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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Book Summary

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Napoleon Hill describes thirteen steps to individual achievement revealed to him by self-made millionaire Andrew Carnegie. Hill devoted 25 years of research into the minds of America’s wealthy men who experienced rags-to-riches success. It has taken Hill a quarter of a century to produce this book explaining the formula to success which now the average person can discover.

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Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) Book Reviews

UnequivocalThe book that changed my life..Score: 5/5

Amazing!This book is amazing!.Score: 5/5

EssentialI waited a long time before reading this book because I thought I had read others like it such as rich dad poor dad, 48 laws of power,the secret etc. But I’m very happy I found this book at the right time in my life. It is an inspiration of practical proportions and easily applicable to everyday life. The author is painstaking in his presentation of the facts and the enlightenment and call to action I feel is testimony to a very powerful piece of literature. No matter what you want out of life read the book. It is applicable to any situation life offers..Score: 5/5

Bro...Greatest book I’ve ever read. I listened to the audiobook this time last year & it in no way compares to the feeling of understand I got from actually taking the time to read it page by page. Thank you for such a great read..Score: 5/5

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Great bookI was able to understand this book completely and it has a lot good tips on how to push yourself into the person you knew you could always be. Writing things downs has helped me with evaluating myself..Score: 4/5

SuperBHonestly, this was a great read. The stories of real life people he put in his book make it relatable. It is such an easy read too. I also enjoyed the questions he added in some chapters to help the reader think through their own life. Great read!.Score: 5/5

QuestionIs this book free?.Score: 5/5

Very great valueAmazing and Astonishing book’ it will teach you a lot of great things that will not only help you work your way around negotiating but also a great book for your mind and body. I highly recommending and suggest reading this book..Score: 5/5

Goosebumps.Wow. This book is everything and more. Take it serious, for maybe... just maybe... it can change all of our lives..Score: 5/5

AMAZONLove this book.Score: 5/5

#1Best book ever.Score: 5/5

This is a workbookThis was a good read but its not an easy one. the english is older and there is so much information in the book you either cant put it down or like me have to take multiple breaks to digest it. This is definetly not a one time read I beleieve you will have to revist this one especially if you are not practicing what is outlined in the book already. Be prepared to take notes and lots of it..Score: 5/5

LikemindedHello it's actual awesome unlike most I just finished but now can start tomorrow putting the step in play everyday of my life but I love you bob for telling me about it the whole Gallagher institute.Score: 5/5

Original scammer.Straight off the bat this book is a scam from one of the earliest con man. Do a bit of research, he DIDN’T even meet Andrew Carnegie. What a joke.Score: 1/5

TGg.Score: 5/5

AmazingAlthough we all know that we must go through hardships to get where we want to get, it is important to see what and how successful individuals did to overcome them..Score: 5/5

GoodGood.Score: 5/5

False ExpectationsThe book continues to promise answers in every chapter from beginning to end...‘ this book will tell you how...’ literally in every chapter...but never does. Shame. Waste of time..Score: 1/5

Writings of a con artistThis book is analogous to the writings of a moron. It also is eerily similar to “_______ with this ONE easy trick” or, “doctors hate him!”. If you know, you know. Don’t waste your time on this garbage..Score: 2/5

It was Okay. Neville Goddard is far more balanced and powerfulThe book does touch on some truths (e.g. your thoughts create your reality and the power of affirmations). However, there is a kind of “used-car salesman”, “infomercial” tonality about the book, with phrases like “if you choose to follow some of the instructions but neglect to follow or refuse to follow others—you will fail. To get satisfactory results, you must follow ALL instructions in a spirit of faith”. The book is rife with these types of grandiose, snake oil type promises. My second issue with the book is that it emphasizes making money an obsession. I know..I know. The title “Think and Grow Rich” says it all and therefore a book about making money should not be a surprise to me. But making it an “obsession”? Really? In my personal belief system, the only obsession one should be seeking is Oneness with God, not constantly focused on making money. When you think about it, staying constantly focused on making money is a statement to the Universe that you don’t already have it. It is a constant statement of lack and, as such, you will constantly be trying to make money and not resting in the fact that you are already abundant (see Neville Goddard)..Score: 2/5

The best book yet !!Great book changed my life ..Score: 5/5

Life Changing 🙌🏾Most definitely a reread.Score: 5/5

Amazing bookAwesome.Score: 5/5

Freaking AmazingSince starting to read this book, it has changed my life so much. Throughout reading, I’ve made so many changes in all aspects of my life and it’s been the best ever. I definitely recommend this book. I will and believe that I will accumulate all the riches and all the things I have asked for because my mind is the way..Score: 5/5

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Mind altering (literally)Everything he says follows all the laws of the universe. Follow the steps of the book & keep reading it over again. Repetition is the only way to instill it in your being..Score: 5/5

Spammed with click bank linksReally not cool to do that.Score: 1/5

ClassicIt’s interesting how many of his ideas and principles still holds true after all this time..Score: 4/5

Fake version - avoid!This is NOT an official version of the book. It’s full of click bait to websites trying to scam you for hundreds of dollars, and the text has been distastefully converted to ALL CAPS in many places. Avoid like the plague!.Score: 1/5

Everyone had to read this book at least once in their life.This book changed my perception on life. I’m definitely moving towards my goal right now..Score: 5/5

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AMAZINGFantastic book! I would recommend it to anyone..Score: 5/5

Incredible book to strengthen one’s mind.Every sentence in this book builds a stronger mind for the reader. One of the greatest authors to have ever lived!.Score: 5/5

DeepThis book is a master key.Score: 5/5

QualityVery Solid Self-help book.Score: 5/5

MasteryYou will want to absorb this book over and over again. Reading and INTERNALISING this information as many great Men and Women have is essentially tapping into INFINITE wisdom. floren.Score: 5/5

An absolute must readThis is by far one of the best books I have ever read. This book helped me make sense of the everyday self criticism and self inflicted challenges I face. This book will give you a new perspective in goal chasing and purpose. I will be referring to this book often. A must read..Score: 5/5

One of the best books I’ve readThe amount of value packed into this book is absolutely amazing and I can definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to become the greatest version of themselves. I truly thank Napoleon Hill for taking the time to put this knowledge together and making it accessible to the whole world which. Even after all this years the knowledge in here is the key to succeed in any endeavour..Score: 5/5

Abit Difficult at times, but on a whole a great Read.May Come across Abit difficult to interpret at times..Score: 4/5

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