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How to win friends & influence people by Dale Carnegie Book Summary

The book 'How to win Friends & Influence People' presents a lot on personality development thus making you an extraordinary person. The book provides fundamental techniques in handling people and big secret of dealing with people.
By reading this book you get one of the best things that 'An increased tendency to think always in terms of other people's point of view, and see things from their angle', may easily prove to be one of the building blocks of your career.
The book suggests you very simple ways to make a good first impression like 'the value of a smile', and how to become a good conversationalist. This self-help book provides very simple ways to make people like you and how to win them to your way of thinking, and suggest how to begin in friendly way.
The book mentions the secret of Socrates, which in turn sets the psychological process of the listeners moving in the affirmative direction. The book helps in developing the Leadership Qualities too. A detailed study with various practical examples, incidences are mentioned herewith so that each concept becomes clear and easy to understand.
In addition, DALE CARNEGIE hired a trained researcher to spend one and half years in various libraries reading everything he had missed, searching through countless biographies, over hundreds of magazine articles, trying to ascertain how the great leaders had dealt with people. This will sharply increase your skill in human relationship. The language of the book is lucid and simple. A must-read book for everyone.

How to win friends & influence people (Dale Carnegie) Book Reviews

IncredibleIncredible easy read with amazing principles that are vital for success..Score: 5/5

Great Life AdviceThe lessons in this book are universal. No matter who you are or your circumstances, I believe this book contains great life lessons that you will be able to glean. I’m working to implement many of the principles of this book in my own life..Score: 5/5

Get it!A very great book. Especially for the price.Score: 5/5

Good, informative, but too many errorsThis book is a really good read, gave me much to take with me and apply as I pursue public speaking! But the editor of this particular book has far too many errors in it! So disappointing. Nevertheless, I’m glad I can still take away everything I need to succeed with and for people..Score: 2/5

Practical Help in Human RelationsThis book is full of examples of how successful people handle human relations. Split up by practical principles, each chapter will challenge your thoughts on human relations and have you thinking of ways you could apply the content tomorrow. I would highly recommend this book. I did not agree with everything in it, but even where I disagreed, the way in which the content was presented made me reevaluate and occasionally even readjust my position on a matter. Overall, this book was very helpful and extraordinarily practical..Score: 5/5

Edition is full of typos, waste of moneyThere are egregious typos throughout this edition. This is a scam by this publisher. Spend a little more and get a proper version..Score: 1/5

So freaking goodI absolutely loved this. So relevant and useful..Score: 5/5

Reading for the third time..Very good read!!.Score: 5/5

A must read for sales people and those who aspire to be a sales leaderThis book contains the information needed to help you get to the upper echelon of sales professionals. If you put the principles contained within into practice you will find your sales thrive even in a slow or stagnant market..Score: 5/5

How to win friends and influence peopleThe content of this book is phenomenal. Dale Carnegie was an amazing man with a keen insight into humanity. As far as books go, this is a must read for everyone. As far as this particular edition, it is riddled with spelling and grammar errors caused by scanning software deficiencies and a lack of any proofreading effort, whatsoever. If you wish to suffer poor English in lieu of a cheap price, this is the version for you. If you prefer to read a book with proper grammar and punctuation, I would recommend paying more in the hopes that the people who are selling it have also read it, and were smart enough to correct the hundreds of errors..Score: 5/5

Best Book of All TimeThis was a fantastic read. I come back to this book several times a year because the content relates to life in and out of work and serves as a guide to success. You’ll feel empowered and motivated with each chapter. Highly recommend!.Score: 5/5

Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleEveryone should read this book. The information is invaluable.Score: 5/5

Definitely work the readMany of these ideas have been re-hashed since the book was written but they so stand the test of time. If you want to truly motivate people this is a good starting point. Some of the examples feel dated now and he is a superfluous when it comes to providing real life example but those being the book’s only faults. I tend to be a very direct leader who can forget not everyone operates that way. This has helped me be more mindful of how to motivate people overall and in a positive manner specifically..Score: 4/5

Very inspirationalEffectively changed my way of thinking.Score: 5/5

It works!I’ve used these principles to varying degrees of success. Worth the money I spent on it..Score: 5/5

Excellent after all these yearsI first read this book over 25 years ago after taking a Dale Carnegie course on public speaking. Like many others have said before me, that course changed my life. I switched careers later in my life and stopped thinking about Dale Carnegie - I was out of the fast-paced business world. However, now in a leadership role, I was searching for strategies to motivate my employees. I decided to turn to an old friend for advice - I read this book again, after all these years. It did not disappoint!.Score: 5/5

AmaZingI’ve used most of these principles to see how far it gets me in my day to day human relations. Its pretty genius.Score: 5/5

Everything you will learn in this book worksI was texting a girl while reading the book and our relationship was amazing at first went out a few times before but slowly our conversations started to become less frequent and eventually it seemed like we didn’t even want to speak to each other. I decided to try out the principles that Dale Carnegie covers and as expected it actually worked out. Our conversations are fun and thriving all by me tweaking myself slightly. Instead of speaking about myself and my personal experiences I listen to her and in turn, she tells me everything. Thank you to Dale Carnegie for an amazing book.Score: 5/5

Still reading and I’m 18. Hooked!!I was recommended this book because of this profession I’m going for and I’m glad I was. Only on page 33 and figured I learned more than I have in my entire life at school. Very good book! Worth it!!.Score: 5/5

TyposThis classic deserves 5 stars, but this ebook edition has a distracting number of typographical errors..Score: 4/5

Great readA little old school but information that will benefit you for a life time.Score: 5/5

Amazing book - lots of errorsI love this book, it’s fantastic. However, in this version there are TONS of missing words, spelling errors and improper grammar. Normally, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But since it’s about people skills, let’s see how much damage can be done with an example. There is an enormous difference between: A. Let’s eat, grandma. B. Let’s eat grandma. Great book. Read carefully..Score: 3/5

A1This is a hand out to be studied and reviews and looked bat into when needed ; beautiful ..Score: 5/5

A MUST READ!This is the second time I’ve read this book. It is a must read for sure one of my favorite books of all time. And I’m sure I’m going to read it for the third time! Dale Carnegie has such savvy advice that works for businesses and employers home everywhere you’ll find your self you can apply as savvy advice. A couple of days ago my wife and I updated our cell phones. The associate that helped us never smiled the whole time she was helping us. I made it a point to remember her name. At the end of the transaction I made sure I said her name during the time we finish the transaction and guess what I got her to smile! It was a smile of pure delight that I remembered her name. Her face lit up like sunshine! And when I was walking out the store she said have a great day and said my name as well. I can go on and on how this really works in many other situations but this narrative may get a little too long. And boy this really works like magic!.Score: 5/5

Solid bookIt’s will basically teach you how to be nice to people, and give examples of certain principles. If you struggle with people listening to you or liking you, this is a good book. If not, you probably know a majority of the principles taught..Score: 4/5

TerribleThis book feels like a history book by how many examples of important figures did in the past rather sticking to the main point of the chapter. There was a LOT of examples just thrown randomly in the book that I lost interest in reading and I was thankful for the summary at the end. Basically this book just go over the things that I and most likely you know such as to smile, be a good listener and don’t make the conversation focused on just you..Score: 1/5

Ridled with TyposYes I meant that. :) I’m sad to say that this edition of this book is riddled with typos. I find this to be quite disrespectful to the author who put much effort into this piece. Some of the mistakes are so bad, they render their respective notions incomprehensible. THAT is not cool. I feel there is no excuse for this level of consistent error in the days of digital reading—in theory, you could [run spellcheck and] update the edition instantly after another round of proof reading. We‘re already (and sadly) living in the days of the public beta. Why not update books after their release? And to do this to such an important piece of literature... these mistakes will live as long as this book, which is likely thru the end of human civilization. Sad. Glad I only paid $3, although I expect media of this low grade to be free! Also, can someone please explain how a book published in 193X contains an anecdote about how Stevie Wonder became one of the great pop artists of the seventies? The author died in the 50s!.Score: 2/5

Interesting readHad minor grammatical mistakes, but well-worth the cost..Score: 4/5

OMGTypos! Read one line with typos and immediately turned me off and question the quality of a book I was purchasing. Want my money back..Score: 2/5

Wonderful bookThis book really teaches you a lot of concepts in handling people and resolving conflict. This is an awesome book for those that are not well versed in that area or want to become better at it. The only thing I didn’t like is that there are a lot of grammatical and punctuation errors. I’m not sure if this is from transferring the text from the book to digital text, but it would be nice if it was revised..Score: 5/5

AwesomeTruly changed the way I talk to people. Helped me understand others’ perspective. Highly recommend this book!.Score: 5/5

Decent but overratedHelpful concepts but some are repetitive or disagree with each other. This book is also based almost entirely on anecdotes or stories - lacking solid data..Score: 3/5

YesAn amazing read a tool for growth..Score: 5/5

How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleGreat content, however this edition had many typos.Score: 3/5

Typos aboundTypos, misspellings, and sentences with missing words are all over the place. Not the treatment this classic deserves..Score: 1/5

Great Principles and ApplicationsThis book has many tips to develop the person who desires to become a better “people person” and leader. The stories which are shared give the reader a sense of how to apply each principle. Personally, I am looking forward to practicing the material learned from this book and will benefit greatly from this read..Score: 5/5

Still relevantAn excellent and very relevant book for leadership..Score: 5/5

Educación for everyone.Great book. It old but still reads well. Excited to use the tools..Score: 4/5

About the bookI Love that book.Score: 5/5

Helpful but requires grammatical correctionsWould have been 5 stars if not for the pervasive grammatical mistakes.Score: 4/5

Good book for everyoneThis is a good book to read for anyone who wants to better deal with people. Some of the things outlined in the book I figured out on my own in time but it would have been helpful to read this book when I was younger and avoid making mistakes along the way..Score: 5/5

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