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Issued to the Bride One Navy SEAL

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Issued to the Bride One Navy SEAL by Cora Seton Book Summary

Marry—or else.<br><br>Navy SEAL Brian Lake is out of luck. Going rogue on his last mission landed him on a fast track out of the Navy—years too soon to have saved up enough money to buy the ranch he’s always wanted. Without a career—or the cash to start over—Brian’s options are few, until Army general Augustus Reed steps in with an intriguing new mission—a permanent one.<br><br>Ignored by her absentee father, duped by thief he appointed to oversee her family’s ranch, Cass Reed is done with men for good. From now on she’s determined to run Two Willows herself, so when her father sends a Navy SEAL to fix up her house, she vows to run him off her land as soon as possible. But Brian’s just as determined to stay, and he’s in a far different league than the men she’s met before.<br><br>Brian’s ready to do anything that will earn him a share of a prosperous ranch—even take a chance on marrying the General’s daughter. And he soon realizes it won’t be a hardship to marry Cass. She’s everything he’s ever dreamed of in a woman—and Two Willows is everything he wanted in a ranch.<br><br>But he’s not the only one who wants Two Willows—and Cass.<br><br>Will falling in love be the most dangerous mission of all?<br><br>The Brides of Chance Creek:<br>BOOK 1: Issued to the Bride One Navy SEAL<br>BOOK 2: Issued to the Bride One Airman<br>BOOK 3: Issued to the Bride One Sniper<br>BOOK 4: Issued to the Bride One Marine<br>BOOK 5: Issued to the Bride One Soldier<br>BOOK 6: Issued to the Bride One Sergeant for Christmas

Issued to the Bride One Navy SEAL (Cora Seton) Book Reviews

Great ReadI read the entire series and every story was awesome!.Score: 5/5

Brides of chance creekThis series is going on my Christmas list! I love this author..Score: 4/5

Issued to the. Ride- One Navy SealGreat story full of twists and turns!.Score: 5/5

BlahThe General has five daughters that live and work on the family ranch. Since he believes that women can’t run a ranch or take care of themselves, he pulls 5 different men from separate branches of the military, each ear marked to marry one of his daughters and take over the ranch. *vomit* This would be bad enough on its on, but turns out...he was right! I thought that the story was going to go into the direction of 5 young women pulling themselves up by the boot straps and working hard to keep a ranch running. Nope! They were all a bunch of ninnies who were destroying themselves and turning against each other until the big, strong man came in and saved the day. I had no problem with the hero, he was actually a decent guy who wanted to work with the sisters, not over them or against them, but I was definitely missing strong female characters in this story. There are ways to depict women struggling with bad circumstances without making them complete weak willed idiots. The book itself wasn’t poorly written, but this heroine is going down as one of the most insecure, annoying female leads I’ve ever read..Score: 2/5

Issued to he Bride One Navy SealI enjoyed the characters, but the storyline was a little hokey. All in all I still enjoyed he story..Score: 4/5

New Series from Chance CreekI received this ARC book for my honest opinion and did not getting paid for the review. I love the talented Cora Seton’s writing. She has several book from Chance Creek and all of them make me feel like I am coming home to visit friends. As each book starts you meet the new charaters and she has a talent to add aother from the small town and a meet ’n greet. This is the beginning of a new series on a ranch that has a General for a Fther that never comes home but alway knows what going on and in controll of what will happen. his daughter run a cattle ranch and all of age to get maarried. ii cant say no more but I love the story and cant wait to read the next book..Score: 5/5

Issued to the Bride One Navy SealExcellent plot lines, dynamic fully rounded characters, exciting twists and turns. Read the whole book at one sitting..Score: 5/5

Joe’s thoughtWhen I started reading this book, I was thinking it was longer than I usually read. Ian glad I decided to read it. It is a great story. It real as real, with one exception. - The general..Score: 5/5

Issued to the Bride OneNavy SEALCora Seton hits another one out of the park. This good has everything: great characters, beautiful scenery, a tremendous story, and enough twists to keep you reading. I would recommend this book to everyone..Score: 5/5

Repetitive...The overall story line was very good! But it seemed half of the book was the same paragraph repeated over and over in different ways. You could almost predict what the author was going to say next..Score: 3/5

NiceI enjoyed this book..Score: 3/5

Great bookI could not put this one down and look forward to reading the series!.Score: 5/5

Thank you Cora SetonI’ve read the mail order series and loved them all. I didn’t know if you could pull it off again but MAN OH MAN!!! You had my undivided attention all the way to the last page. I look forward to reading the rest of these too..Score: 5/5

Cass and BrianLoved this story. Good flow. Loved the sheriff who had a kind heart. I especially loved the way Brian not only took care of Cass, but her sisters too. Great ending. Next book please..Score: 5/5

Issued to the Bride One Navy SealCora Seaton is one of the very best writers! I was up till 4:00am reading this book! I couldn't put it down!.Score: 5/5

Issued to the Bride One Nacy Seal by Cora SetonARC copy for honest review with no compensation Cass Reed, a beautiful, smart, strong willed woman who run the family ranch, Two Willows with her four sisters with her father, Army General August Reed nowhere to be found on the ranch but who wants to run it from afar. She gets tangled up with the overseer her father has sent to run the ranch but he ends up stealing money from the ranch in the hopes of also taking the ranch out from under the Reed sisters. Cass figures this out but it’s a little too late and now she is keeping this from her sisters and has decided that all men are no good…..until Brian shows up. Navy Seal, Brian Lake has gotten himself into hot water during his last mission and is on the fast track out of the Navy until Army General Augustus Reed steps in and gives him a new mission….Marry—Cass (his oldest daughter) or else. He is being offered a bride and a share of the ranch but he knows that Cass is determined to run him off the ranch permanently. Will Cass run Brian off the Two Willows Ranch, will the ranch be taken from the Reed sisters or will love be what brings Cass an Brian together and keeps Two Willows ranch right where it belongs… the Reed family????.Score: 5/5

Issued to the Bride One Navy SEALWhat an imagination! Okay seriously, when I first started this book my thought corny can you get? I kept reading just to see how bad it could possibly be. But before I had gotten 50 pages into it (I read on my iPhone which made this book over 900 pages), I realized I’d completely misjudged it. The more I read, the more I couldn’t stop reading. As soon as I finish this review, it’s on to downloading not just the next book, but the rest of the series. My family has lived on this land as far back as to when land was claimed, staked and deeds were first issued, and my one regret in all they maze or standing stone on this property! I’m really impressed with the direction you took the book from beginning to end. I just hope the General has finished his bridge by the end of the last book and has made it back home finally! Thanks for a great read!.Score: 5/5

21 blank pagesThe book appeared to download completely, but after opening it showed only 21 blank pages. Very odd..Score: 1/5

Brian Lake is HOT!This is such a well written book! It sets up the whole picture for the series. Excellent details on the characters to make you fall in love with them. Super funny parts to the story and exciting suspense in other parts. This book has it all! Love, Marriage and a baby on the way. 5 stars!.Score: 5/5

Really fun!Just enough unbelievable myth to make it a believable story. Thanks!.Score: 4/5

Issued to the brideGreat book couldn’t put it down, the characters were perfect and the plot kept you wondering what would be next in the drama that was unfolding..Score: 5/5

GreatFell in love instantly. Who doesn't love a strong military man? I know I do. It's a true love story. With a light erotica touch. Couldn't put my phone down..Score: 5/5

Great BookA must read!.Score: 5/5

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Issued to the Bride One Navy SealDelightful story filled with endearing quirky characters, suspense and romance. So looking forward to reading the next book in this series..Score: 5/5

Issued to the Bride One Navy SEALI love Cora Seton's books and was excited to start this new series. This is about 5 sisters who live on a ranch in Chance Creek, Montana. They are unmarried adults with their only parent being a general in the military who they rarely see since his work is very important to him. He also hasn't wanted to go back to the ranch after the death of his wife. So the girls are running it even with The General sending overseers - who the girls run off. Cass is the oldest and feels she has to look after everything - the other girls included. The General doesn't think girls can run a ranch so he sends Brian Lake, a Navy SEAL, to marry Cass, then oversee the ranch. He's suppose to win her over while making repairs. She doesn't know he was sent to marry her, just that The General sent him and he's a good worker. Brian's not thrilled with being sent away but he's not given a choice and he has always wanted to own a ranch so if he has to leave the military, this is the place to go. This book has a bit of a paranormal twist which is different from Ms. Seton's other books. One of the girls is able to feel what is happening. For example, she knows if someone is coming or can feel if there is danger. I liked Brian. He was a nice man, hardworking and capable. Cass bothered me. She was too supersticious and thought she had to do everything her mother used to do. I didn't see what Brian liked about Cass so I didn't get how he loved her at first sight. While The General was great at his job he was a terrible parent. As Cora Seton likes to do, she's set up a series where 5 sisters have to get married. Let's see how other other girls get hooked. Please note I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest review. 3.5 stars.Score: 4/5

Issued to the bride. One Navy SealA good read..Score: 4/5

Older styleWhen the first page includes reference to “it takes a man’s steady hand to manage a spread that size”, it makes me wonder when this was written. These women can’t manage a large ranch on their own? They need a man in charge? Wasn’t impressed..Score: 3/5

Brides of Chance Creek SeriesThese books would make for good TV, who doesn’t like a good supernatural twist? As always Military men never disappoint. You will notice some small repetition in these books but needed if each are to stand alone. But if you read the first one , your gonna wanna read the rest to find out the whole story, I’m all about conclusions though, so there were my power read this week..Score: 5/5

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Cass and BrianOne Army General, five headstrong Daughters, a Ranch in need of repairs and a SEAL who needs a new start ofter stuffing up his career. This story has lots of twist and turns. The five Reed girls have all managed to find dead beat boyfriends but once Brian Lake arrives at Two Willows things take a turn for the better. Cass and Brian make a great couple and I can't wait to see the other girls find their HEA..Score: 4/5

Great readLooking forward to what becomes of the dad in this series..Score: 5/5

SealAction and a bit of romance, great characters and an awesome story. Enjoyed reading this book, look forward to next in the series. 👍👍👍👍👍😁.Score: 5/5

Excellent RomanceEngaging and approachable storyline makes a simple and captivating read. The characters are well developed and I couldn't help but hope for a HEA throughout the book. This is a standalone novel, however characters from later books in the series are tantalisingly featured, ensuring you'll want to read more..Score: 4/5

Navy SEALSweet read and a great introduction to the family...makes me look forward to each of the sisters stories ❤️.Score: 4/5

Navy SEALStrong characters and action and for fun a bit of romance. Great story. Am going to love reading this series.Score: 5/5

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