really nice easy book to read. The story was engaging and flowed really well, although there were times where I wished the story had been fleshed out a little more. Chelle really succeeds in delivering the close knit family feel that you can't help but fall for and I look forward to more from the other family members. Lucio was an absolute sweetheart and someone I easily warmed to and Delila had an inner strength that really shines through that means you instantly want great things for her. They had great chemistry together, however, for me their relationship was a little too insta for my tastes and after that initial boom, I would have liked for things to have slowed down a little and develop on a deeper level. All in all though, a nice start to a new series and I certainly look forward to more from the Southside. I was provided with a copy of this book from the Publisher; there was no inducement or obligation.

A must read new series. This is a really good start to this new series. Great characters and a quick paced storyline. Were introduced to a new family within the Gallo name and they seem like their going to be lots of fun. They've got a fun family dynamic and I think each book is going to be better than the one before. Lucio is super hot and super strong. His core values and his passion for right and wrong are his best qualities. He's in the perfect place to help out a damsel in distress and luckily for Delilah she walks into the right bar. She's been put into an impossible situation and she's so lucky that she picked the right door to walk through. They've got instant chemistry and his reactions and behaviour towards lulu make you feel how good and pure his soul is. He steps up when he truly doesn't need too, Delilah's heart doesn't stand a chance of not falling for him. There's lots of swoon-worthy moments. It's a fun, sexy, enjoyable story from start to finish and I've already recommended it to several friends. Can't wait for the next book!

Five stars!! More please!!. As soon as I heard the news that there were more Gallo’s coming I was beyond excited! This was yet another addictive read that sucked me in and I couldn’t have been happier! It was well written, storyline was on point and the characters were great. It was everything! More please!

Fab!. Another great book can't wait for the next one 😊

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BOOM Baby..... The Gallo`s are back. If you're a fan of Men In Ink series you are going to love #Maneuver, spin-off series Chicago Gallo`s. If you haven`t read that series yet, you can still read this book without an issue. They are just as brilliant as their cousins, they are sexy and sweet and Alpha just the way we like them. And don`t worry they too have a sassy sister, and she keeps them all in check let me tell you. Lucio is beautiful inside and out, I was trying to recall which one of his cousin`s he reminded me of but he is truly his own man. As for Delilah, is no meek girl let me tell you, she is strong and knows how to stand up for herself. I personally can`t wait for the next release in this series, I`m in love with them already.

Maneuvre. An easy read. Not too heavy on the drama. Father drama faded out without any real bite. But, a good read. 👍👍👍👍😁

Delightful read. Loved the book. Goes to show that having money doesn’t necessarily mean you have class or morals. Well written, with characters in the Gallo family you wouldn’t mind having in your own. Very much a feel good story, shame about the two fathers of Lucio and Delilah.......sadly can’t always chose your relatives.

Maneuver. Fantastic 😍😍😍

Off to a great start in her latest series. 5 star Review Maneuver by Chelle Bliss Well I never thought I could or would fall for another Gallo man but Lucio Gallo hits all my buttons and is totally swoon worthy. There is nothing that I did not like about this man, he just does it for me. Although a ladies man, when the right woman comes along and in this case it is single mum Delilah Miles, he knows his is a goner in more ways than one. From the first page until the last I was captivated by their story and truth be told I didn’t want it to end. This was a smoking hot read that ticked all the boxes for me and in my opinion Chelle Bliss has another winner on her hands. The Chicago Gallos are just as family orientated as their southern cousins and just as inked, tempting and hot. They love, play and are loyal to a fault and for me if they would adopt me I would be so happy. When Delilah and her daughter fall on tough times, thanks to her horrible father, she has no idea how walking through the door into the Gallo’s Hook & Hustle South Side bar will change her life. Lucio and his mother Betty immediately offer her unconditional assistance and it is this that shows Delilah what family is meant to be. Betty was such a great character that I cannot wait to see what mischief she gets up to in future books. I love that at the heart of these books is the love of family and what they will do for each other and for those in need. Chelle Bliss writes with a depth of character that at times comes right out of no-where and knocks your socks off and this book was no exception.

Feel good story. The story was good. It’s a typical feel good story where a single mum and her baby have hit rock bottom, and how they find their way back to being alright again with the help of a hot bar owner with a gigantic heart. There are no plot twists or conflicts that test their relationship, which is not what I typically read so was a little bit disappointed about. Overall, it’s not a bad story. If you’re looking for something easy to read and just want to see justice served, give this book a go.

Manevuer. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sooooo Awesome LOVED, LOVED THIS BOOK CHELLE BLISS You are THE BEST ⭐️❤️⭐️❤️ I have read nearly all of Your Books and this is one of My All Time Verrry Favourite Ones, Such a Beautiful Love Story Your Characters are So Totally Believable this is why I Love to Read. I cannot Wait for your next Book in this Series. XO ❤️😍

Great Start to a New Series. Omg I’m so happy to be back with the Gallo’s and I was so excited that the part of the family from Chicago are getting their own series and let me tell you Chelle Bliss did not disappoint with book one in her new Men of Inked: Southside series if this book is anything to go by this series is shaping up to blow our minds......... Lucio Gallo meets Delilah when she stumbles into his bar with her baby and nothing but the clothes she is standing in and like all the Gallo’s we have meet before this is where Lucio steps up and shows Delilah that there are men out there who will help in anyway they can. Delilah’s ex left her when he found out she was pregnant and up til now she has been living with her acholic father but the night she stumbles into the Gallo’s bar is the night her life is about to change for the better..... I love this family in fact with every book I read I feel closer and closer to the family where loyalty is the number one rule they all live by. The characters have charisma and every couple has sizzling chemistry, this book has everything you can want in a story, love, passion, family loyalty and a few laughs along the way what a great start to a new series.

Hot Damn Who Doesn’t Love A Gallo. When the book contains a Gallo you know it is going to totally melt your heart and have you all hot and bothered. Lucio Gallo is no exception to this rule. The man is a player but all it takes is Delilah Miles to come cautiously walking into his bar with something precious to have him reconsidering his single ways. Delilah is out of her element and with no where else to turn is surprised at how this Gallo family support her and take her under their wing. Their story is about growth, love and discovering that family isn’t always blood related. This first book in the Men Of Inked Southside will have your heart racing, falling in love and swooning over the Gallo men all over again. Bring on the next book because you can never have too much of the Gallo’s.

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Loved it.. This book was so sweet and a necessary read. From the moment I opened it I could not put it down. I read it in less than 5 hours and loved every minute of it. Delilah has a hidden strength that ever woman wants to tap into. It’s the amazing ability to standup to those who treat you badly yet still have enough vulnerability and openness to let others in and experience love. And Lucio is the kind of man every woman wants to find. He’s sweet, protective and yet not overbearing. He’s sexy as sin and but also super caring to a woman who’s down on her luck. Loved the way this book was written and the story line. Definitely recommend!!

Maneuver. What a fantastic read! The first in the Gallo series and I couldn’t put it down❤️

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Summary of Maneuver by Chelle Bliss

The Maneuver book written by Chelle Bliss was published on 31 July 2018, Tuesday in the Suspense category. A total of 2,038 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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