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Angie Fox

The Haunted Heist by Angie Fox Book Summary

From New York Times bestselling author Angie Fox

Just because she can see the dead doesn’t mean Verity Long wants to spend her days hunting ghosts. Instead, she’s over the moon to land a marketing job at the local bank…until she finds her new boss dead in the vault. Even her ghost friend, Frankie, knows that's no way to start a career.

Relieved to let the police take charge, Verity steps aside, bound and determined to keep her ghost sightings to herself. But when she learns the main suspect in the murder is a very crooked, very dead mobster, Verity knows it's up to her to solve the case.

She teams up with her ghostly gangster buddy Frankie, as well as the irresistible and charming Ellis, as the three of them search haunted mob hideouts, hidden passageways, and historic cemeteries for the facts behind the heist of the century—and a modern-day motive for murder.

Too bad uncovering the truth could very well make Verity the next victim...

What Reviewers are saying…

5 Stars!  “ A great ‘who done it’ all the way to the end of the book.”

5 Stars!  “I've read the entirety of Angie Fox's Southern Ghost Hunter series, and have to say that The Haunted Heist is the best installment yet.”

5 Stars!  “Left me feeling like I was in the ghostly speakeasy dodging bullets right along with Verity. GREAT BOOK!”

5 Stars!  “If you’re looking for a sweet, fun, totally take me away series, this is the one for you.”

Rating: Clean and Wholesome

Paranormal Cozy Mystery Romance (with a cute pet skunk!)

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Book Name The Haunted Heist
Genre Cozy
Language English
E-Book Size 2.8 MB

The Haunted Heist (Angie Fox) Book Reviews 2023

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A delight!. Haunted Heist by Angie Fox is the third book in the Southern Ghost Hunter series. Verity Long is trying to get an honest job and stay away from spirits (ghosts, poltergeists). Reggie Thompson, President of First Bank of Sugarland, might have work for Verity. He wants to update all of the banks printed materials. Verity borrows business type clothes from her sister (Verity’s wardrobe is minimal since she had to sell everything to pay Mrs. Wydell) for the appointment. Verity gets the job but is hanging around the bank waiting for Frankie (who is visiting his friend, Suds who died while digging a tunnel into the vault and is still digging). Verity hears a scream and goes running. Carla, Vice President, has found Reggie is dead in the vault. He was killed in the manner of the gangster, Handsome Henry Hagar, who died in 1933. Reggie even had the gangster’s pocket watch on him (which does not make Handsome Henry happy). Did the ghost come back for revenge? Can a ghost kill? Verity wanted to let the police handle the case, but she is the only person who can interview the dead (lucky Verity). Ellis Wydell (deputy and Verity’s sort-of boyfriend) set off to interview gangsters with Frankie’s assistance (who is quite happy to visit his old friends and he wants to find his missing gun). Will Verity be able to find the killer? And will the killer be a living person or ghost? Verity also has to deal with her relationship with Ellis? Ellis’ mother (a real hoyden) does not want Verity seeing any of her precious sons (since she already left one at the altar), but Ellis wants to be with Verity (you cannot help who you love)? Is Verity up for the challenge? The Haunted Heist was just delightful. It has mystery, romance, humor, and ghosts! What more could you want in a book. The only downfall was the mystery was so simple and extremely easy to solve. The Haunted Heist is easy to read and can read finished in a couple of hours. Angie Fox did a wonderful job writing this novel (combining all the elements). The characters are interesting (especially the ghosts) and quirky (like Verity owning a skunk for a pet). I give The Haunted Heist 4.5 out of 5 stars (which means I liked it, but I downgraded because the mystery was a snap). In order to understand everything that is happening in The Haunted Heist, you will need to read the previous books in the series (they are equally delightful). My favorite character is Frankie. Frankie continues to be delightful. He is still obsessed with getting himself free of his urn. I think he is going to keep Verity very busy. I received a complimentary copy of Haunted Heist from NetGalley and the author in exchange for an honest evaluation of the novel.

Verity and Frankie are at it again…solving crimes in the real realm with help from the ghostly realm. Another fun read in the Southern Ghost series from Angie Fox. I swear if Verity didn’t have bad luck she probably wouldn’t have any luck. Verity does manage to improve what goes from a fantastic situation to a horrible situation and solve the crime. You are drawn in such that you are excited when success seems possible and saddened when things don’t go as planned but then again who doesn’t want to cheer for someone that has an adorable pet skunk named Lucy. Frankie the ghost moves a bit closer to having his dreams realized. Ellis pulls a surprise move in their romance. The book was an easy read and very enjoyable. While it isn’t necessary to read the other books in the series before you read this one it certainly helps to understand some of the interactions between the different characters. I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review

The 3rd Verity is finally here!. This is the third book in the Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery series. I'll try to answer the most common questions I receive when recommending a series to people. Do you have to have read the first book? No. This author does a great job catching you up to speed through out the book. So, while there are three main threads that go through all the books, you can start at book three laugh, gasp and enjoy every joke without feeling like you're missing some inside loop. Is there sex? No. This is not one of those type of mysteries, but you do have an on going romantic relationship (ie. new boyfriend & a crappy ex) but it's definitely more mystery than romance. Is it profane? No, I don't find this book or the previous two to have an over abundance of profanity or unnecessary violence. Is it creepy, it says ghost hunter? Parts can be a little eerie but it won't give you nightmares! Think similar to Victoria Laurie's Ghost Hunter series but tamer (without the demons and such) . If you enjoyed MG & Gilley then Verity and her ghostly sidekick Frankie will really become your new best friends. Recommended for people of all ages and lover's of mysteries! Please message me any additional questions you think I should answer in this or my next post. Happy reading everyone!

Another fun read!. *I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review only* Things have taken a turn for the worst for the characters in this installment! Poor Frankie has found out he can be ungrounded from Verity's ancestral home so long as he can find the thing he loves the most, and bury it with his urn near his ashes! However finding out what Frankie loved the most proves to be a troublesome task! That Gangsters feelings are locked down tighter than fort knox! Poor Verity has figured out she wants to give Ellis a chance only to be saddled with Mrs. Wydell who is bound determined to make Verity's life awful while keeping her away from all of her sons! Finally catching a break Verity gets an offer for a job with the local bank doing actual graphic work! Only that seems not to have meant to be, because after having gotten the offer the Bank Manager Reggie is killed in the Vault..... What you say, that sound so unfair! I thought so to. Frankie who went along to case the bank for old time sake swears that Reggie was killed by South Town Gang's hit man Handsom Henry, who has been dead for awhile! So of course Verity can't let the cops hunt for a possibly dead killer all by themselves. However since Frankie is an opportunistic ghost Verity must promise Frankie that she will help him find his favorite gun before he'll help solve the murder. Frankie is pretty sure this gun is what he loves most, and will set him free! I really enjoyed this one. I liked that it was a little more serious than the first two. While Frankie is kind of depressed through a large portion of the book that doesn't mean it still doesn't have the humor, and spunk of the last books! It does; it was cute, funny, and has an interesting plot. Verity and Frankie get themselves into heaps of trouble in this book. They end up needing help from many old friends and a few new friends to find out who the murder is. I'd recommend this one to anyone one who has read the past books, and anyone who enjoys mysteries with a hint of paranormal. Its a cute, fun series though, so you should start at the beginning!

Haunted Heist, Another Solid Southern Ghost Hunters Mystery. The Haunted Heist is the third book in Angie Fox's Southern Ghost Hunters mystery series. In this installment, Verity Long, graphic artist by trade, ghost hunter by vocation, has been offered an opportunity to take on the marketing strategies for the First Sugarland Bank by best friend Lauralee's Uncle Reggie. Everything was going so well in the interview before Reggie went to check out an issue in the vault, only to be found dead moments later. The murder has all the signature characteristics of hitman Handsome Henry but the only problem is, Henry has been dead since the 1920's. As the marketing position disappears before Verity's eyes, she finds her special ghost hunting skills needed to solve what appears to be a murder committed from the other side. With her ghostly accomplice Frankie the German, her special friend Deputy Ellis Wydell, the contacts made in such diverse otherworldly realms as a speakeasy and a graveyard, and a foe bent on murder and greed, it becomes a tight race to discover the murderer and set the recorded straight. As with the previous two books, Angie Fox has scripted a wonderful otherworldly mystery with endearing characters and twisted plots. Her stories paint pictures of a parallel realm of spirits alongside those living today. This book comes highly recommended!

A solid cozy mystery - with ghosts!. I’m not sure why I put off reading The Haunted Heist for so long. I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for a cozy mystery? Regardless, I felt guilty staring at it in my NetGalley queue, so I bit the bullet and started reading. This is the third in a series and I haven’t read any of the previous books. Unfortunately for me, that meant the first chapter was full if info dumping to catch me up on what I missed in books 1 and 2. I read 99% of this book via text-to-speech (aka, listening to a semi-robotic voice read to me while I did other things, like exercise or fold laundry). Text-to-speech is great for multitasking, but I know I missed some things along the way, but it didn’t hurt the story for me. I like the main character, Verity Long. She doesn’t want to have the ghost of an old mobster hanging around, but she’s stuck with him. (I’d have to go read the first books to find out exactly why, see the paragraph above!) The ghost, Frankie, was a blast. Seriously, his questionable morals and zero filter made the book. This story revolves around Verity trying to get a job doing marketing work for the bank, but instead she finds herself at a crime scene. Sounds like this is something that happens to her fairly regularly. I loved the subplot with sexy cop Ellis—and his overbearing mother who hates her. Apparently, Verity was supposed to marry Ellis’s brother, but she left him. It sounds like their Facebook relationship status should be ‘It’s Complicated’ because it is. But they’re soooon cute together! So, basically, after a rocky start, I enjoyed this story full of southern charm and ghosts. I was never completely hooked, but as I said above, I just haven’t been in the mood for a cozy mystery, so I think that detracted from some of the enjoyment for this book. If you’re into cozy mysteries, go pick up this series. It’s a cute, quick read, and book one is currently FREE on Amazon (and maybe other retailers?) at the time of this review posting.

This one flies by!. This one flies by! Angie Fox has released The Haunted Heist, the third book in her Southern Ghost Hunter series. In this new installment, Verity looks forward to a job with the local bank. Life for her will soon be more than a breakfast bar for lunch and borrowing her sister’s clothes when she has an important meeting. What could possibly stand in her way? But when another murder takes place in Sugarland, and Verity is in the building when it happens, and it takes away her first real job, lots of things begin standing in her way of getting a normal life. One of the obstacles is the fact that the main suspect in the murder is a ghost. Verity will again need to borrow Frankie’s power to enter the plane of ghosts and investigate. She owes it to the living—and the dead—to solve this crime. Handsome officer Ellis Wydell provides assistance and companionship. Ms. Fox has packed this volume with humor, a touch of romance, enough suspense to keep the story flying, and plenty of ghostly appearances and cold spots. She also deftly develops her characters into people we love and want to follow right into book four. We hope it will be a short wait.

The Third Installment of The Southern Ghost Hunters Series Moves the Story Line Along!. Verity Long is a graphic artist living in her home town of Sugarland Georgia when she loses everything thanks to a vindictive almost mother-in-law. She’s living in the home her grandmother left her and in the first book of the series she inadvertently “grounded” the ghost of a long dead gangster to her grandmother’s prize rose bush. The ghost, a gangster who seems to have been shot based on the bullet hole in his ghostly forehead, becomes her sidekick and is able to share his energy with Verity allowing her to see and interact with other ghosts. Frankie the German as he was known in life, was a tough guy gangster from the 30’s who knew all of the other bad guys in town and shows Verity a world she wouldn’t have ever seen without him. Oh, and her other crime fighting sidekick is the delicious Sherriff Ellis Wydell, brother to her slimy ex-fiancé Beau. He’s yummy, and nice but tough, and likes Verity as much as she likes him. In this third book in the series Verity has an opportunity to get a real job updating the graphics for the local Sugarland Bank, thanks to her best friends Uncle Reggie, the bank manager. She’s at the bank showing her work when Uncle Reggie is murdered in the vault, but no one can figure out how it happened. Verity, thanks to a shot of Frankie’s energy, is able to talk to the other ghosts and they tell her that this death has the signature of the notorious “Handsome Henry” hit man for the South Town Gang. The only problem is that Handsome Henry, along with the rest of the South Town Gang, has been dead for decades! This leads to Verity and the yummy Officer Ellis Wydell chasing around town and with Frankie’s urn in tow they’re able to hunt the killer in modern times and also in ghostly places that only Frankie can show to Verity. This book is a fun who dunnit that has a satisfying ending and sets us up perfectly for the next installment in the series. It stands alone but there are some characters that could be more richly filled out for readers that haven’t read the first and second books and short stories in the series. As a whole this series is lots of fun and adventure I will continue to read these books from one of my favorite authors.

Haunted Heist a WINNER. At first, when Angie Fox stopped writing about Lizzie, Pirate and her other ‘family’ adventures, I was really disappointed. But this new series has me wrapped up already and salivating for more! Haunted Heist starts with Verity bathing dried banana off her pet skunk and getting unexpected company. I love the interesting characters in her books, like this one that has a ghost that's afraid of Verity's ghost. I love the bits of history that are interspersed in her stories. I really love the continuity in her characters and places. I won't spoil anything, but there's more ghostly romance and we get to go back to a place that figured prominently in a prior book. VERY interesting. I think my favorite part was the ghostly bar fight and car chase. Or maybe the very unpredictable ending. Whatever, this book is a winner all the way. Write faster, Angie!

DELICIOUSLY CUTE AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING !. I adore cozy mysteries, love gripping suspense and totally addicted to anything supernatural but throw in a little sweet romance and I'm totally smitten! Sadly, it's often difficult to find all four elements in one book but fortunately, I've found an author that brilliantly combines them all into one exceptional story. Angie Fox has delighted her readers yet again with The Haunted Heist, the third standalone release in the Southern Ghost Hunters Mysteries Series and I totally loved it! This story is imaginative, unique, exciting, cute, sweet, heartwarming, well crafted and well edited with a beautiful, eye-catching cover. The narrative is exceptionally well written in the first person from the perspective of the heroine Verity Long. The dialogue is smart, well executed and flows effortlessly. I love all the components of this story but it's the characters that completely steal the show. They are fascinating, captivating, realistic, engaging, relatable and humorous. Fox skillfully combines these elements to craft a deliciously cute and delightfully entertaining whodunit filled to the brim with danger, drama, action, mystery, suspense, humor, ghosts and even a little heartbreaking angst and heartwarming romance. Life has been nothing but difficult during the last several months for beautiful aspiring graphic designer Verity Long. She's lost absolutely everything after breaking off her engagement with her cheating, now ex-fiance Beau Wydell, youngest and favored son of wealthy, influential town aristocrat Virginia Wydell. Her graphic design services had been in demand until her almost mother-in-law used her influence to ruin her and her business. Now it seems no one in Sugarland other than her best friend Lauralee, and her almost, still-figuring-it-out, sort-of boyfriend, Ellis Wydell wants to have anything to do with her. And yes, Ellis and Beau are related - they're brothers! Huh? Oh yes, brothers! And let's not forget her sweet little pet skunk Lucy and her very dead, black and white gangster ghost housemate, Frankie. Yup, I said ghost who has become trapped on Verity's property when she unknowingly dumped the ashes from his urn onto the roots of her rose bush. Oh my! After all, she had no idea what they were and what would happen. And now, she's stuck with a not so nice criminal from the flapper era, no money, no job and no prospects - until her bestie, Lauralee rides to the rescue with a potential job offer from her Uncle Reggie Thompson, the new president of the First Sugarland Bank. Maybe things are finally looking up for Verity. Or not! Just when it looks like she may have the job in the bag, Reggie Thompson is called away and murdered in the vault right in the middle of his meeting with Verity! Oh no! Oh yes! And Verity may be a suspect since this is the second murder scene at which she has been present in the same number of months. Last time, her involvement almost cost her life and would have, had it not been for help from her ghost pal, Frankie and handsome law enforcement officer, Ellis Wydell. Nope, she's not getting involved - not again! But it is her best and only friend's uncle and naturally, she'd do anything for sweet Lauralee. But Verity's luck maymay finally have run out this time when a killer sets their deadly sights on her - again. Oh goodness! Will Verity be able to discover the identity of the murderer before it's too late? We'll see!

Delightful book 3 Southern Ghost Hunter series. The third full length novel in author Angie Fox’s Southern Ghost Hunter Mystery series is a delightful tale that sees the return of Fox’s quirky, lovable characters for another round of murder, mayhem, and mystery. This compelling story explores the depths of retribution, revenge, and good old-fashioned greed. When the story opens, we find our heroine, Verity Long, immediately embroiled in a puzzling whodunit as she works with her roommate and resident unsettled ghost, ’20s gangster Frankie the German, to solve the untimely and unnatural death of a close friend’s family member. Verity’s search for clues, and Frankie’s desperate quest to once again freely roam and haunt as he pleases, leads them to a ghostly speakeasy that exists only on an alternate reality plane and proves more than a little dangerous for the two mismatched housemates, and Verity’s would be boyfriend, Ellis Wydell. Speaking of…things are heating up for Verity and her hunky ex-almost-brother-in-law Ellis. Though she is determined to maintain nothing more than a polite friendship with her former beau’s brother, the small town law enforcement officer has other ideas. Both are resolved to stick to their guns, so who wins this battle of wills? You’ll enjoy reading to find out. As always, Fox delivers the perfect mix of history, mystery, and fun, set against a back drop of Southern charm and traditions embedded in life in the American South. Along with her precious pet skunk Lucy, Frankie, Ellis, her sister Melody, best friend Lauralee, and the other colorful characters of Sugarland, Verity Long stars in another entertaining paranormal hit!

Great book from Angie Fox. Fun, exciting with romance and mystery. This is an great read. Verity Long is up to her eyeballs in murder mystery and ghosts. Frankie the ghost is his normal self, Lucy the skunk is sweet as ever. I really could not put this one down.

Angie Fox Rocks!. I absolutely love this series! I love Ellis and Verity... but I really love Lucy! In fact I really want a pet skunk.. sigh.. hubby said no... but I digress.. Verity gets a big break with a new marketing job that will hopefully bring in more business. Unfortunately she finds her new boss dead.. even though she has seen on the other side of the veil with the help of her gangster ghost roomie, Frankie, she would rather let the police handle this murder. After she discovers that the suspect is a long dead scary mobster hit man, she knows that it is going to be up to Frankie, Ellis,(swoon) and Verity to solve this case. I cannot wait until the next book in this series to see where Ellis and Verity's relationship is going to take them. And if you love this series as I do, then totally check out Angie Fox's other series: The Accidental Demon Slayer it is the first in the Biker Witches series.

Romance and Mystery. Verity's life starts to look better and then the proverbial hammers fall. Her soon to be boss is murdered and life really gets interesting. Frankie, a ghost, who I really think doesn't want to be saved and able to move around is very helpful. Her love life takes unusual twists because Ellis wants to move ahead but Verity has issues. Lucy is still a cute favorite of mine along with Frankie. I love the book and it has a couple of chuckles for me and the story moves right along. I do not want to spoil by giving a lot of information because it is like going to the movies with a friend and have them spoiling the plot. Ms. Fox has written an very interesting and captivating story!

Haunted Heist a ghost mystery. An amusing, lighthearted, ghost hunter mystery story. Third in the series for Verity trying to solve a murder with the help of Frankie, the gangster ghost. I love the southern style manners and small town references that Verity uses. Don't want to offend? Just use the standard phrase "well bless your heart". Lots of gangsters, shooting, drinking and mayhem for those ghosts in Sugarland. Must have been some wild times.

Amazing!. Loved It ! This is the third in the series about Verity can communicate with the dead through the help of her resident ghost gangster Frankie. In this installment Verity is in the center of yet another murder in her small quiet town. It seems to follow her everywhere and people are getting suspicious. Lucky for her she and a local deputy are an item. There are lots of twists and turns in this book. It is a fun and easy read. Great for spring break or the beach. Be sure to grab a copy.

Verity, Ellis and Frankie are at it Again!. Verity Long is at it again in Angie Fox's third installment of the Southern Ghost Hunter series. As with her other books, Fox has a great way of painting a picture and immersing her readers into Verity's world. For some reason the way that she cuddles her skunk, Lucy, makes me want to get my own skunk even though I know that would be ridiculous, and I would love to have my own Frankie, even if he is annoying at best. In this latest installment, the story begins with Verity meeting with her best friend Lauralee and Lauralee's Uncle Reggie, who has taken over Sugarland Bank. He wants to do advertising for the bank, and Verity offers up her graphic design services to him. She makes an appointment to meet Reggie at the bank. While Verity is there, Reggie is murdered in the vault, leading her on the hunt for his killer, which may or may not be a violent and very dead hitman from the 1920s. The story is full of action, and we get to learn a little bit more about Frankie when Ellis and Verity unearth a speakeasy (with Frankie’s help) directly beneath the Southern Spirits kitchen. We get to meet Frankie’s gangster friends in what is a very humorous interaction between Frankie, Verity and Ellis that ends with a ghostly car chase. We also get to meet Frankie’s best friend Suds, who has been trying to break into the bank’s vault since the 1920s via an underground tunnel. This tunnel, Suds and Frankie may help Verity get out of the inevitable bind she always seems to finds herself in. I pride myself on being a good detective when reading mystery series, and in every one of her books in I have been surprised with who ends up being the killer in the end, Haunted Heist being no different. It is a very entertaining and well-written story, with a little romance thrown in. *I was provided ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Another great one from Angie Fox!. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I've said it before and I know I'll say it again, Angie Fox writes some of the best paranormal romance out there! I am loving the way this series is shaping up. I can't wait to see how Verity and Ellis' relationship continues to blossom. I love Frankie, but definitely hope he gets released like he wants.

Haunted Heist a great read!. At first, when Angie Fox stopped writing about Lizzie, Pirate and her other ‘family’ adventures, I was really disappointed. But this new series has me wrapped up already and salivating for more! Haunted Heist starts with Verity bathing dried banana off her pet skunk and getting unexpected company. I love the interesting characters in her books, like this one that has a ghost that's afraid of Verity's ghost. I love the bits of history that are interspersed in her stories. I really love the continuity in her characters and places. I won't spoil anything, but there's more ghostly romance and we get to go back to a place that figured prominently in a prior book. VERY interesting. I think my favorite part was the ghostly bar fight and car chase. Or maybe the very unpredictable ending. Whatever, this book is a winner all the way.

Love this series!. Haunted Heist is the 3rd book in this series. I love the characters, especially Frankie and the other ghosts in the town & Verity's pet skunk Lucy. This time the mystery surrounds a murder in the local bank. Verity, her ghost sidekick Frankie & her favorite cop Ellis are in the middle of it again. Verity has to make some decisions about her job as a graphic designer and her side job as a ghost hunter. Frankie is still trying to free himself from Verity & her house. The locations & history of the town that is part of the story I find interesting and I loved the part about the speakeasy. This book also has Verity & Ellis deciding on if a romantic relationship is in their future. I found the book full of surprises and fun to read. The author keeps you guessing on who is the murderer right to the end. No cliffhangers. I look forward to reading more of this series.

I love this series!. I love the Southern Ghost Hunter series. Verity and her gang of ghost friends are a load of laughs! Verity has a gangster ghost (Frankie) who is tied to her. And with his help, she is able to see the ghostly plane and interact with other ghosts. She uses this gift to solve mysteries. This is her third adventure. I love each one. There is romance, humor, and mystery. If you like cozy mysteries, you will love this series. With the supernatural twist, it doesn't disappoint.

Another amazing book by Angie Fox!. What can I say about The Haunted Heist, that has not been said already? Is this book amazing? Yes! Does it make you want to keep reading without putting it down? Yes! Does it make you laugh out loud, cry, cringe and feel everything that is happening in the book? YES! In short this book is everything that it was expected to be, from all of the other books written by Angie Fox. The best part about Angie Fox's writing...... when you read you are not just reading the words written on the page, you are living and experiencing everything that is happening! You will experience the anticipation of Verity actually going to promote her business at the bank, the heartbreak as she finds that her best friends uncle is found dead in the vault, the ever growing love between Verity and Ellis, and the complete devotion that Verity feels for everyone around her. Angie Fox is one of those great writers that always has each page filled with adventure, romance and comedy. There is never a dull moment in this book or any of her other books. I am happily awaiting the next book to see where everything goes with her relationship with Ellis, if the not-so quite ex- monster, I mean, mother in law, will Franky finally be free to roam once again, and the undoubtedly crazy adventure that she will stumble upon!

Love it!. Loved the book! Hard to put down! Once again Verity finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery! With the help of Frankie and of course Lucy's hijinks this makes a great read!

Verity, Ellis, and ;Frankie are so much fun!. Thank you Angie, for another fun romp with the gang. I am so happy to have found these, and all of your books. Can't wait to see what comes next!

Another Great Southern Mystery. I loved the first two books in this series, and this one did not disappoint either. How can you go wrong with a strong heroine like Verity and her trusty, ghost friend Frankie??? I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves mysteries!!

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Spooks, Bank Jobs and a Speak Easy - just another day in the Life of Verity Long. Well Angie had knocked it out of the park again! Verity just happens to be in the bank when the bank manager is murdered when he goes to invesigate strange sounds in the vault. Frankie is getting impatient about being stuck in the house and thinks his favourite gun will release him. Her ex-almost-mother-in-law still has it in for her and she doesn't have a clue what to do about her relationship with Ellis, the sexy sheriff who happens to be the brother of the guy she never married! Hunting for an insane dead hitman, visiting a spectral Speak Easy and investigating a murder, not to mention getting locked in an airtight bank vault are just another day in the life of Verity Long. A fun, hilarious and action packed story, I seriously cannot wait for the next one!

Exciting! Fast Pasted! Brilliant!. The Haunted Heist - By Angie Fox This is book #3in the series but it can easily be read as a standalone. I really enjoyed this story & in my opinion it is the best in the series so far! You will be hooked from the first page - I actually laughed out loud at the description of Verity trying to bathe her very cute skunk Lucy. (I sooooo want a pet skunk! but I live in the UK so all I can do is dream & live vicariously through Angie Fox’s stories) This is a very fast paced supernatural ‘who done it’ & you will not want to put it down! Verity & her otherworldly gangster sidekick Frankie find themselves mixed up in a ghostly murder. Angie Fox has a great habit of pulling you into the story very quickly with believable & very likeable characters & you find yourself immediately invested in Verity’s life & rooting for her to win over the hunky, heartthrob cop, Ellis. It has a super exciting ending which opens up great possibilities for the future & I just can’t wait for the next book…………….

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Summary of The Haunted Heist by Angie Fox

The The Haunted Heist book written by Angie Fox was published on 17 March 2016, Thursday in the Cozy category. A total of 428 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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