The Chronicles of Kerrigan Box Set Books # 1 - 6 Book Reviews

W.J. May

The Chronicles of Kerrigan Box Set Books # 1 - 6 by W.J. May Book Summary

Join Rae Kerrigan & start an amazing adventure! By USA Today Bestseller WJ May

The Chronicles of Kerrigan BoxSet 
Bk 1 - Rae of Hope
How hard do you have to shake the family tree to find the truth about the past?
  15 yr-old Rae Kerrigan never knew her family's history. Her mother & father died when she was young and it's only when she accepts a scholarship to the prestigious Guilder Boarding School in England that a mysterious family secret is revealed.
  Will the sins of the father be the sins of the daughter?
  As Rae struggles with new friends, a new school & a star-struck forbidden love, she must also face the ultimate challenge: receive a tattoo on her 16th birthday with specific powers that may bind her to an unspeakable darkness. It's up to Rae to undo the darkness in her family's past and have a ray of hope for her future.

Bk 2 - Dark Nebula
  Nothing is as it seems anymore.
  Leery from the horrifying incident at the end of her first year at Guilder, Rae's determined to learn more about her new tattoo. Her expectations are high, but all hopes of happiness turn into shattered dreams the moment she steps back on campus.
  Lies & secrets are everywhere, and a betrayal cuts Rae deeply. Among her conflicts & enemies, it appears her father is reaching out from beyond the grave to ruin her life. With no one to trust, Rae doesn't know who to turn to for help.
 Has her destiny been written? Or will she become the one thing she hates the most-her father's prodigy.

Bk 3 - House of Cards
Rae Kerrigan is 3months away from graduating from Guilder. She's now moonlighting as an operative for the Privy Council, a black ops division for British Intelligence. She's given a mentor, Jennifer, who fights like a demon.Rae finds a strange maternal bond with her. At the same time, she finds a new friend when Devon disappoints her once again.
  When the Privy Council ask for her help, she finds a friend, and a link, to the Xavier Knights–another agency similar to the PCs. 
  Will she lose herself in the confusions of the past and present? What will it mean for her future?

Book 4 - Royal Tea
The Queen of England has requested the help of the Privy Council. Someone is trying to kill her son's fiancé. The HRH Prince plans to marry a commoner, and his bride has a secret no one knows but the Privy Council. She has a tatù. When the Privy Council turns to Rae for help, she can't possibly say no; not even when they make Devon her partner for this assignment. 
  Rae would rather be anywhere but with Devon, especially since she believes her mother to be alive, despite the Privy Council's assurances to the contrary. How can Rae find proof of life for her mother, come to terms with her feelings for Devon, and manage to save the Princess, all while dressed for tea?
  When the enigma, the secrets and the skeletons in the closet begin to be exposed, can Rae handle the truth?

Book 5 - Under Fire
Rae Kerrigan is determined to find her mother. No amount of convincing from Devon, or the Privy Council, is going to make her believe her mother is not alive, and Rae will stop at nothing to find her.
 Torn between friendship and loyalty, Rae must also choose between Luke and Devon. She can't continue to deny, or fool herself, any longer. The heart wants what the heart wants.
Book 6 - End in Sight
When life couldn't get anymore confusing, fate steps in and throws a curveball.

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Book Name The Chronicles of Kerrigan Box Set Books # 1 - 6
Genre Fantasy
Language English
E-Book Size 4.08 MB

The Chronicles of Kerrigan Box Set Books # 1 - 6 (W.J. May) Book Reviews 2024

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Love Love Love!. Recommend: Heck yes! “It has mystery, laughs, adventures and a powerful female heroine” She tries her best to fit in and have people accept her, and it’s only through her actions that she’s able to make a name for herself. I’m so glad this was a set of 6, because I was HOOKED!

Wgeh. Tw

If you don’t recall the past, your doomed to .... There were a couple of things about this first set of books that were irksome. There were numerous times when our hero’s picked up a shiny token, only to loose it or have it destroyed on the next page. Big plot points, stupid hero’s (or author) who allowed this same thing to happen over and over again. Me thinks the author only had a small bag of tricks to pull from. But it was in the little things that the author did very well. The talents, the school, the dialog, and the interpersonal relationships were all excellent. It’s just too bad that cheap dumb tricks were used move the plot along. In my opinion, the author is better than that.

Just too slow. I was thrilled to find a 1000 page free book. But it's very slow moving. At page 90, I'm already bored. I'll have to switch to a faster pace book. This is just too dull for me. Sorry.

TheChronicals of Kerrigan #1 - 6. Captivating. Well written with just right mix of fantasy, thriller and a nice touch of humor. Also, just right (for a man) touch of romance.

Rae Kerrigan. Wonderful series!

The Chronicles of Kerrigan. I have the series for the first six books - read one right after the other! I didn’t want to put it down.

Fantastic series!. YA, NA or adult - this series is a coming of age with a hint of Harry Potter and a dash of X-men! Great series! This would make an amazing move or TV series!

Very interesting series. I loved this collection of the first six books in the Chronicles of Kerrigan series. It didn’t keep me as hooked as some other books I’ve read, but it was still interesting. Rae Discovers that she has powers. Others have plans for her. She discovers how to use her powers and fights to discover truth and freedom for herself and her friends.

Wow. I just don’t have words it’s.. wow. Well done

I can’t take it anymore!. It seems like half of each book is a recap of the book before it! It’s sooo frustrating

The Chronicles of Kerrigan, Books 1-6. A frothy frolic with kids-with-powers and how they learned to use them. Ms Mays books have a lot of charm which keeps the reader turning pages. Unfortunately there is also much wincing as one reads due to a SERIOUS lack of proper editing. Please have a good copy editor read these books before a fresh update.

This Rea series was great. I enjoyed reading this book series. Not as long as snow I have recently read, but the storyline and characters are great. I will enjoy tracking the rest of it down to being the story of Rae’s life to it logical conclusion. Though with a person who can live thousands of years or longer, who knows. Thanks.

Addicted!. It’s a mix between Harry Potter, Beautiful Creatures, and Shadow Hunters. Absolutely love it!

I LIKE IT BUT IT’S TOO CORNY.. Why’s there so much winking? Like there’s three people winking at her per chapter. I can deal with the other flaws the book has but there’s no way so many people wink this much. I’m barely halfway through the second book, IS THERE GOING TO BE MORE WINKING???? UPDATE: Couldn’t wait to finish the series to find out how MUCH winking there is. At least 80 winks. 80 WINKS. I just typed in the word wink in the search bar. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY, MAY???

The Chronicles of Kerrigan. This was a great series. I didn’t want to put it down! Was up till 3 am a couple of nights. The story line grabbed me and wouldn’t let go till I finished book 6. WOW what a great read thank you for everything. Jeff Root Sr.

Must Read !!. This series is amazing! The writer keeps your interest in a dramatic fashion while adding laugh out loud inserts. This is probably the best series i have ever read. I couldn’t put it down.

The Chronicles of Kerrigan Box set #1-6. Very good series. I enjoyed reading it and recommend reading it.

Chronicles of Kerrigan #1-6. Absolutely LOVED this book!! Fabulous, fantastic, exquisite! It was so captivating I was at chapter 28 without noticing time had passed! Excellent writing. I loved absolutely every book in this series! The sly wit, the banter, the tension. Beautiful character development.

Chronicles of Kerrigan books 1 - 6. Awesome read

Amazing. Amazing

The best books ever. These books are just amazing I literally have no words. I literally fell in love with Devon and am so happy she chose him when they broke up in the middle it was like my heart broke and molly she is amazing the best kind of friend honestly I kind of wish her and Julian would become a couple and like fall in love too like should just be a friend and never even a choice tho these books are AMAZING!!!

Awesome reads. Love this series can't wait to read books 7-12

Could have been a 5. Great books. Excellent writing style. Unfortunately there are QUITE a few instances of characters reacting to information like it is new to them when it was introduced to them a chapter or two ahead. This gets to be very distracting. I assume it is some lack of follow up between editors and authors notes/changes.

Amazing🤩. Ot is amazing me and my friend Kerrigan what a coincidence read it and we loved it make sure to read

Loved it!!. I would recommend this series to anyone! I didn't want to put it down!!!

Fantastic storyline that leaves you begging for more! Love this writer!. Loved everything!

Fantastic. Loved the characters and each of their special talents Could not put it down

Captivating. What a fun read. I couldn’t put the book down. Loved the characters. Well developed personalities that kept me right there with them. Exciting with great unexpected twists. There was enough humor to keep it real. Want more!

Get wrecked nerd. Me no no ho two rad boks

Wow!. I’m at a loss for words this book was just so great. The books separately cost money so I was glad to get this free with all 6 books.

Couldn’t put down. Loved the characters and couldn’t put it down. Want to see what happens next. Such a fun read.

should be a TV series!. like the twists.

😍. I absolutely LOVEEE this series it’s definitely one of my favorites and I plan on getting the paper copies to put in my personal library 🤭

Chronicles of Kerrigan. Great!!👍

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The Chronicles of Kerrigan. The best of the best I highly recommend this-book set don’t expect to get much sleep it’s hard to put the books down

Brilliant read. Loved every minute of these books

Not full books. Really disappointed

Amazing box set. I couldn’t put these books down, great how the books continues on the story. Totally hooked. Amazing

Excellent. Once you start you won’t be able to stop reading

Excellent read. The books that just keep on giving

The Chronicles of Kerrigan. Enjoying the gripping stories but poor publication as huge parts of chapters are missing. It’s so frustrating I have deleted the books

No coherency. Not a bad story idea, but the author has no clear plot line and keeps contradicting things written previously. After reading a few of them it became really annoying. Not sure I can finish the series.

Good but so many plotholes. This is a really good set of books. I am definitely enjoying reading them, but there are a lot of inconsistencies from one book to another, as well as quite a few things that are inaccurate. For example at one point they speak about it being 3am in New York when it’s the evening in the UK. Or how the author is confused between Scottish accents and Welsh accents. Rae the main character has multiple of the same conversations throughout which happen as if the previous ones never did, with the same information being a surprise to either her or a different character. I still recommend reading these books, but do bare in mind that sometimes there are some mistakes you just need to overlook.

Amazing book read. This was amazing and I enjoyed every bit of the series. Whoever wrote this should be proud of their fantastic achievement. From: 11 year old bookworm

The Chronicles of Kerrigan. Wonderful set of books each story is very exciting to what happens next to Rae an unusual ending well done to the author x

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Wow. Amazing, I lost many hours of sleep with this series!

Great Read. Enjoyed reading all books, great story telling. Kept interested.

Fantastic series. Highly recommend

Kerrigan box set 1-6. Very rare the five stars I’ve given here. Although there were a fair amount of errors that an editor should have fixed the books were still worth five stars. They were hard to put down. I read all of them in a few days. Not sleeping much. Great author. Looking for the rest real soon.

Brilliant. Very good series however there are a few mistakes. Like in Book 6 when it says dean wardell walks in then on the next page he is the headmaster. Also information revealed in the previous books is reintroduced in the next book as brand new information which the characters apparently never knew when they found out in the previous book. Apart from this excellent series.

Hit and miss. I bought the box set and I am angry while reading them, instead of immersing myself in the story I find that revelations and themes from the first books are not carried into the second third and fourth. It's highly frustrating when information released in the second book is now taken as new information to a shocked audience in the fourth book, time is also screwed up, these really need an editor to point out the issues and be rewritten to be better read and enjoyed.

Breath taking. This has to be by far one of my favourite series. Not only had it gripping my chair the entire time, the amount of plot twists that you weren’t ready for was astonishing. I love how the book ended and the fact that there is a load more books for the series gets me so excited!

Addictive. A paranormal mystery full of characters and relationships between friends, frenemies and family. Love it.

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The first time you have. The first time you have a

Amazing Series!!!. I couldn’t put these books down. Highly recommend. Exciting and imaginative. Excellent writing.

Absolutely amazing. I started this box set last week, and finished a few minutes ago. Have already downloaded the next in the series because I’m just so hooked. It’s so well written: the characters and plot will pull you in to the world of the tatùed with no regrets. Definitely a new favourite series. Your friendly neighbourhood book lover, Lauren.

Must read series. Great series. Cannot put down.

The Chronicles of Kerrigan Box Set #1-6. A very exhilarating and fast paced series. Intelligent writing that leaves you wanting more.

Great story!. I really enjoyed this series! Easy to read and interesting plot, with closed door sex scenes that mean it would be great for young adults.

Totally unique!. Something different and not so predictable in the writing. True talent! Loved each book!

Good. Like

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Summary of The Chronicles of Kerrigan Box Set Books # 1 - 6 by W.J. May

The The Chronicles of Kerrigan Box Set Books # 1 - 6 book written by W.J. May was published on 19 November 2016, Saturday in the Fantasy category. A total of 1,812 readers of the book gave the book 4.5 points out of 5.

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