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Going Down Hard by Carly Phillips Book Summary

Billionaire Bad Boys: Rich, Powerful and sexy as hell.

Derek West rose from poverty to take the tech world by storm. He's sexy, confident and gets any woman he wants. And who he wants is Cassie Storms, the rich girl he’s never been good enough for.

She’s desperate to save her family company and there’s only one man who can help. But Derek isn’t interested in helping. He wants to possess both the company and the woman he’s never been able to forget.

His plan? To seduce her out of his head. Except once he’s had a taste of Cassie, he doesn’t want to let her go. Her family remembers where he came from, and they won’t allow it. When the truth about their pasts comes to light, though, it may be Cassie who’s going down hard.

*All Billionaire Bad Boys Novels stand alone.

Going Down Hard (Carly Phillips) Book Reviews

Fell hard for third in the seriesThis is the third book in the Billionaire Bad Boys series from Carly Phillips. This is Derek West and Cassandra (Cassie) Storms book and they are made for each other. Reading how they fought their pasts and others around them was a great story to read, it is one of the best books because you see all of the partners and there significant others in the book but if you haven't read those books you won't be lost. This also set up for the next book in the series. Carly Phillips again makes you want more and makes it hard to put a book down..Score: 5/5

FallingThis is book #3, in the Billionaire Bad Boys series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. For reader enjoyment and understanding, I recommend reading this series in order. Derek and Cassie have a kind of awkward history. While their families can be a touchy subject, they are getting to know one another again. Derek is ll grown up and hot enough to set Cassie aflame. Cassie has enough problems on her plate by her own family right now. Derek is just an added element that may or may not ruin her plans. Now if they can compromise, there just might be a future ahead. I know I always love books by this author, she is on my go to purchase list. This story however, I was just not feeling it. The banter almost felt forced. The chemistry is obvious but there was so much that distracted.... I don't know. This is just my humble opinion. ***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review..Score: 3/5

Going Down HardI absolutely loved this story. The love this couple found with each other in spite of family history and the way you tell it is beautiful. I have read all of your books and multi-book series and loved them all. You are my favorite author. Best wishes, Christine.Score: 5/5

Fell Hard for Derek!Sexy, hot, sweet and entertaining second chance romance complicated by family discord. Includes a shared past growing up together in two very different families. Derek West is a sweet, sexy and wicked smart alpha tech god. He grew up the son of the maid and gardener for the Storms and struggles with how they treated his parents. Cassie Storms is all grown up now and working for her grandfathers company trying her hardest to save it for the memory of the one family member that it seamed understood and accepted her. Loved this emotional and sweet romance..Score: 5/5

Fabulous story!!!As soon as a book by Carly Phillips hits my kindle, I know I'll stop reading any other books until I've devoured her new book. Going Down Hard was no different. I literally stopped reading everything else to read Cassie and Derek's story and I'm so glad I did. Derek and Cassie knew each other as teens, as Derek's parents worked for Cassie's parents. I'll be honest and say after an interaction between Cassie and her friends when she was in high school; I was a little worried about liking her. I didn't like how she acted when talking with her rich friends about Derek. However, my fears were quickly dispelled when Cassie was absolutely up front with Derek and apologized the very first time they saw each other again for how she acted. Her actions showed me Cassie was truly sorry for her actions all those years ago and gave me hope Derek and Cassie could have a real relationship. I did worry some about Derek letting go of some of the past regarding Cassie's parents and his parents. Honestly I completely understood his anger at Cassie's dad, but worried in the long run it would be too big of an obstacle for them to have in their relationship. I loved that there was amazing chemistry between Derek and Cassie from the moment they saw one another again. Seriously their lovemaking steamed up the screen on my kindle it was so hot. I found myself loving how protective Derek was of Cassie and actually felt like she was pretty protective of him as well as she continued to learn more and more about his past. I love that Derek stepped up to help Cassie out each time her dad and brother were totally tools. I seriously hated both Cassie's dad and her brother so much as I saw how they both treated Cassie much of the time. I will say I felt like her father finally stepped up for his daughter by the end of the book. Derek and Cassie both had to work to get past everything that had happened in the past. I loved that Cassie wasn't willing to accept the story she had always been told about Derek's parents leaving once she heard his side of the story. Honestly, I figured out what had really happened long before it was discovered, but have to say I loved how Cassie's parent responded to the truth. I think their response was part of why I knew that Derek and Cassie could make it despite their past. I found myself loving them more and more as a couple as they dealt with all that had happened in the past and move forward with their future. While I feel like Going Down Hard can completely be read as a stand alone book, as it focuses on Cassie and Derek's story, I did love we got to spend time with all the characters from the first two books. I believe you understand the dynamics of all the characters better by reading all the books in order. I love we will finally get Kendall and Julian's story with Going In Deep. I've loved the first 3 books in the series and have a feeling that Kendall and Julian's story will destroy me in the best way possible. Rating: 5 Stars (A) Review copy provided by publisher.Score: 5/5

Super sexy!!!4.5 Stars This is book 3 in the Billionaire Bad Boys series and it features Derek West and Cassie Storms. Teenage peer pressure, family pressure, love, loyalty, family and puppy love (literally) make up this fantastic story. The attraction between these two was off the charts HOT! Cassie's family is intentionally and at the same time unintentionally scandalous! The only thing I was left wanting was…MORE! I can't wait for Kendall's story..Score: 5/5

Going, Going..So, I’ve been reading Carly Phillips since Serendipity in paperback. Loved through the Chandlers, the Perfect’s, the Dares...I can go on and on. Billionaire Bad Boy Derek West just falls right in line!!!! Derek and Cassie rock! Everyone has a past and most people have a “WHY did I do that?” moment. For Cassie Storms, it was all about Derek, the guy from the other side of the garden! She grew up, made something of herself in spite of her family and found a second chance! Derek wanted payback. Maybe not anything too extreme but he could do with some emotional toying around with the princess...Let her see what she missed.. What starts as a possible business relationship in spite of their history turns personal pretty quick. I love the fact that neither one of them resorts to emotional immaturity. They are two adults who start a relationship, deal with the drama and determine to get past it. Daddy and Mommy Dearest aren’t beyond redemption. No monsters under the bed. Just a good, honest and sometimes steamy storyline that makes cold winter days a little easier to get through. I love reading series, especially from authors who I know are going to do justice to their earlier books. Carly never fails to keep the continual flow from book to book and make us all highlight the release date on our Outlook calendars for the next story....May 9 in case you wondered....Score: 5/5

Going Down Hard by Carly PhillipsARC for honest review with no compensation, What an awesome and well written book in the Billionaire Bad Boy series by Carly Phillips. Derek West, the son of servants for the Storm family was never ashamed of his life until Cassie Storm let him know that they are from two different worlds and could never belong in the same circles. Little does she know but her words will come back to bite her…..Fast forward to years later, Derek with two of his friends from college now have a company called Blink which has made them billions and are about to go public with the company. Cassie Storm the beautiful, smart and still wealthy wants to take the family business to a whole new level and must land they interview of a lifetime in order for her to make that happen. The person she needs to interview is none other than Derek West the son of her parents former servants. She has one regret and that was when she was eighteen she let peer pressure get the best of her and now she needs to show Derek she is not the person she was all those years ago. Will Derek do the interview with Cassie?? Will Derek trust her with his heart and a second chance at love??? From the first page until the last….it’s a perfect combination of romance, sexy times, heart and having a second chance at love and maybe their HEA…..Score: 5/5

Loved it!Ohhhhh Carly Phillips! This was my favorite yet in the Billionaire Bad Boys series!!! What can I say about Derek West other than WOW!!!!!!! He rocked my socks. Totally and completely had me hooked on him. He was intense, sexy, alpha, sexy, awesome, did I say sexy? HOT! ;) And I adored Cassie. The fact that she didn't let her family shape her future self. She was independent, head strong, determined and loyal to her grandfather. I really loved all that about her. Their chemistry was totally off the charts. Their connection since they were just teenagers never dimished and in fact only got stronger after years of not seeing each other. This was a great, quick, sexy, intriguing read that will leave you feeling great! Happy reading!!!.Score: 5/5

Wow I love this series!Wow do I love this series!!! The stories keep getting better and better! Derek and Cassie knew each other growing up...he was the housekeepers kid, she the rich daughter of the family his parents worked for. While they connected one night at the pool, the two went their separate ways during college, not seeing each other again until Derek was a successful tech guy and Cassie was the Editor of a tech magazine in her family's company. Cassie wants to interview Derek and shadow him for an article, but Derek is reluctant to give her full access, not only to his life but to his heart. But once they start spending time together it's easy to see that they need to be together! Go out and grab this book today. You won't be disappointed!.Score: 5/5

Loved Derek and Cassie's story!!!!!This is the 3rd book in the Billionaire Bad Boys series and it is Derek West's story. Derek grew up living in the guesthouse of the Storms' family home where his father was their groundskeeper and his mother was their maid. Derek always had a crush on their daughter, Cassie but never acted on it thinking she was too above his class level. One evening while drinking a beer, just before Derek left for college, he got up the courage to go and talk to Cassie who was sitting outside by their pool in the dark. Offering her a sip of his beer, they began bonding and even shared a kissed and plans were made to meet the next night. The next day Derek overheard Cassie's rude, obnoxious friends making comments about his mom and when they noticed him they continued spewing rude comments about him. Even though Derek really liked Cassie, he wanted nothing to do with her and her friends ever again. Fast forward years later and Derek is a billionaire and part owner of a tech business. Imagine his surprise when Cassie Storms wants to meet with him. He knows she is working at her family's media company and figures she wants to interview him. Too bad he has no interest in helping her with that task! He just doesn't do interviews because he doesn't want his past revealed. Imagine his surprise when Cassie shows up and actually apologizes for her behavior all those years ago....oh, and she does want an interview! Now, Derek has decided he wants to seduce Cassie and get her in his bed, but he is still not going to do an interview, but she can try and change his mind by going out to dinner with him. Of course, sparks fly and he agrees to the interview when he hears the full story. I just loved the time they spent together really getting to know each other. They both realized there was a lot about the other that they really didn't know. Things moved pretty quickly between these two and I just LOVED the way Kaden and Lucas teased Derek! Of course, events from their past came back to haunt them and they had to find a way to deal with it. It was a great twist on the "real story" of the past. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Both of these characters were great and they both had issues from their past to deal with. I really enjoyed their happy ending too!.Score: 5/5

Another Great Book in the SeriesIf I could have given Going Down Hard more than five stars, I would have! I loved, loved, loved Going Down Hard so much! I was hooked within the first few pages; the plot mesmerized me and kept me reading straight through to the end in one day! And I fell as completely for Derek as Cassie did. This is the one of the best books I've read in a while, and I highly recommend it to everyone! The characters were complex, believable, and likable. Derek is a billionaire businessman with a past that haunts him, a rags to riches story of sorts. Cassie is a journalist who knew Derek in the past. It seems as if they have a second chance to explore the attraction they felt as teenagers. But can they overlook their pasts and trust each other? Can their families accept them if they do? This is the third book in the Billionaire Bad Boy series, and I can't wait to read the next one! Despite being part of a series, it can easily be read as a standalone. I was already a big Carly Phillips fan, but she has really outdone herself with this series!.Score: 5/5

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Going down hardLoved it.Score: 5/5

Derek and Cassie are made for each otherI love Carly Phillips and all her books and after reading this one i now want my own Derek West. He is loyal, fierce, knows his own mind and can bear a grudge. Cassie and Derek come from to different worlds. Derek is the son of a gardener who works for Cassie's parents and has had a crush on Cassie. Cassie is the rich girl who has a crush on Derek but bows to peer pressure easily. Derek overhears a crushing thing she says in reply to her friends and that's the last time they see each other. This story is all about betrayal, guilt and forgiveness. I felt for Cassie when she had to bow to peer pressure and give an answer to a question one of her friends asked her. I also felt for Derek as well and it broke my heart that he had to listen to the what Cassie had to say and I could almost feel from the emotions how he was feeling. Roll on years and Derek is now a successful business man and Cassie works for her dad. After a humiliating time at a board meeting and her brother coming back she gets in touch with Derek again to get one thing that no other person has never gotten from him........an interview. Things get yesterday between them as though no time had elapsed. Misunderstandings from the past are brought out and forgiven. Cassie's brother is the biggest problem! And I had to read this book in one sitting as I needed to know what was going on between brother and father. Once truths come out after an underhanded thing her brother does it cones to a surprise to me how everyone feels. Can Cassie and Derek get the HEA they so deserve from their chemistry at the beginning or is her family, regret, betrayal and guilt just to much. This book complements the other 2 and I really enjoyed reading about the third member who founded the app. Everybody needs a little Derek in their lives and I can't wait for the forth book. This is another 5* read for me and carry on writing these excellent books. Although this is the third book of the series it can be read as a stand alone although it might be useful to read the other 2 books so you get to know the other characters. Derek is a sweet man who is fiercewhen it comes to family and Cassie is a sweet natured girl who just wants her job and do right by people. I read this book as an advanced reader copy.Score: 5/5

4.5 ☆ - A sexy second chance romance with a hint of a revenge themeGoing Down Hard is the third book in this series but can be read as a standalone. This is a sexy second chance romance with a hint of a revenge theme thrown in as this billionaire finds himself realising that sometimes there is more to a person than stereotypical appearances. Told from dual perspective, Derek and Cassie have an instant attraction to each other when their paths cross again. Both are relatively likeable characters; Cassie a determined woman not to let the men around her keep walking all over her, Derek a man with a hard exterior but softer inside who is protective of those around him, especially his family after heartache, and goes after what he wants whether it be a company or woman. The relationship between the two picks up with an intense heat but isn’t rushed as the two characters grow closer at a realistic pace given their history. Going Down Hard is a well written romance that had a good blend of humour, heart, steamy scenes, and suspense that will have you swept up quickly in the story. The book is relatively fast paced but doesn’t feel overly rushed ever as the solid plot evolves and given the albeit brief history the two characters have together. Despite appearing to use the common theme of opposites attract with his family working for her rich family while growing up and now wanting revenge on them having made it in the tech world, the plot was unique enough with a few unpredictable things cropping up to make this an intriguing read. The book does have a HEA to make this a standalone read, although those who have read previous books will be happy to catch up with familiar faces again. Overall, I would definitely recommend this book and series; I cannot wait to read Julian and Kendall’s story now! *I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own.Score: 4/5

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