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The Midnight Line by Lee Child Book Summary

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER •  Lee Child returns with a gripping new powerhouse thriller featuring Jack Reacher, “one of this century’s most original, tantalizing pop-fiction heroes” (The Washington Post).

BONUS: Includes a sneak peek of Lee Child’s new novel, Past Tense.

Reacher takes a stroll through a small Wisconsin town and sees a class ring in a pawn shop window: West Point 2005. A tough year to graduate: Iraq, then Afghanistan. The ring is tiny, for a woman, and it has her initials engraved on the inside. Reacher wonders what unlucky circumstance made her give up something she earned over four hard years. He decides to find out. And find the woman. And return her ring. Why not?

So begins a harrowing journey that takes Reacher through the upper Midwest, from a lowlife bar on the sad side of small town to a dirt-blown crossroads in the middle of nowhere, encountering bikers, cops, crooks, muscle, and a missing persons PI who wears a suit and a tie in the Wyoming wilderness.

The deeper Reacher digs, and the more he learns, the more dangerous the terrain becomes. Turns out the ring was just a small link in a far darker chain. Powerful forces are guarding a vast criminal enterprise. Some lines should never be crossed. But then, neither should Reacher.

Praise for The Midnight Line
“Puts Reacher just where we want him.”—The New York Times Book Review

“A gem.”—Chicago Tribune
“A timely, suspenseful, morally complex thriller, one of the best I’ve read this year . . . Child weaves in a passionately told history of opioids in American life. . . . Child’s outrage over it is only just barely contained.”—The Philadelphia Inquirer
“A perfect example of Lee Child’s talent . . . Lee Child is the master of plotting. . . . This is Child’s most emotional book to date. . . . This is not just a good story; it is a story with a purpose and a message.”—Huffington Post
“I just read the new Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child. . . . It is as good as they always are. I read every single one.”—Malcolm Gladwell

The Midnight Line (Lee Child) Book Reviews

The Midnight LineAnother fast paced book, giving what is expected from Mr. Child. The psychological and physical trauma experienced by veterans is tastefully addressed and without doubt well researched. I salute the author..Score: 5/5

Phoned in.I’ve read at least a half dozen Reacher books at this point. This one had the possibility of being good. But never got there. There were characters who never developed or really served a purpose. The plot meandered. The action stunk. The end came before any real resolution was reached. I had taken a break from the series. A sample of this brought me back with the hopes it’d go somewhere. This will probably be my last Reacher book..Score: 3/5

Jack Reacher booksRead them all loved every minute.Score: 5/5

The Midnight LineI purchased it, but the pages are all blank!.Score: 1/5

Reacher Said Nothing.I loved this story. It was suspenseful, had me constantly guessing, and I liked the ending. And Jack is his usual smartass self and at some points the dialogue between he and the PI from Illinois had me rolling: “Previously broken either recently or a long time ago?” 😂 You’ll see what I mean when you get to this part. Mr. Child used super short sentences in this story which I loved. Doing so made it easy to read and created tons of suspense. I liked it and couldn’t put it down 👍🏻.Score: 5/5

The Midnight LineBest Reacher book I have read. Great insight into current opioid crisis..Score: 5/5

The Midnight LineAlways like Lee Childs books and this was no exception . Little long in details but overall very good read. Richard Dean.Score: 5/5

The Midnight RideBook keeps the reader’s interest and is fast moving..Score: 5/5

Reacher on the road againAmazing how a class ring can lead to drama and a roller coaster ride of suspense in the vastness of Wyoming. Reacher is aging but in no way slowing down. Where will he take us next?.Score: 5/5

The LineWhen is life to hard to break a person. How resilient are we? Great read and excellent story of heroism of our military personnel.Score: 4/5

Not Very GoodI am a fan of Lee Child and of course Reacher. This book was not very captivating and was quite predictable. The whole story was boring and I actually had to force myself to finish it which had never happened before. Maybe Reacher is at the end of his cycle. Anyhow I was more than disappointed after buying it at full price..Score: 3/5

Great BookGood.Score: 5/5

Pretty boringNothing new here just a much weaker retread of other Reacher books. Dull action (unless you consider reading about him taking on a semicircle of good ol boys yet once again to be exciting). Zero tension. Manipulative-feeling attempt to tie opioids to our mistreatment of wounded vets. Character has complete run his course. Or at least the author has no new ideas for him at all. Won't be looking for the next Reacher, which is a shame..Score: 2/5

Lame bookThis was among the most disappointing Reachers book of all. Started out with a great premise then went off the rails to fantasy world with long tedious periods and ridiculous conclusion, which was never tied down. Sanderson did what? Scorpio died in the dryer? Mackenzie went where? This was just a total “reach”, pardon the pun..Score: 2/5

The Midnight. LineThese stories used to be my favorites, but no longer! Jack Reacher may have outlived his usefulness as a protagonist. This story moved like molasses, and I found the subject matter off-putting. Who wants to read about, and visualize, a person who has facial disfigurement? Not I! I am not unsympathetic, just squeamish! Come on, Lee, you can do better!.Score: 2/5

Never gets going...Usually I can’t put a Reacher novel down, and I’ve read them all, some even two to three times. But this is the slowest moving one yet. It’s as though Childs Editor begged him for a book, so he cranked out something that didn’t really work and released it anyways. (Yes Editors, you can even edit Lee Child’s!) I must say I kept on reading, hoping it would pick up, but it didn’t until the very end. The message was Fantastic! Writing about wounded Veterans is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! We need to know the trauma they suffer on an ongoing basis so that we can possibly help..Score: 2/5

UTypical Edit and tgf we ecucu rudder earth c.Score: 3/5

Reacher is back!This is typical reacher. More cerebral, more investigative, and back to work made Jack Reacher such a great read..Score: 4/5

Great BookAnother Reacher classic, could re read this one and enjoy it as much as I did.Score: 5/5

Probably the bestIntricate detail with n this book. Really amazing to read the story and watch it unfold..Score: 5/5

Reacher is ALWAYS funAnother fun Reacher read..Score: 4/5

It kept me entertainedIt started out good And OK.Score: 4/5

Dedicated to Wounded VeteransA story too horrible to not be basically true..Score: 5/5

Great start... boring finishClassic reacher story yet lacking any real drama or punch to the storyline in the back third of the book. I checked three times to make sure I didn’t miss any pages that would have twisted the plot to bring some elevation or pitch change to the story, but the last page came and went..Score: 3/5

Midnight NightmareWhile there are a few clever plot twists and gems in here, they seem to be here for the amusement of the author rather than the audience. Not everyone is beat up. Not everyone is killed, but the choices, in the narrative,, seem random. Jack makes moral choices about who in an opiate supply chain is punished and who is not. He traces the supply chain through the accident of trying to find the owner of a hocked West Point ring. Anti-climatic..Score: 2/5

Not his best workWish he would do more books that have more action. The drama in Wyoming is disappointing to say the least. I’m a huge fan, however his writing comes up short in these desolate environments..Score: 2/5

Another winner!I think this is his best one yet! Anxious for the next one! A terrific read!.Score: 5/5

Good Guys Win AgainAnother Jack Reacher classic. How anyone in the world can picture Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is beyond my imagination..Score: 5/5

Great suspenseYou think since his books have been made into a couple movies that this one might be the same. It’s not. It’s better. Definitely worth the read. The story has some great twists and turns. Tom Cruise couldn’t pull off being Jack Reacher in this one, ha! Enjoy....Score: 5/5

TerribleWorst Reacher book ever and the last book isn’t great either. You need to quit writing now Lee Child..Score: 2/5

THE MIDNIGHT LINEI started reading the Jack Reacher series kind of in the middle and in no particular order, but I decided to go back and start from book one through book 22, The Midnight Line. I’m really glad I did and would recommend the experience to everyone who likes the series. Lee Child has a way of building his main character from book one, with all his flaws and all his great characteristics. All of the characters in the series are interesting and very different. Mr. Child has a way of describing a scene in the book so that you can visualize it down to the deepest details. It takes a great author to do that. I love this series..Score: 5/5

Gym. GYa g ggg gg. Hey RXt.Score: 1/5

Great ReadEnjoyed reading! Lee Child is a master writer! Can’t wait to read the next one!.Score: 5/5

The Midnight LineAnother winner. Waiting for the next Reacher book..Score: 5/5

EnjoyableI am rereading this series since it’s been a few years and I need the reminders since I vaguely remember plot points yet haven’t read the recent ones. I like them just as much now as I did then. Unfortunately I’ve noticed, this read around, that a bit of the spelling is off. It’s not that they are spelled wrong per se, but this booked is based in the US yet there are a lot of words and phrases that are decidedly British. I have no difficulty translating things like kerb (my husband comes from New Zealand), but it is a bit jarring and often throws me out of the story for a bit. The books are great, the have interesting plots and imaginative whodunnits. The dialogues aren’t stilted and weird. If you enjoy well written characters and stories, this series is for you. If you obsess on small details, like kerb instead of curb, this series will drive you nuts..Score: 5/5

The midnight lineOUTSTANDING in every respect!.Score: 5/5

GreatGreat.Score: 5/5

The Midnight LineNot the best Reacher yarn...but also not the worst. Improbable plot, but readable...with effort..Score: 4/5

Good but not the best.A good Reacher book but no where close to the best.Score: 3/5

Midnight lineOh yeah, Reacher at his best. Good support also..Score: 5/5

DisappointedBig Reacher and Lee Child fan. I've read all the Reacher novels but this one did not meet his usual standards. Hope the next one is better..Score: 2/5

A Good ReadIn the past, I have really been down on Child but this was a good read. Yes, there were times when things got a little tedious but it was almost two stories in one. This one gets 4.5 stars..Score: 5/5

Midnight LineThe ending was written as if the writer was trying to meet a deadline. The ending was very disappointing, leaving too many loose ends. The laundromat finish was a stretch. One would have expected Reacher to check the back room. He would not have just stuffed Scorpio in the dryer and left. Was it only a quarter for 15 minutes? Was it airtight, expecting Scorpio to die? The plot line was a little empty at the end too. Are we really supposed to believe Reacher was going to do a mercy job for a chick with a half of a face? Not cool..Score: 2/5

AwesomeChild is a master story teller. I have read them all and can’t wait for the next one..Score: 5/5

Very disappointedFirst let me say that I am a huge Reacher fan. I’ve read and reread every book about the man. But this one was not your average Reacher book. Bad beginning bad middle and even worst ending. The story behind the ring was bland and disappointing. And the ending was very disappointing. Now if you’re reading this and this is your first Jack Reacher book you’re looking to buy, don’t let me discourage you from reading the Reacher series. Just do not start with this one. Bad luck and trouble is my personal fav. But literally start with any other book than this one..Score: 1/5

Same OldThe usual but always good.Score: 4/5

Tight!!Tighten t the same thing you could do with.Score: 2/5

ExcellentThis is truly one of his best. Good plot. Great characters. Satisfying ending. Loved it! And being from the Dakotas, he has totally got the details right..Score: 5/5

The Midnight LineThis was a typical Lee childs read. He alway does a great job. This book was well structured and a pretty good story. It wasn’t among my favorite Lee Childs books but a good read nonetheless..Score: 3/5

GrampaAn excellent read. Intriguing and captivating. Enjoyed every chapter..Score: 5/5

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Enjoyable readGreat start but mid way through becomes a bit flat and ending is too quick and easy for Jack. Have noticed that the last few books. If you are a Reacher fan you have to read..Score: 4/5

The Midnight LineWe have read all Lee Child Reacher books, We as my husband and myself, We thoroughly enjoy all the books, It came out on tuesday and and we purchased it and had it finished today which is Thursday. Thank you for all your work and investigating on all subjects. We like that you brought forward what alot of Veterans go through, we knew very little about drugs and what they can do to you and how they are used for different problems. Thank you for our reading pleasure Mary and Joe Smith.Score: 5/5

Reacher rolls on, and on.Always good to have Reacher along with a story to tell But, as with some other of Lee Child’s novels, there is a lot of filler. There could be some more substance to get me fully entertained..Score: 4/5

Midnight LineBoring and repetitive until the end. Lee child is way better than this and His next book needs to have way more substance. I have read all his books and this one is a real disappointment. The next one will determine whether I keep buying his books..Score: 2/5

Midnight line - what else, another great Reacher storyWhile not as combative or action-related as some other episodes, I really enjoyed this story. And learned a lot about opioids and the devastating effects on lives. Already looking for the next one..Score: 5/5

Midnight Line.Enjoyed the latest Reacher book. I found it a good read. I just wish that the Reacher movies would show Reacher as he is, tall, big and imposing ... sigh..Score: 5/5

Jack’s BackNothing here disappoints!.Score: 5/5

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