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The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz Book Summary

Meet Jane Hawk—a remarkable new heroine certain to become an icon of suspense. “This gripping thriller grabs readers from the first few pages and sweeps them along to the rousing finale.”—Booklist

“I very much need to be dead.”

These are the chilling words left behind by a man who had everything to live for—but took his own life. In the aftermath, his widow, Jane Hawk, does what all her grief, fear, and fury demand: find the truth, no matter what.

People of talent and accomplishment, people admired and happy and sound of mind, have been committing suicide in surprising numbers. When Jane seeks to learn why, she becomes the most-wanted fugitive in America. Her powerful enemies are protecting a secret so important—so terrifying—that they will exterminate anyone in their way.

But all their power and viciousness may not be enough to stop a woman as clever as they are cold-blooded, as relentless as they are ruthless—and who is driven by a righteous rage they can never comprehend. Because it is born of love.

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Praise for The Silent Corner

“Gripping . . . The paranoia and mystery increase as the story unfolds. . . . Koontz has created [a] wonderful character in Jane Hawk. . . . Koontz rocks it again.”—Associated Press
“In this era of stingy text-message prose, Mr. Koontz is practically Shakespeare. . . . The Silent Corner brims with both action and emotion.”—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
“The Silent Corner is vintage Dean Koontz: paranoia-fueled suspense . . . sleek and highly realized action, developed characters, and more twists and turns than any two ordinary novels combined. . . . As relevant to current events as it is audacious . . . amongst Dean Koontz’s finest contemporary work.”—Mystery Scene
“A proven specialist in action scenes, Koontz pulls off some doozies here. . . . The book is full of neat touches. . . . And the prose, as always in a Koontz novel, is first-rate. Perhaps Koontz’s leanest, meanest thriller, this initial entry in a new series introduces a smart, appealing heroine who can outthink as well as outshoot the baddest of bad dudes.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

The Silent Corner (Dean Koontz) Book Reviews

SadI have loved Mr. Koontz's work for many, many years, and eagerly await each new one. But "The Silent Corner" is the exception; in this particular book the prose was clunky, the characters were wooden, and the plot was silly. And the ending...a "cliff hanger" cheat. Am actually sorry to have spent money on this one..Score: 1/5

RivetingWill hold your attention from start to finish. Highly recommended..Score: 5/5

The Silent CornerExcellent! However, I want a better ending or a sequel, to tell us of Jane and Travis moving on..Score: 2/5

Another great readDean Koontz is the only author whose books I can get into from page one. This one is no exception. If you’re a fan of Koontz you will not be disappointed except to know you’re finished and wish there was more..Score: 5/5

HelpI understand that dean koontz is a literary legend but this prose is so dense that you could take excerpts of this book and piece together a short story called "every thought dean koontz has ever had about the way clouds look" and it would still make me fall asleep a little slower than this did.Score: 3/5

Grabs the reader in its clutches.I really enjoyed THE SILENT CORNER. Caught up in Koontz brand of storytelling, I found myself anxiously turning each page to see what horror Jane would have to face next. For the most part, I was enraptured by THE SILENT CORNER but occasionally it got a little too descriptive, upsetting the character connects and the flow. This is the first time I'm reading a Dean Koontz novel and I can tell you now it won't be my last. Koontz writes a memorizing and riveting tale that just grabs the reader in its clutches. I received this ARC copy of The Silent Corner from Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine - Bantan. This is my honest and voluntary review..Score: 4/5

No titleJust comment! We have read a lot of Dean Koontz Books and all have had an ending. So I would say he has a ghost writer. Not him!.Score: 1/5

I COULD NOT put it down!This book is rich in Koontz’s ever-present triple threat: intense, psychological, slow-burning. The heat rises and rises, and it keeps on delivering until the very last word. I cannot wait to see where Jane is going to turn next, who will be next on her ‘Hamlet List,’ and how those antagonists will manifest and connect to one another. As any Koontz readgular (regular reader) knows, So Cal is his wheelhouse as much as is his triple threat. But....I’m hoping Jane goes cross-country, visiting places known and unknown, big and small, with many different personalities and backgrounds; but with similar views, backgrounds, and connections - just as this book did incredibly well - just across our vast nation. One-underground-nation-under-God like; and, unfortunately, frighteningly realistic in our world’s life cycle at this time. Read it, read it, read it. Prepare to spend all your free time reading it until you finish - it’s THAT addicting. Here’s to Jane - a woman so unknown yet so magnetic you find yourself friends with her without knowing too much about her. Life imitates art! 😉 Thanks, Koontz, for my fall-to-winter reading escape!.Score: 5/5

IncompleteMaybe it’s just me and my lack of comprehension, but I feel as though I was dropped into an already ongoing storyline, and then plucked back out of it when the author got tired of writing. Many plot holes and unresolved questions abound..Score: 2/5

The Silent CornerI have read other books about ghosts, vampires, murder, and werewolves. This by far, Is The SCARIEST book I have ever read. I pray to God that no scientist is actually working on these theories!.Score: 5/5

Koontz keeps amazing us!Loved the old Dean Koontz but the new might be even better. Great Stuff!!.Score: 5/5

Couldn't put it down!Loved it. This was a thrilling book I read in less than 3 days. I tried really hard to make it last, but I had a hard time putting it down. I've been a fan of Dean Koontz for many years. I anxiously await the second book..Score: 5/5

Absolute rubbishAuthor uses 1000 pages to tell a 250 page story. Worst book ever read.Score: 1/5

Loved it!!!Being a long time Koontz fan I was thrilled (pun intended) to read the first book in this new series by him. This book was wonderful!! It was a complete change from any of the other Koontz books that I have read before. Jane Hawk is a great character and the storyline was riveting. I am never disappointed with anything this author does. I felt like I was right there with Jane on her suspenseful and thrilling journey. I am looking forward to the next book in this exciting new series by one of my favorite authors..Score: 5/5

The Silent CornerThe only thing good about this book is the title. When Koontz got to the ending, he put away his computer and said "I'm done." No matter that the story was not done. Terrible read..Score: 1/5

The Silent CornerGreat Book!! Best story that I have read in many years. I could not put it down; even got into trouble with my missus for reading too much. A BIG THANK YOU to MR DEAN KOONTZ..Score: 5/5

The silent cornerFirst in the drain Hawks series. Terrific.Score: 4/5

XhosaLCD Mugsktjmhmfmivjb.Score: 4/5

Solid ReadI’m not a huge Koontz fan, but I had this one recommended to me. It’s not in my wheelhouse for storytelling, but I enjoyed the read, and will certainly check out Book 2 in the series..Score: 4/5

Great Book...butLoved this book, but the ending was very disappointing and anticlimactic..Score: 3/5

Caution - just part 1iNot happy - great writing, enjoyed the story - but so dissappointed that Koontz left the story with no closure, we have to wait for the next book to find out what happens. I dont like having to pay extra $14.99 for a book i cannot share with anyone, and now i need to buy the next book who knows when, to find out what happens :(.Score: 3/5

The Silent RoomExcellent book!.Score: 5/5

No endingI hate books that end with no ending..Score: 2/5

2 thumbs up!!!Outstanding series!! Absolutely one of his best. Looking forward to the next one..Score: 5/5

Another great book from Dean KoontzGood story, really brought the characters to life..Score: 5/5

Not so much fictionGreat read and closer to reality than you may want to believe..Score: 5/5

Amazing Story Stelling!!!Mr. Koontz never disappoints! Engaging and intriguing as usual! Did not want to put down , thank you for sharing masterful mind of writing. Can't wait for the next two !!.Score: 5/5

Strong beginningExtremely well done detail. Very believable story, that keeps the reader engrosses and anxious. The ending seems a bit sudden, but that adds to the strength of the story. Will be reading the series one right after the other..Score: 4/5

DisappointedI usually love his books, but this one not so much. I’m on page 200 and have already skip read most of it. I’ll hang in there a little longer hoping something will engage me enough to finish it..Score: 1/5

Silent CornerExcellent until the end but no conclusion..Score: 4/5

The Silent Dean KoontzI bought this book and it left off the last seven pages so I do not know how it ends..Score: 2/5

The Silent CornerExcellent Excellent Excellent!.Score: 5/5

Another excellent book by Dean KoontzSo well written you just have to keep reading. Well done characters, interesting plot line. I can’t wait to read the next one..Score: 5/5

Really disappointedIt was a good read up until the end. The ending was so abrupt and felt so unfinished that it’s as if Koontz just got tired of the project and wrote “The End.”.Score: 3/5

Loved It!!!Best one yet!.Score: 5/5

Very intriguing storylineBoy this is somewhat scary to think this could even happen but in these times you scratch your head and wonder....could it? A great story and am looking forward to reading the next in the series. Great story.Score: 5/5

Suspense from beginning to endStarted and finished in one day. Could not put this book down!.Score: 5/5

Poor writingI guess you need to like Koontz’s writing style. I never have and don’t understand why I bought this book. To me it was a interesting storyline spoiled by rambling paragraphs that over described everything. Lesson learned..Score: 2/5

The Silent CornerI'm sorry. Pretty well-structured storyline, but the incidental details are so laughable I couldn't suspend disbelief to save my life. A music store called Vinyl's tatted staff plays Kansas' "Dust in the Wind"? The Beatles? I'm 65 years old and that's lame. Does the author know anybody under 60? It's hard to let the suspense build when the details are so creaky. The simpleminded libertarianism is another flow killer. Maybe he doesn't read the news in 2017? Fairly obvious the author embeds his storylines with his own tastes and preferences. Fair enough. But when those haven't evolved since the early seventies it is kind of sad. I read a lot of books. I was hoping to discover another great thriller author. Bummed..Score: 1/5

I had grown weary........of this very successful author, but this new novel and character have relit my reading light. Looking forward to the sequel..Score: 5/5

AMAZINGI have been a Dean Koontz fan since the 90’s. I own almost all of his books, most in paperback. I loved this book from the beginning to the end. A must read! Starting book 2 today!.Score: 5/5

Well Done!! Once again Dean Koontz has done it.I could not put this book down. I’ve read many titles from Dean Koontz, this series is by fair my favorite. I can only hope to see Jane Hawk on the big screen along with Travis. Every page is more gripping and exciting..Score: 5/5

Silent RoomFantastic book!!! Read it all night, just couldn't put it down. What a great cast of characters and a thrilling plot..Score: 5/5

FraudNo way Koontz wrote this book…the person that wrote this doesn’t know what the hell they are doing….like a clumsy 16yo boy trying to get to second base…….this ‘author’ has diahrea of the theasaurus … many unnecessary words….after 4 chapters…I knew 1. this wasn’t written by Koontz and 2. only fake reviewers or idiots would give this trash anything more than one star.Score: 1/5

PrincipalAn excellent work. However, fiction is fiction and I do not like being left hanging..Score: 5/5

The Wispering RoomOnce again mind blowing experience by the master of this genre and the most creative wallpapering for locations and characters. As I’m writing this I have began the next book with extreme fear of loosing any of the good guys/girls.....Sir you simply rock. PS. I’m sorry that I failed to review the Silent Corner I’m afraid I didn’t want to wait to star reading the next chapter of this amazing story..Score: 5/5

The Silent CornerOk - so after making me wait for months to read it, The Silent Corner now has me gasping for more! Dean Koontz does not disappoint - his unique way of telling a story is unchanged, and leaves me with the hope of more to come, as usual! His characters are rich and colorful and all his own. Please don't make me wait too long for the next installment!.Score: 5/5

CaptivatingAs the pages resolve anticipation builds! Until the next book is introduced!.Score: 5/5

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AwesomeGreat summer read!.Score: 5/5

Engaging read that effectively maintains your interestI liked the book. It kept my interest throughout to the point where I wanted to know the outcome. I just wish it was more “gritty” and that the characters (particularly the protagonist) had more nance and depth. I also recognize (and reluctantly, if not resignedly, accept), however, there will be a degree of “Disney-fication” in order for a book to be palatable to a broader (read, New York Times Bestseller) audience. Good vacation, or beach, read..Score: 3/5

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