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Silk Queen by GJ Walker-Smith Book Summary

In 1983, life for Fiona Black was simple.
She loved fashion, nights out at Bingo, and Duran Duran.
Her days were spent working in her mother’s haberdashery shop or hanging out with her two best friends.
She was also planning her wedding.
Unlike her idol Princess Di, Fiona hadn’t landed a prince. Her fiancé Andrew wasn’t perfect, but royalty was hard to come by in her small town in Manchester.
Her princess aspirations were closeted, but perfection could always be found in the pages of the romance novels she loved so much.
What she didn’t realise was that a real life fairy-tale was waiting for her in London, and it would be more epic than the twenty-five foot train on Princess Di’s wedding dress.
All she had to do was find it.

Silk Queen (GJ Walker-Smith) Book Reviews

Another Excellent StoryI cannot seem to get enough of the Decarie family! This book gives a good amount of insight into the Fiona character, continuing to make her more relatable and more likable. Thank you for continuing the story and keeping us entertained!.Score: 5/5

😍😍😍I cant even explain how i felt after reading it! All i could think is cant March be over now so it'll be April?! I cant wait to know more about Fiona and Jean-Luc's story! And im so glad GJ wrote their story! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Score: 5/5

Silk queenA little dull. Story just got started and it was all over. I like a better ending..Score: 3/5

Fiona was more interesting as a mother than a young girl.Silk Queen was about Fiona. This was the beginning of book 7 in the Wishes series. You might remember Fiona as Adam's mother. This was Fiona before she became a mother and wife. Fiona was a young twenty year old who set her sights on living the fairy-tale dream of those posh women in her romance novels. Fiona's mother owned a haberdashery shop where she helped out from time to time. Fiona admired and envied the posh women who lived a lavish style that she dreamed to acquire. Judith was a woman who educated Fiona in the lifestyle she desired. Judith sent Fiona to London on business where she met Jean-Luc. Unfortunately, Fiona's young adult life was not very appealing. The woman she became with Jean-Luc was far more appealing. Had it not been for him Fiona would not have had the lifestyle she dreamed of. Fiona's character had no aspirations in life. She was inexperienced and naive. I found Fiona shallow in her quest to find diamonds, perfume, designer clothes, and drink expensive champagne. I found Fiona more fascinating as a mother then as a young girl. This story held very little interest for me..Score: 2/5

Absolutely awesome, as always!!Wonderfully written, keeps you coming back for more. Another great book written by the infamous G. J. Walker-Smith.💚.Score: 5/5

BreathlessThis was everything! I just fell in love with Fiona. That ending was amazing! I can not wait for part 2💙.Score: 5/5

Another Amazing ReadFiona intrigued me in previous books in this series and I was excited for her to get her own story. To fully appreciate the Silk Queen series you must read the Wishes Series first. GJ Walker-Smith has a way of telling a story that just makes my heart happy. Her books are YA but I have shared them with people of all ages and everyone loves them. Silk Queen continues with her unique style that makes Walker-Smith stand out. The story begins when Fiona is 20 years old and engaged. It is a fun recounting of her time planning her wedding, partying a bit with her friends and some general misbehaving. There is daily diary which was a fun new feature in this series. Fiona is from a lower income area but dreams big! Her love of romance novels make her crave that knight in shining armor, sweep you off your feet kind of relationship. Her best friends Charlene and Gill are hilarious and entertaining. I am a GJ fan for life and truly enjoyed this novella telling the first part of Fiona's story and can not wait for the next installment which I believe comes out sometime next month. Thank you for sharing your stories once again GJ!.Score: 5/5

Silk QueenI love love love this series!!!! It has grown to have one of my favorites. G.J. Has a way of really get me to fall in love with. And care deeply about these characters! It's amazing! If you've read the wishes series, read this one too. If you haven't go back to Saving Wishes and read it. Such great stories. I'm dying to read the next one!!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

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Wanting more!It's the beginning and the development of "The Queen" you'll warm up to Fiona and be left wanting more!! GJ Walker-Smith has done it again with another great tale to the wishes series. I cannot wait for the second release to Fiona's story.Score: 5/5

Silk QueenSilk Queen by GJ Walker-Smith Aaaah! A new release from one of my favorite authors is always a good reason to stop whatever I'm doing and start reading! The fact that this story is about Fiona Decarie née Black and her journey to happiness (and my love, Jean-Luc) only fueled my desire to read it even more! In this first installment of Silk Queen, we meet the young Fiona Black who is engaged to marry Andrew. She's always dreaming big and aiming high but those dreams won't be realized in her mothers haberdashery OR with her affianced. I loved the friendships in this book and I loved getting to know Fiona beyond her snooty ways - she wasn't always the cow we knew and later loved in previous books! I freaking loved meeting a young Jean-Luc and can't wait to see how their love story unfolds in book two. Another fabulous read that I just adored. **Reviewed by Melinda for Joandisalovebooks Blog..Score: 5/5

BrilliantOh how I love this series and this author!!! I laughed and laughed through this. The setting and the language of the locals was simply brilliant. I can't wait for part 2. Keep them coming GJ you are one of my favourite story tellers...Score: 5/5

OOh La La!If you are a fan of the Wishes Series, then you are in for a treat. Here we have Book One of Fiona and Jean-Luc's story. It's such a treasure. I love everything about this series and to see how Adam and Ry's parents meet is extraordinary. We had snippets in the other books of Fiona's heritage, and now we get to see where she came from. And a trip to the city changes it all for her, all for the better. Who isn't intrigued by a man with a French accent! And to know that the Decarie charm starts with Jean-Luc! I have always had a thing for him with his wit and allure. He may be a strong willed silver fox in the earlier books, but as a young man, he is turning on all his charm. And we love it! Can't wait to read more of this remarkable couple. Merci GJ..Score: 5/5

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Yet another amazing bookOnce again a book I cannot put down, such a talented writer! Fantastic to be able to read about individual characters stories as a side from the main books! Keep doing what you are doing GJ Walker-Smith.Score: 5/5

Silk QueenAmazing read as always.... Gemma is an awesome author, i cant wait to start the next book.....Score: 5/5

With a loving grin on my face, G J never disappoints.Smiling beguiling to my hearts content whilst I write this review. The ability to write a back story on a much detested character that flips your view upside down, astounds me. I've put off reading this book in fear of the series finishing. I don't think I'll cope when it does. Start from the beginning if you've not read the Saving wishes series. It's one of my all time favourites. Thank you Gemma. X.Score: 5/5

A must for all Wishes fansWhat a wonderful novella taking us back to 1983 and a teenage Fiona, before she met Jean-Luc, when she lived in Manchester, England and only dreamed of meeting her Prince Charming and moving to the big city. Life was simple, she had her fiancée Andrew and her best friends, Gill and Charlene, she was living the dream, wasn't she? The novella follows Fiona before she leaves Manchester and gets the opportunity of a lifetime in London with the mysterious Jean-Luc. As usual, perfectly written, with some laugh out loud moments, I loved it. I can't wait for book 2 and what I'm imagining will be one hell of a love story......Score: 5/5

Fun, retro, left me wanting moreThis novella is for the fans and this fan girl is swooning over SILK QUEEN. I have a love affair with Jean-Luc Decarie that started in earnest in Star Promise. I've previously had an affection for Fiona but all that changed as I was taken back to the young adulthood of Fiona. The era and setting of SILK QUEEN was a blast to read. I laughed so much at Fiona's crew of Gill and Charlene. Her friends were loyal but somewhat stupid and Fiona was surprisingly mousy. The fashions, the relationships, Manchester in the UK made for a wonderful read; I devoured it not once, but twice. When Jean-Luc enters Fiona's life, I double swooned. This man wasn't unreal, but I could feel Fiona's inner and outer reaction to him.....a French student in London, charming Fiona most naturally without any false pretence. I cannot wait to see where their story goes, I'm in suspense and dying for more. This was the ultimate fun read, unusual and uplifting. I'm so glad GJ Walker-Smith chose to return to the youth of these two characters, I would never have thought about it otherwise but now I can't imagine not having this..Score: 5/5

Just what I neededWhen i finally get time to sit down an enjoy one of my favourite authors @gjwalkersmith new books. These books and series are a whole consume in one go books. Not for pickup and put down. Loved reading how jean-luc found his queen, living their own fairy tale..Score: 5/5

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